How to avoid SARS and influenza?10 Tips for a Practitioner

Avoiding ARVI and flu in the off-season - it seems to you an impossible task? Listen to the advice of our doctor, and you will increase your chances of staying healthy this fall and at another time of the year.

Tip # 1. In order to avoid ARVI and influenza in the off-season, try to visit less crowded places, especially if they are located in warm and slightly ventilated rooms. Well, if you still have to go there, be sure to wear a mask. Of course, it will not protect you completely, but it will be able to detain most of the microbes and viruses within 1-2 hours.

Tip # 2. Wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap. This way you can avoid infection through the surrounding surfaces. If you can not wash your hands, use antibacterial wipes or alcohol-based products.

Tip # 3. Moisten the nasal mucous membranes with saline. This can be done by carrying out the procedure for washing the nasal cavity. You can use a nebulizer. Especially often, moistening of mucous membranes should be done with the beginning of the heating season. It is this period characterized by the onset of a massive ARVI disease.

Why does this happen? During the heating period, the humidity of the air in the room decreases, and the mucus that forms in the upper respiratory tract, quickly dries up. This mucus fulfills the barrier function of local immunity. When dried, its protective properties are reduced, and pathogenic viruses and bacteria easily enter our body, so moisten the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity with water-salt or simply saline several times a day.


Tip # 4. To increase the resistance of the body to SARS and influenza, it is very important to take special preparations on a plant basis. As a doctor, I recommend to my patients the extract of bioflavonoids of the grapefruit "Citrosept" .It is an effective antiviral agent for the prevention of a large number of etiologic forms of ARVI and influenza."Citrosept" can be taken before the onset of the disease, and this minimizes the risk of developing ARVI or influenza.

The antiviral action of the Citrocept extract is explained by the fact that it damages the envelope of the virus cell and initiates the process of self-digestion of viral cells. The preparation does not influence the healthy cells of the body. In addition, "Citrocept" contains bioflavonoids, which contribute to the regulation of immunity.

In case you are already sick, taking "Citratept" will prevent further development of the disease and its transition to more complex forms, for example, viral bronchitis and pneumonia. Antibacterial effect of the drug will minimize the possibility of joining the acute respiratory viral infection with bacterial infection. The extract has a disastrous effect on salmonella, staphylococci, streptococci, which cause angina and tonsillitis, hemophilic rod, causative agent of SARS.

Despite the powerful effect, the drug has no side effects, such as allergies or dysbiosis. It is safe for the liver and kidneys. This allows the use of "Citrocept" for the prevention and treatment of ARVI and influenza in children.

In the autumn-winter period for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infection, I recommend to adults 30 drops of "Citrocept" in two divided doses per day, diluted in any warm liquid. For children, the dose is calculated as follows: 1 drop of "Citrocept" per 1 kg of the child's weight.

At the first signs of ARVI, I recommend taking 20-70 drops of "Citrosept" depending on body weight 2-3 times a day for 3-4 days until the symptoms disappear completely.

I want to note that recently on the shelves of pharmacies there were many analogues - extracts of grapefruit. I treat them with caution. First, these drugs mostly have a lower concentration of bioflavonoids, and therefore are much less effective. Secondly, it is not known what their properties are and whether they have been clinical trials. Thirdly, these drugs can be just dangerous.

In contrast, "Citrosept" has undergone clinical studies in European countries, the United States, Japan, Canada and Korea. In Russia, "Citrosept" received more than 100 opinions of medical institutions that confirm its properties.

Therefore, starting prevention of acute respiratory infections and influenza, very carefully consider the choice of a medicine.

Tip # 5. Regularly ventilate and humidify the room in which you are. This should be done when everyone is healthy, and especially when someone in your home is sick with ARVI or the flu. In a cool, humid air, viruses quickly die, and you will have more chances of not catching the infection.

how to avoid ARVI

Tip # 6. Proper nutrition is important for strengthening the body and preventing ARVI.Be sure to include in your diet of sour-milk products, vegetables, fruits, berries, cereals. These products help strengthen the intestinal microflora. It will be very useful fish - a source of fatty polyunsaturated acids and vitamin D. Choose healthy carbohydrates, which are found in cereals, fruits and vegetables. In the season of ARVI use foods rich in zinc. Most of this trace element is found in oysters, beef or lamb liver, wheat bran, boiled fish, nuts. Be sure to include in your diet foods high in vitamin C - pepper, dog rose, sea buckthorn, black currant, citrus. And, of course, do not forget about vegetables and fruits that have bactericidal and antiviral effect - onions, garlic, lemon and grapefruit.

Tip # 7. Physical activity, especially in the open air, contributes to the resistance of the body to SARS and influenza. As a result of playing sports, blood circulation improves, including lungs, stagnant phenomena that increase the risk of acute respiratory infections are eliminated. Also, metabolism is accelerated, and the body's resistance to infections increases. Therefore, do exercises, swim or run to health.

how to avoid SARS and influenza

Tip # 8. Another important factor in the prevention of acute respiratory viral infection is hardening of the body. You can start with air hardening, that is, long walks in the fresh air. Quenching with water is also a very useful procedure. You can do rubbing or dousing with cool water, taking a contrast shower. An excellent option for hardening is walking barefoot.

Tip # 9. For normal functioning of the body and strengthening its protective forces, a full-fledged healthy sleep is very important, so try to sleep at least eight hours a day.

Tip # 10. Try to avoid stressful situations. It has been proven that prolonged stress is detrimental to the immune functions of the body, so try to maintain a positive attitude in any situation. This will help you to strengthen immunity and stay healthy.

Stay healthy!

Raisa Dmitrievna Gavrilyaka, virologist