Dentistry( Serpukhov, Noginka).How to get there?

To date, there are several dozens of large and small dental clinics in Serpukhov. But the largest municipal institution is polyclinic №2.Here are all kinds of dental care. Technological capacities allow to receive on 220 patients for one working day. It is located in the Noginka Serpukhov area. Dentistry has three specialized units. The team has more than 60 people.
serpuhov stomatology of the foot

Accessibility for the population

Serpukhov dentistry( Noginka) was opened in 1941.True, I moved to today's address only in 1989.For residents of the village of Noginka this was an important event. Now all kinds of dental care can be obtained near the house. In addition, the level of prices in dentistry is generally available.


On the basis of Serpukhov Dentistry( Noginka) there are 3 departments: medical and surgical, children's and orthopedic. There is a single diagnostic base for all departments. This dental laboratory and X-ray room, registry. These are ancillary facilities that serve more for doctors.

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In a separate office there is a hygienist chair, where two specialists are trained in two shifts. A viewing room was opened comparatively recently. This Serpukhov stomatology( Noginka) was able to significantly improve and speed up the distribution of patients in the cabinets.


Reception of female patients of the

consultation Today this area is actively working. Stomatology Serpukhov( Noginka) opened a separate office for the reception of patients arriving in the direction. He can be given in all the women's consultations of the city. The schedule of reception of doctors-stomatologists is made with wishes of heads. This avoids queuing. All primary documentation is entered in electronic form, the registry is equipped with the necessary equipment.

Paid services

If you do not fall under the category of citizens who can receive the full range of services for free, that is the second line of work. On a fee basis, you can also get any services, for all licensed activities. Who in the clinic does this? All the doctors of the clinic are free from the main work of the time. With each patient, an agreement is concluded for the provision of paid dental services, where all conditions are prescribed.

The help here is carried out in such directions:

  • Prosthetics.
  • Crowns are cast, plastic, bridged.
  • Nylon or clasp dentures.

In addition, the polyclinic uses new methods of treatment and prevention of caries. This work with the diseases of the periodontal and oral mucosa. To do this, modern drugs, tools and techniques are used.

Electronic record

Dentistry( Serpukhov, Noginka) is a modern clinic where you do not need to come at 07:00 to take turns on the coupons to the registry. It is enough to go to the site and make your data in a special form. It remains to print out your ticket, and you can safely come on the appointed day.

In order for you to use the services of the electronic registry, you need to log in using your medical policy. Now you will get a schedule of specialists. You can call the registry by phone, in this case, too, is recorded. Dentistry( Serpukhov) on Noginka works every day. Some experts take on even days, others on odd. Individual doctors accept strictly from Monday to Friday.


Admission of preschoolers and schoolchildren

More recently, in 2013, opened a children's dentistry( Serpukhov, Noginka).This department was opened on the basis of an adult polyclinic. They offer emergency medical services. The working hours are from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 20:00.On weekends and holidays there is a doctor on duty from 09:00 to 15:00.

There are two treatment rooms waiting for small patients here. In addition, the office of pediatric surgery. This office is free of charge for everyone who has an insurance policy. Patients here are taken from 6 months to 18 years.

Interior of the children's room

The reception is opened on the 25th of every month for the following month. The entrance to the children's department is located from the yard. At the entrance visitors are greeted by an inflatable white tooth. Inside there are televisions with cartoons, toys and affectionate doctors. Here everything is designed so that small patients are not afraid of a dentist. Behind external fabulousness hides huge work of the personnel. Children's dentistry is equipped with the most modern equipment. Absolutely everything, including the tips for the boron-machine - is one-time. Here, even cartoon napkins, with giraffes and other heroes. And the gloves for doctors are pink and smell like strawberries.
serpukhov stomatology on the leg

Admission of small patients

Preliminary recording is by telephone. All emergency care is completely free. At the treatment children stay with their parents or legal representatives. With you, you must take the birth certificate of the child, the insurance policy, the passport of the legal representative. Reception is conducted daily.

The main areas of work with small patients are prevention and treatment. The earlier problems were identified, the easier it is to eliminate them. Caries can lead to inflammation and tooth loss, but at the initial stage it is quite possible to get by with a usual seal. So do not pull with treatment. Usually, after visiting here once, children stop being afraid of dentistry.

How to get to the

clinic Do not forget that reception without a queue is possible only if the patient has acute pain. In all other cases, you need to register in advance, or wait in the live queue. The clinic is located at the address: Serpukhov, Komsomolskaya, 4. You can get here by your own car. To do this, you can call from the side of Dzerzhinsky Street, then along Frunze Street you reach Komsomolskaya. The second way is from the side of the village of Pogranichny. You can also get by public transport. On Dzerzhinsky Street there are buses No.2, 12, 19. Residents of nearby houses of the village can walk.