Cyst removal without tooth extraction: details of the procedure

Almost everyone has ever had a toothache at least once in his life. If it concerns a regular caries, then often one visit to the dentist is enough - and the problem will be solved. But there may be a more serious pathology that requires immediate intervention, and sometimes a careful choice of the method of therapy. For example, a tooth cyst, it happens and such. Then the question arises: is it possible to remove the cyst without removing the tooth? We will try to answer it as completely as possible.

What is a cyst?

This is a benign tumor that appears as a response of the immune system to the penetration of pathogenic bacteria. The cause of its formation can also be trauma to the tooth or improper treatment of diseases of the mouth. cyst removal without tooth extraction

Most often, the cyst is formed in the upper part of the tooth. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to determine the presence of such an education at the first stages of development of the pathological process, even when examined by a dentist. For many years the disease can proceed without giving any signs, and then the question arises: is it possible to cure a tooth cyst without removal?

All doctors will unanimously tell you that this pathology necessarily requires therapy, otherwise serious consequences can occur in the form of fistula, and there is not much to infect blood, let alone a tooth loss, and even not one.

Most recently, due to the lack of modern dental equipment, it was possible to cope with this problem only by a cardinal method - to remove the cyst along with the tooth. But now you can treat the tooth cyst without removal. Kazan, for example, for its residents happily opened the clinic doors, in which experienced masters of their business will relieve you of this problem and preserve bone tissues as much as possible. The clinic is located at: Chistopolskaya street, 77/2.Beforehand, you can call and make an appointment.

Therapy without removing

If this education was found in the early stages of development, the dentist can offer medication. This is possible if a new growth of the connective tissue appeared on the root of the tooth, but not yet filled with fluid. It is called granuloma. You can try to get rid of it without the help of surgery. Here's how it looks:

  1. During a visit to the dentist, a canal opens to get to the tumor at the root of the tooth.
  2. All channels and cavities are well cleaned.
  3. The doctor will definitely put the medicine in order to prevent further reproduction of the bacteria.
  4. A temporary seal is placed from above, so that the medicine does not fall out, and that food particles and liquid do not get inside.

The therapy in this visit does not end. The doctor most often prescribes to drink a course of antibacterial drugs to relieve the inflammatory process. Periodically you will have to visit a doctor to check the progress of the treatment process.
treatment of a tooth cyst without removal

If the dentist sees that the cyst gradually dissolves and decreases in size, then the therapy is successful. Otherwise, the question arises: is it possible to cure a tooth cyst without removal?

Indications for the removal of the cyst

When the cyst is at the initial stage of development, it is quite problematic to detect it, this is all its danger. It can be completely asymptomatic for a long time, the patient will be completely sure that with his teeth everything is in order, until one day he feels a piercing, sharp pain. You can also observe the following symptoms:

  • Increased body temperature.
  • The gums and cheeks are swollen.
  • The general state of health worsens.
  • There is a headache from the formation of the cyst.
  • Lymph nodes increase in size.

Removal of a cyst without tooth extraction or with it is simply necessary, as it traumatizes not only the tooth on the root of which it was formed, but also the neighboring ones. Growing up, it shifts them, traumatizes the roots. Human immunity suffers, as well as practically all important organs.
Is it possible to cure a tooth cyst without removal?

Drug therapy in such cases will not give effective results, so you will have to resort to surgery. But do not worry about this: now dentists know how to cure a tooth cyst without removal. If the tooth itself is not destroyed, then the doctor will not delete it in any case.

How to cure a tooth cyst without removal?

Modern medicine every year moves further and further in mastering the newest methods of treatment and prosthetics of teeth. Now, for any pathology, the tooth is removed only if the crown is not recoverable.

Cyst for modern dentists is also not a big problem, most often just one visit to a doctor to cope with this pathology. Removal of the cyst without tooth extraction is much easier to carry out than to detect this disease. The thing is that you can recognize the cyst only on an X-ray, and this direction is given only in emergency cases.

Methods of treatment of a cyst without tooth extraction

When a patient comes to the dentist with complaints about the above symptoms, during the examination the doctor determines the degree of soft tissue damage and the location of the lesion. After that, decides whether it is possible to treat the tooth cyst without removal. In the arsenal of dentists there are several methods of such therapy:

  1. Therapeutic treatment.
  2. Surgical.
  3. Laser.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the choice will depend on the severity of the pathology.
how to cure a tooth cyst without removal

Let us examine in detail each method of cyst therapy.

Therapeutic treatment of

This kind of therapy is carried out through the root canal. The tooth does not suffer at all after such treatment. It is believed that this method of combating the cyst is the safest. Here are the steps to be taken:

  1. The doctor cleans the tooth canal and removes pulp.
  2. The top of the formation is cut off, and all purulent contents are pumped out of it.
  3. The entire cavity is treated with an antiseptic.
  4. Inside the doctor puts healing paste, which helps to accelerate the regeneration of cells.
  5. Setting a temporary seal to prevent food from getting inside.

Removal of a cyst without tooth extraction can be performed in another therapeutic way:

  1. The dental canal is opened and completely cleared of pus.
  2. Copper-calcium oxide is poured into the cavity and there is a weak electric effect on it.

As a result of this procedure, the substance in the cavity makes movement and is distributed over the entire surface, removing most of the bacterial cells. For one such procedure, it will not be possible to completely cope with the pathology, we will have to do it several times.

After a while, the patient comes to a second appointment, and the doctor evaluates the degree of healing by removing the temporary filling. If the process goes as planned, then after a while it will be possible to put a permanent seal and forget about the problem.

This may be considered that the treatment of the tooth cyst without removal was successful and completed.

Surgical removal of the cyst

We have already mentioned that the cyst is an insidious neoplasm, because at the first stages of its development it does not give any signs and the patient does not bother. Diagnosis of the tumor at later stages causes dentists to resort to surgical intervention to help the patient. Treatment of a tooth cyst without removal in Vitebsk, for example, can be carried out qualitatively in the dental center "Dentamari".Experienced specialists, using modern equipment and the latest technology, relieve their patients of anguish and remove the cyst quickly and painlessly.

To remove the lesion, dentists use several techniques:

  1. Cystotomy. During this procedure, the doctor partially removes the envelope of the tumor so that purulent contents can be removed. Typically, this method is used when the cyst is quite large, or there is a risk of damage to neighboring tissues. All manipulations are carried out under local anesthesia, so the patient will not experience discomfort.
  2. Cystectomy is the complete removal of a cyst. Patients can be calm: the procedure, unlike other methods, is painless, and the tooth will remain intact and secure.
  3. Resection. During the use of this technique, the doctor removes the cyst and part of the tip of the root of the tooth on which it was located. The work can only be done by a true master of his craft. If treatment of a tooth cyst is necessary without removal, Ryazan can brag of such experts, for example, in clinic "Lyudmila".
  4. If the examination reveals that the root of the tooth has been severely damaged, then it is better to perform hemisection when the cyst is removed along with the tooth. This is more reasonable, since the infection, remaining in the tissues, will lead to an inflammatory process. It is possible to perform a complete restoration after removal of the tooth cyst, so the patient's smile will not be affected.

The procedure for removing the cyst

The operation to remove the cyst requires some preparation, so if there is not a special urgency, the doctor with the patient will discuss the time of removal of the lesion. Despite the fact that the procedure will be under anesthesia, it is still an operation with a gum cutting and removal of the nerve, so bleeding is possible. To reduce the risk of unwanted effects, the patient is recommended:

  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages a day before the operation.
  • Reduce the number of cigarettes smoked.
  • Discard caffeinated drinks.

It is not necessary to refuse food, on the contrary, before you go to the hospital, you have to eat, because then it will not be possible for some time. treatment of a cyst of a tooth without removal Kazan

The work of a dentist will be composed of the following steps:

  1. The precise location of the cyst is determined by radiography. You can do this with a computer tomography.
  2. Anesthesia is performed.
  3. After anesthesia has had its effect, the doctor will drill a hole in the tooth and remove the nerve.
  4. The next stage is a thorough cleaning of the channels and processing with antiseptic means.
  5. The seal is sealed.
  6. The doctor then cuts the gum and removes the cyst with the root or only a part of it.
  7. The cavity formed is filled with plasma from the patient's blood or a special biowaste.
  8. The score is sewn.


Removing a tooth cyst without an operation is probably not always possible, so a cystectomy is performed quite often if you want to get rid of such a neoplasm. The doctor for the procedure will need ultrathin tools, dental optics and a laser, which is used to sterilize the cavity. You can use ultrasound for this purpose.

The operation is as follows:

  1. Local anesthesia is performed.
  2. A dentist drills a hole in the tooth to clean the dental canal.
  3. A micro-chamber is inserted into the prepared cavity, and the exact location of the cyst can be seen on the monitor.
  4. With the help of special instruments, the doctor cleans the tooth channels and makes them wider.
  5. Next, the cyst is opened and its contents are deleted.
  6. All surfaces are laser treated to destroy bacteria.
  7. Inside the cyst, an antiseptic is administered.
  8. After all, you can seal the canals and restore the tooth.

All the manipulations of the doctor takes about an hour. After the surgery, the patient remains in the chair for a while to track his condition, and then goes home. As a rule, a repeated visit to the dentist is not needed, because under the influence of the medication administered the cyst will finally resolve. If you live in Moscow and you need treatment for a tooth cyst without removal, HLW( Eastern Administrative District) opens doors for the residents of the medical center on Lilac Boulevard, 32. Experienced specialists will do everything quickly and efficiently.
treatment of a tooth cyst without removal in Vitebsk

Using the laser to remove the cyst

Modern dental clinics can offer their patients an alternative method - the removal of the cyst of the tooth with a laser. This procedure is performed using laser therapy. The method is completely painless, in addition to cope with the tumor it turns out quickly and effectively.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The tooth channel is released.
  2. It introduces a laser that destroys the envelope of the tumor and burns the wall, disinfecting it.

Treatment of a tooth cyst without laser removal has its advantages:

  • To remove the tumor it is not necessary to perform the preparation.
  • Practically excluded relapses.
  • After such removal the patient is recovered very quickly.

You can, of course, note the shortcomings: firstly, it is a high cost of the procedure, so not all patients can afford it, and secondly, the possibility of using this method only in the presence of a small tumor.
removal of the laser cyst of the tooth

Traditional medicine against cysts

You can try to perform a treatment of the tooth cyst without removal, folk remedies. They will help to remove the swelling, to dissolve the tumor. As such, you can offer the following recipes:

  1. Use of salt water. To do this, take 250 ml of boiled water and add 1 tsp.salt or soda. Rinse several times a day. This will help relieve the pain syndrome.
  2. Prepare the infusion, taking 1 tablespoon of field horsetail, sage, eucalyptus, thyme, chamomile and calendula. Pour boiling water and insist for about 4 hours. Use for rinsing 2 times a day.
  3. You can use alcoholic infusions for decontamination, but they can exacerbate pain. Also it must be remembered that such infusions are allowed only for adults.
  4. Antiseptic properties of hydrogen peroxide are known, so it can be used for rinsing, but pre-diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1.
  5. Lemon juice, if diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio, can also be used to rinse after each meal. He will remove the swelling and remove the redness. One has to be careful with this remedy for those who are allergic to citrus fruits.
  6. Very popular in the fight against cysts of garlic. Use it in the form of rubbing into the gum. In the first moments there will be severe pain, but then it will be felt less and less. Known disinfecting properties of garlic, so its use does not hurt.
  7. You can use essential oil as a remedy, it is best to choose almonds or mint. They cope well with the infection and relieve the pain. You can buy at any pharmacy and use it for rinsing several times a day.

When starting cyst treatment with folk remedies, it is important to be aware that such therapy can not always help. For apparent relief, further development of the neoplasm can hide. At the first signs of pathology it is better to visit a competent specialist who will recognize the problem and suggest the most effective way of getting rid of it. The cyst is an insidious formation, and if you do not pay attention to it, and relieve pain with anesthetics and rinses, after a while it can spread from one tooth to the next one. So is it worth exposing yourself to the risk of losing several teeth at once, if you can immediately seek medical help from a doctor?