Getting out of drinking-bout in the hospital and at home. Anonymous deduction from the binge

It's hard to find people who do not know that alcoholism is a disease. But how to deal with it, unfortunately, not everyone understands. Drink, as a rule, begins with the fact that a person, feeling a break in the morning, is trying to improve his health by pohmelyayas. But this way he gets into a vicious circle.

Getting started

Getting out of the booze You need to understand that drinking does not start from what a person drinks for relaxation and pleasure, but because he can not otherwise escape the symptoms of a hangover. He begins a real drug addiction with a rapid pulse, the appearance of a tremor, a rise in pressure, weakness, a cold sweat. Often such people become inadequate. It is not necessary to run after such a bottle to such a person, it is better to understand how to deduce from the binge.

If you do not want to take the patient to a specialized medical institution, you can call a doctor or an ambulance to the house. Take into account, protracted binges cause hypertonic crises, the development of acute heart failure, stroke, toxic brain edema, the appearance of epileptic seizures and even lead to death.

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Begin the withdrawal from the binge next morning, even before the person has time to hang out. We must do everything possible so that the patient does not start drinking again. But it is necessary to approach this process with the mind - simply taking a bottle will not help. After all, alcoholics are often aggressive.

The main goal of the struggle

Getting out of the binge at home Before close people or relatives of a sick person, the main task arises - not to allow a person to get drunk. It is important to do this under the supervision of a doctor. It is necessary to do everything possible to reduce the manifestation of alcohol intoxication and reduce the body's need for alcohol. And this can only be done by a specialist. For these purposes, a narcologist can be called at home.

The consequences of a long drinking-bout can be got rid of if you follow a series of measures aimed at restoring the body and eliminating intoxication. After all, it is important to cleanse the body and remove toxins of alcohol.

In addition, therapy should be aimed at supporting the work of the liver and heart, the normalization of metabolism. In some cases, sedatives are needed. For some patients, it is important to carry out anticonvulsant therapy on time.

First aid

Understanding how it is possible to carry out excretion from a drinking-bout at home, you need to know a few basic rules. First aid can consist of such actions:

1. Gastric lavage. It is done with the help of a saline solution. To prepare it for 1 liter of water add 1 tsp.soda and salt.

2 .Get emptying the bowels. If necessary, you can take laxatives or put an enema.

3. Every hour it is advisable to make a contrast shower. Finish it preferably with dousing with cold water.

4. It is important to provide a person with peace, to allow them to sleep and relax. The room in which it is located should be well ventilated, it is necessary to ensure a constant supply of fresh air.

But you can not dwell on this. There are several people's methods of cleaning the body and removing toxins, but it is better to seek help from doctors. At the same time you can agree to start deducing from a drinking-bout in a hospital or in house conditions.

Necessary stages of

The narcologist on the house Many people mistakenly believe that getting rid of a person from alcoholism can help if you do not allow him a few days not to drink. But in fact, such a strategy does not help anyone. After all, it is not enough to stop the drunken state, we must support the body and try to correct the thinking of the person suffering from alcoholism.

Specialists identify several stages of recovery:

- direct elimination from drinking-bout with the help of infusion therapy;

- the stage of supporting the body, aimed at normalizing the work of internal organs and systems;

- psychosomatic work, necessary for psychological rehabilitation, normalization of its reactions, restoration of the nervous system of the patient and prevention of return to drinking.

At the same time during the entire period of regenerative work, it is important to ensure that even minimal doses of alcohol do not enter the body. Avoid even alcoholic tinctures of sedatives.

Infusion therapy

To remove intoxication, the patient should have an IV set. Excretion from drinking-bout is carried out with the help of such medicines:

- polyionic solutions capable of restoring ion balance;

- solution "Reosorbilakt", appointed to treat toxic shock, improve capillary blood flow;

- glucose solution at a concentration of 5 or 10%;

- drugs that excrete toxins: "Gelatinol", "Hemodez";

- vitamins( mainly groups B and C);

- sedatives;

- drugs designed to maintain the cardiovascular system.

But this is not all the means of getting out of the binge. To establish a dropper and select the composition of the necessary medicines should be a medical worker, who is guided in these matters.

Other treatment regimens

Remedy for decommissioning If a person's condition allows you to carry out excretion from the drinking-bout at home without the involvement of medical personnel, then this can be done according to the following scheme.

  1. You can remove intoxication with ammonia. To do this, 1 tsp.funds are dissolved in a glass of water and drunk at a salvo.
  2. It is important that a large volume of liquid enters the body. For this, you can give the patient brine( cucumber, cabbage), juices( the advantage is better to give apple), milk, kefir, compote. The total volume of liquid can reach 3 liters.
  3. Also to facilitate the condition, you can prepare a liter of this drink: 1 tbsp.l.vinegar 9% is bred in the specified amount of boiled water, any jam is added to it.
  4. It's also good to squeeze the lemon juice into the mineral water, the concentration can be selected according to your taste.

Such an abundant drink allows you to cope with dehydration, intoxication, helps to normalize well-being.

Additional measures

In addition, it is important to follow the diet in the early days. Any meat-bones broths, cabbage soup, cooked from sour cabbage, tea with lemon are allowed. In the season you can eat watermelons.

It is important to take and medication. For the cardiovascular system, you can buy "Aspirin-cardio", "Magnikor", "Asparcum", "Panangin".As a sedative, the drug "Fenibut" is suitable. To restore the body, you can drink in a double daily dose of multivitamin complexes. It is important to start drinking the means for the liver: Essentiale, Gepabene.

In addition to taking medications, you can restore the patient's condition with a contrast shower and cold douches. But note, this option is possible, if a person sees the problem himself, his state of health allows him to comply with all the prescriptions and he is not aggressive.

Daily rules

In order to be bored out successfully, you will have to be patient. It is necessary to establish a clear daily routine. After successful removal of the main intoxication, it is important to monitor the use of fluid and taking medication by a sick person.

Getting out of the binge with folk remedies

He must continue to drink at least three liters of water, juices, teas, pickles every day. If swelling develops, you should start taking diuretics, but you should not reduce the amount of fluid. You can use drugs such as Triampur, Furosemide. It is important to continue to follow the diet. It should include a large amount of protein food.

At least 3 times a day should drink activated charcoal for every 10 kg of weight, 1 tablet. It is able to remove toxins from the body. You need to drink it on an empty stomach. It is also necessary to establish a rule on a regular basis to consume vitamins.

The work of the liver can be supported by taking drugs based on milk thistle. These are such means as "Karsil", "Gepabene", "Legalon".Normalize the functioning of the heart can be with the help of "Valocordin".

Folk methods

If you do not want a narcologist to come to your house and think that you are able to deal with the problem of a person drinking booze yourself, then you can try alternative medicine.

All healers talk about the benefits of copious drinking, the emphasis they recommend on making tea with lemon. In this case, milk is considered useful, in which honey is dissolved. You can make a drink of 0.5 liters of kefir and a liter of ordinary drinking water. It should be added salt, sugar, mix well and make the patient drink as quickly as possible.

Brine from cucumbers, cabbage, sour juice from apples accelerate the decay of ethanol in the body. With nausea, vomiting, you can give the patient a decoction of rose hips or thyme. To adjust the work of the stomach can be with the help of peppermint and St. John's wort. They are also able to calm the nervous tension.

With the improvement of the state, the exclusion from drinking-bout with folk remedies is continued with the help of a normal chicken egg. It must be shaken and drunk raw. To reduce the craving for alcohol, healers are advised to give a decoction of centenarius, oregano and thyme. Instead of drugs for the liver, they advise taking powder from the seeds of milk thistle. It should not be brewed in any way - 1 tsp.dry powder is washed down with water.

Cost of treatment

Getting out of the binge, prices If you decide to take a person out of the binge at home using folk remedies, then you should not prepare for serious expenses. Buy seeds of milk thistle, apple juice or kefir under the power of each family. But if the violations are serious enough, then without consulting specialists can not do. Some clinics provide this service for free. But for droppers, helping to cope with drinking and remove the breaking, you have to pay.

At treatment in a hospital day will cost about 5 thousand if to be in hospital on a constant basis. To get one dropper and get pills for 3 consecutive days will cost from 3 thousand. The same service, but with a visit to your home - from 4 thousand. More than 7 thousand will have to be paid for a three-day course of IVs if you need a serious withdrawal frombinge. The prices for 2 droppers, after which they are coded for six months, start from 8 thousand.

Anonymous treatment of

Many people are interested in the possibility to get rid of dependence so that no one knows that you had these problems. In this case, you can ask whether it is possible to conduct an anonymous withdrawal from a drinking-bout at the clinic you have chosen.

Anonymous deduction from the binge

Almost all private centers value their clients and offer the opportunity to get rid of unpleasant symptoms and established dependence without spreading any information about the identity of the person who is there. They suggest not only to remove signs of intoxication, to begin work on the restoration of the liver and cardiovascular system, but to conduct express coding. Also, many clinics provide a detoxification service. This is getting rid of people from breaking up due to the accelerated withdrawal of alcohol decay products, toxins, and the introduction of drugs aimed at restoring the work of all body systems. Treatment programs, as a rule, include the introduction of cardioprotectors, nootropics, drugs that reduce cravings for alcohol.