What is a vibrating massage: a description of the procedure and the indication

A vibratory massage is a mechanical effect on the human body to relieve pain and relieve inflammation. Massage is carried out with both hands and with the help of medical devices.

vibrating massage

The mechanism of the action of vibration waves on the human body has been of interest to specialists since time immemorial, but only in the twentieth century there was a special technique for using vibrational movements during a massage. Attention during the massage was paid to the dosage of general influence. It turned out that the vibrating effect should be stopped if the patient feels the slightest discomfort, because a mechanical or vibrating massage can seriously damage your health.

The benefits of the

procedure In vibrational massage, vibrational waves enter the massaged area of ​​the body, and from it to the injured tissues and muscles. The power or force of the action depends on the amplitude and frequency of the vibrational wave and the duration of the action on a specific part of the body.

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Vibrating massage helps to relax muscles, relieve pain and inflammation, and energize.

Vibromassage is a medical procedure that is widely used in medicine to combat various diseases and improve the general condition of the patient's body.

Specialists in the field of medicine unanimously assert that vibration waves can penetrate deep into the body, positively affecting not only the muscles, but also the internal organs. Vibration massage can not be compared with the usual massage procedure.

Hardware massage

If the device is used for vibrating massage, then the frequency of the waves is regulated on the panel or a special scoreboard. For this purpose, a certain program is built into the device.

apparatus for vibrating massage

There are models of vibro-massagers, in which the function of changing the thermal regime and the frequency of waves is built in. Vibrational effects relieve nervous tension in the muscles.

Special nozzles help to pinpoint the point of pain, activate blood circulation and promote the removal of metabolic products from the body. Correct vibrating massage helps to adjust the work of the heart, blood vessels and the body as a whole.

Mechanical action helps to relax the muscular system, removing lactic acid. The course of vibrational massage is prescribed for patients with heart disease, respiratory organs and musculoskeletal system as a result of various injuries.

Vibrating massage for children

For diseases of respiratory organs, it is the vibratory massage of the chest that is prescribed. For children, both hardware and manual effects can be applied. Mechanical influence makes it possible to accelerate the process of sputum discharge from the bronchi.

First, massage is performed from behind, when the baby lies on the stomach or side. Preliminary it is necessary to calm the child and draw his attention. It is advisable to conduct the entire massage session in the form of a game, so that the baby is interested.

vibratory chest massage for children

Mechanical vibration effect is performed by hands or a special massager:

  1. First you need to lay a small patient on the stomach. Previously, the place where the tummy will be located, you need to put a soft pillow, so that the shoulders were on the same level with the lower ribs.

  2. Then each intercostal area is carefully rubbed and massaged - this will speed up the flow of blood and facilitate the excretion of phlegm.

Vibratory chest massage for babies is performed by tapping with palms and fingers. During the massage, the child should be planted several times and asked to breathe. If the age of the baby does not allow it, then the parents or the masseur should grab him by the ribs and squeeze the chest on exhalation. It is allowed to do a vibrating massage to a child only from the age of six months, not earlier.

Mechanical effects in bronchitis

Child's disease is a sleepless and tiring time for the mother. Cough and sputum complicate the breathing of crumbs and give him a lot of pain. Medications are ineffective, and what to do next - is unknown.

Vibration massage with bronchitis in children

That's why to help mummies comes vibrating massage with bronchitis. In children, sputum from the bronchi departs quite difficult, so it so torments dry cough. In this case, a mechanical tapping on the back of the baby is appropriate.

If the baby's age is less than a year, it is advisable to put a palm under his back and perform a tapping motion on his own hand. Thus, a small effect on the back of the crumbs and bronchi as a whole is made. This method is considered sparing.

If the child is older than a year, tapping movements are made on the back without a palm. In this case, it is necessary to avoid hitting the spine.

The correct position of the child

There is one small secret concerning the performance of a vibrating massage for children. For a better escape of sputum, it is necessary to create conditions for its accelerated outflow. This will help to protect the lower parts of the lungs from the accumulation of waste mucus.

vibrating massage for baby

First of all, it is necessary to sit comfortably on the sofa and put the baby on his knees so that his head is on the seat, and the back is on his feet. This will direct the phlegm to the exit from the lungs, and not to the lower part. If the baby refuses to lie on his lap, place it on the couch. The surface must be sufficiently firm.

Indications for the procedure

Vibrations affecting the human body during the procedure irritate the nerve endings, which means that vibrating massage is an ideal tool for treating diseases such as neurosis, paralysis, neurasthenia and convulsions.

vibratory chest massage

Vibrating flows help to expand blood vessels, increase blood flow, saturate body cells with oxygen and reduce inflammatory processes that are inherent in the following pathologies:

  • arthritis and osteochondrosis;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • asthma;
  • bronchitis.

Vibration massage: contraindications

Any kind of massage has its contraindications, and vibrational is no exception. It is not necessary to apply vibratory action if:

  • a person has thrombophlebitis;
  • infectious diseases are present;
  • heart failure was detected;The
  • person is prone to hypertension;
  • there are injuries of the spine, tuberculosis.

Vibration massage with bronchitis

Before proceeding with a massage, it is necessary to consult a specialist. In addition, the modern technology industry produces a variety of models of vibro-massagers that can be used at home. But do not give in to temptation and acquire such an apparatus, all the nuances and complexities are in everything.

  1. You need to know what the massager is for.
  2. You need to know the location of all active points in the body. For example, vibration massage with bronchitis is done only on the back.
  3. Operating mode and frequency of oscillations are items that require special attention. After all, every biologically active point of the body requires individual action.

It's important to know!

Applying the vibration massage technique alone, you need to know the following rules:

  1. Belly massage is performed only after consulting a specialist.
  2. In cases of urolithiasis, vibration exposure is prohibited.
  3. Movements should be smooth, strictly clockwise.
  4. Massage of the back, legs and abdomen is carried out only in a lying position.
  5. You should not do the massage yourself on the skin, it's better to do the movements on clothes.
  6. Do not use creams, gels or other emollients.
  7. The slightest discomfort should serve as a signal to the fact that the procedure must be completed.
  8. Improvements occur after several procedures, it all depends on the correctness of the actions.

It is important to listen to your own feelings, and the organism will not deceive you.