"Nervo-Vit": reviews, instructions for use, description and composition

Today, every consumer can choose for himself a suitable vitamin complex. Some drugs contribute to improving immunity, others improve performance and are favorably reflected in the nervous system, while others regulate the work of individual organs. The shelves of pharmaceutical outlets are full of vitamins for every taste and color, for children and adults, in different dosage forms. Today you can learn about one of the complexes called "Nervo-Vit".Instructions for use, price, reviews of consumers and doctors will be presented for your reference.

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A few words about the preparation

The drug "Nervo-Vit" is available in the form of tablets, each of which is coated. The composition of the drug contains several basic substances complementing each other. The producer positions his product as a means working on two fronts. The first includes the rhizomes of valerian and cyanosis, the motherwort extract and melissa. The second is ascorbic acid. It is said that the drug "Nervo-Vit", reviews is sold for 100 tablets. The packing price is about 350 rubles.

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Indications for use and the principle of action of the drug

About the tablets "Nervo-Vit" reviews the manufacturer say that the effectiveness of the drug is due to its components. If the consumer really needs them, then the drug will definitely help. The first front of the vitamin complex includes a mixture of sedative herbs, which have a calming, stabilizing effect on the nervous system. The second front appears in the reinforcement of the first. Vitamin C eliminates the forces that are aimed at destroying the body. The manufacturer claims that the drug is not on the list of medicines, but is only a biological additive to food. Indications for the use of the vitamin complex are neuroses, anxiety, sleep disturbances and irritability.

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Contraindications and unpleasant consequences

Like any medication, the drug "Nervo-Vit" has good and bad reviews. The latter often arise when the consumer is inattentive. If you take the drug in the presence of contraindications to this, then it will cause allergic reactions of varying severity. It happens that people with increased sensitivity to valerian or lemon balm take this medicine in order to achieve a sedative effect. But instead they have a skin rash and itching, swelling, rhinorrhea, lacrimation, which cause additional irritation and neurosis.

It is contraindicated to use "Nervo-Vit" medication for future mothers. It is not known how the grass will affect the development of the fetus and the course of pregnancy. Also, a large amount of vitamin C can adversely affect the state of the uterine tone. During lactation it is necessary to refuse the use of this additive. The manufacturer warns that the components of the tablets penetrate into the bloodstream and breast milk, and therefore, enter the body of the child.

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"Nervo-Vit": instruction on the use of

The comments of doctors say that the tablets should be consumed during meals. So they learn most naturally. Most vitamins and nutrients are supplied to the human body with food. Therefore, to achieve a greater effect, use the drug 3 times a day during a meal. The number of tablets for a single use is determined individually and depends on the patient's condition. A serving can vary from 1 to 3 pills.

The duration of self-therapy should not exceed two weeks. On the recommendation of a doctor, this period can be extended.

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Reviews of consumers about the vitamin complex

Statistics show that the tablets "Nervo-Vit" reviews are mostly good. Consumers remain satisfied with this medication. After all, he has a fairly democratic price. If you compare the drug with other means of such action( tablets and syrups "Persen" or "Novo-Passit"), the claimed supplement can even be called cheap. Users say that they took the vitamin complex at the maximum dose( 6 tablets per day).Packing at the same time was enough for 2 weeks and even left.

It is impossible not to mention the effectiveness of the drug, which is told by consumers. Users say that the result of therapy was noticeable already on the 2-3 day of regular use. Tablets help to organize mental thinking, they improve night sleep, allow the body to rest before a new work day. Also, the drug helps to strengthen immunity and increases the protective functions of the body. A plus of a biological supplement is considered to be that only natural components are present in its composition. They help to cope with depression, insomnia, anxiety and fear. The manufacturer promises that the benefits of tablets will be for the elderly, cancer patients, and those with frequent recurrent chronic diseases.

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Final recommendations

Despite the fact that the vitamin preparation "Nervo-Vit" reviews are praised, doctors do not recommend taking it thoughtlessly or on the advice of acquaintances. Do not rely on the natural composition. Many people are mistaken, counting on its safety. In fact, herbs can cause quite a strong allergy. If you believe that you need a vitamin complex, then be sure to discuss this with your doctor. Perhaps the doctor will prescribe you additional medications.

There is an opinion that tablets can not be taken in the management of transport and persons who lead a responsible work activity. About the drug "Nervo-Vit" instruction, consumer reviews and the manufacturer does not say anything like that. But doctors warn that the composition of the drug has a pronounced sedative, hypnotic and soothing effect. Therefore, indeed, at the time of treatment should abandon the management of transport and the execution of tasks that require concentration. If you can not refuse to work and car for 2 weeks, then it is better to choose an alternative to the drug "Nervo-Vit".What means is suitable for you - ask your doctor.