Sanatorium "Stroitel"( Izhevsk): treatment, rest, activities

The reason for the trip to Udmurtia is not only visiting the place where the composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was born and designer Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov worked, but also rest in a beautiful and cozy sanatorium.

In brief about the sanatorium

Sanatorium "Stroitel"( Izhevsk) is located in the capital of Udmurtia almost in the center of the city. However, the guests of the sanatorium may not worry about noise and bad ecology: the building of the health complex is located in the forest park area. It is noteworthy that this sanatorium is the oldest of the medical and preventive institutions in the republic.


Visit the sanatorium "Stroitel"( Izhevsk) can be for a comfortable stay in a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere. The location of the sanatorium in the city allows the guests of the capital to take walks along the embankment of the city, visit the zoo, which is deservedly considered one of the best in Russia and Europe, to see restored churches and cathedrals.

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Thus, people who do not need treatment can have a good time in cozy rooms of varying degrees of comfort, each of which has a loggia and TV.Representatives of the fair sex can spend time staying in the walls of the "Builder" to visit cosmetologists who will perform procedures for the treatment and rejuvenation of the skin, as well as offer a visit to the solarium, infrared sauna, cedar phyto. To the services of vacationers always works the master of manicure service.

In addition, the sanatorium "Stroitel"( Izhevsk) offers to visit the beautiful winter garden, located directly on the territory of the institution, and take photos for memory.


To visit a sanatorium is recommended in the presence of chronic pathologies of any organs and systems, as well as after the transfer of a serious or prolonged illness.

These include:

  • cardiac and vascular pathology;
  • lung disease;
  • digestive system disorders;
  • disease of the musculoskeletal system;
  • disorders of the nervous system;
  • of the genitourinary system;
  • inflammation of the skin and cellulose;
  • hormonal failures and other problems of endocrinology.

Treatment methods are based on the use of mineral waters, which are known for their healing powers. Also in the medical building you can try various baths( pearl, sea, turpentine, sulfurous), many methods of physiotherapy, speleogalotherapy( room with a microclimate of salt caves), mud therapy, clay and much more.

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Climatotherapy plays an important role in improving the health of the body. Surrounded by various trees, the "Stroitel" sanatorium( Izhevsk) creates a climate that contributes to the prevention of many diseases and eliminates existing pathologies.

All types of treatment are conducted under the supervision of experienced personnel and highly qualified doctors. As a result, you can significantly improve your health, restore strength, improve immunity and overcome existing chronic diseases. The sanatorium is a preventive institution of the highest category.

For those who do not want to make out a resort-sanatorium card, there are special offers: programs designed for general improvement. For example, "Beauty and health", "Antistress", "Rest", "Weekend weekend".

Holidays and receptions

Newlyweds wishing to register in a beautiful place can organize a wedding with an on-site registration. After the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds can spend time in a specially equipped room of the "Lux" category. The next morning, the couple will be waiting for breakfast in the sanatorium restaurant, and as a gift, the services of a photographer for memorable photos in the winter garden will be offered.

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For businessmen, the sanatorium offers comfortable and modern conference rooms for large capacity( up to 250 people).After solving business issues, the organizers of conferences and seminars, as well as their guests can relax using the services of a sanatorium: visit the winter garden, a pool with artesian water, a sauna, massage, billiards and much more. Numerous received from people who visited the sanatorium "Stroitel"( Izhevsk) reviews, talk about the maximum convenience of stay, the beauty of the interior and landscape, the friendliness of the staff.


All rooms are renovated, have a beautiful modern design, comfortable furniture, TVs. Choose a room with a fancy design can be, after reviewing posted on the site of the sanatorium "Stroitel"( Izhevsk) photo.

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The rooms of the sanatorium are classified by floors and comfort:

  • on the second, sixth and fourth floors there are two-room blocks of two places per room with a common tambour where there is a bathroom and a suite of two rooms;
  • on the third floor there are luxurious studio rooms;
  • on the fourth and sixth floor - junior suites from two rooms for two people;
  • on the fifth floor - suites.

Address of the sanatorium "Stroitel"( Izhevsk) - Khalturina Street, 5a. Find the location of the sanatorium is simple even on public transport: you need to get to the stop "Hospital" on Lenin Street and go through the street along the racecourse.