Lishay is what is and how to fight it?

Lishay is a skin disease that occurs often enough. The reasons for the development of such a disease are completely different. However, its nature remains unchanged and is contagious. The lichen is transferred not only from person to person, but also from the animal. It is our smaller brethren who are the main carriers of the disease. So what is lichen and how to deal with it? deprive it

What is the disease

Lishay is not one, but a whole group of skin diseases that do not depend on etiology. For such ailments, flaky rashes, papules or spots are characteristic.

At the moment there are several varieties of this disease. The lichen can be pink, colored, pityrious, asbestos and so on. All listed varieties are accompanied, as a rule, by the strongest itch. In this case, signs of deprivation may appear throughout the body. There is no specific place for spot localization.

Asbestine lichen

Asbestos lichen is a disease that affects first of all hair and scalp. For such a disease characterized by a peculiar peeling with limited contours of spots. The reasons for the development of such a disease have not yet been established.

Such a lichen acquired its name precisely because of the spots, or rather, because of their appearance. They resemble fibers of stone flax, asbestos. Peeling affects not only the skin, but also the hair. At the same time, most of the strong scales, having a whitish-gray hue and tightly seated to each other, cover the parietal part of the head and forehead area. Very rarely, such a lichen is able to hit the skin in the nape of the neck. It is almost impossible to separate such scales from hair.

Because of the asbestos deprivation, the curls become too brittle. They lose their luster, but they do not break off. Each hair is individually covered with its white sheath. As a rule, such a disease is accompanied by severe itching. But in some cases such a symptom may not appear. Most often, teenagers and children suffer from the disease. signs of deprivation

Than to treat such deprive

Signs of deprivation, a photo of which is presented above, allow to define a variety and to appoint adequate therapy. To combat such ailment, the doctor can prescribe salicylic-sulfur-tar butter ointment 3 or 5% or sulfuric-salicylic composition 2%.In some cases, the "Skin-cap" ointment is prescribed.

In the process of therapy of asbestos deprivation, a course of multivitamins, aevitis, vitamins B12 and B6 is mandatory. In addition to traditional medicine, you can use folk remedies. They are no less effective. However, if you have any signs of an ailment, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Folk remedies against asbestos deprivation

How to overcome asbestos deprivation? What kind of disease is described above? To combat the disease, you can use not only medicines, but also folk remedies.

To prepare, you need 100 grams of lard, 50 grams of bone marrow, 2 grams of benzoic and salicylic acid. Components should be melt in a water bath, stirring regularly. The mass should become homogeneous. After this, the composition should be removed from the water bath and cooled.

Apply the product to the affected areas of hair and scalp. In the end, it is worth putting on a rubber cap or wrapping it all with plastic wrap. After two hours, the mass should be washed off with a normal soap. The procedure is recommended every 7 days.

Also for the treatment of asbestos deprivation, you can use products from plant components. To do this, mix in a proportion of one to one castor oil and tincture of calendula. Of the components should be an emulsion. Rub the finished product in the affected areas up to three times a week. After two hours after application, the product should be washed off using a normal soap. deprive signs treatment


Pityriasis is a disease that is also called colored or multicolored. This variety is able to spread throughout all parts of the body, where hair follicles are present. Signs of deprivation - brown or yellow-pink spots. Initially, they are very small. However, after some time, the spots begin to increase in size, merging with each other. As a result, an affected area with a scalloped edge is formed.

It should be noted that the peeling surface of the infected skin is almost invisible. Scales appear only when scraping. Pityriasis is a low-contagious fungal disease of the skin.

Spots most often occur in the abdomen, back, shoulder and chest area. Very rarely they can be seen in the neck and head. This deprivation does not affect the skin of the feet and palms. With such ailment the patient practically does not experience discomfort. In some cases, there is a slight itch. signs of depriving a photo

Traditional medicine against pungent lichen

How to cure such a deprivation? You can use external agents to treat such a disease. As a rule, the doctor before applying a special ointment recommends to treat affected areas of skin 3 or 5% salicylic alcohol solution. This will not only clean the surface, but also slightly dry it.

After this, the sites are treated with Wilkinson's ointment or sulfuric wax with a 10% main component concentration. Oral preparations may also be prescribed. Usually, with such a deprivation, they register "Neotigason" or "Undecin".

Will folk remedies help

What kind of lichen can be cured by folk remedies? As practice shows, anyone, since the nature of their origin is the same. To overcome pityriasis, the following drugs should be used:

  1. To prepare the product, it is necessary to clean, chop and crumble fresh onions. From the received weight it is necessary to squeeze out juice. Use the drug is only fresh. Onion juice should be treated affected areas once a day.
  2. For the therapy of such depriving many use "paper fat".This is the resin that is released when the material burns. To obtain this component, you need to fold a sheet of white paper with a funnel. Open the end of this design put up on a plate, and then set on fire. As a result, it should form a liquid of yellow color. It is carefully removed and then applied to the affected areas once a day. The course lasts until the complete disappearance of lichen.

what a lichen

Pink lichen: signs

Treatment of such a disease takes a lot of time. Pink lichen is a fairly common variety. This disease is often referred to as viral. At risk are people aged between 20 and 40 years. The development and distribution of pink lichen is characterized by high speed and severity.

On the skin of the patient usually appear pink-yellow or light red spots, having a round or oval shape. The diameter of the affected areas can be initially from 1 to 2 centimeters. The spots may slightly rise above the skin. At the same time in the center such a site can have a small crease. Peeling is discordant and delicate. On the edges of the spots have a pink-red corolla, which is freed from scales.

Features of pink lichen

Most often this type of lichen affects the skin in the limbs and trunk region, without affecting the face, feet and hands. Before the appearance of rashes, approximately 7 days later, a "mother plaque" is formed. This pink spot is round in shape, the diameter of which is 3-4 centimeters. After a while, the center of the plaque becomes yellowish in color. In this case, the peeling manifests itself.

In case of abnormal rashes, other signs of the disease may appear, among which are fever, malaise, general weakness and so on. Thus the patient feels a strong itch. deprive it is possible

What is prescribed for pink deprivation

Signs of depriving pink do not allow confusing it with other varieties. This greatly speeds up the diagnostic process. With the development of such an ailment, a patient may be given corticosteroid creams, among which are Flucinar, Lorinden, Sinalar and so on.

With such an ailment it is necessary to take antibiotics. Most often appoint "Oletetrin", "Amoxicillin".In addition, the doctor can prescribe medications that have a desensitizing effect: Suprastin, Dimedrol. Also, calcium is often prescribed: either gluconate or chloride.

How to overcome pink lichen by folk remedies

Such lichen in animals is extremely rare. Most often, it is passed from person to person. Cure such a disease can be and folk remedies:

  1. Fresh cabbage leaves should be smeared with sour cream, and then applied to the affected areas of the skin. When the compress is dry, it should be replaced with fresh.
  2. From the spurge plant it is necessary to squeeze out the juice, and then lubricate the affected area with it.
  3. Well copes with pink deprive ointment of calendula. It can be purchased in ready form at the pharmacy or prepared independently. For this, the dried flowers of plants are ground into powder.10 grams of such a mass should be mixed with 50 grams of Vaseline. The components must be mixed until uniform. Apply the finished compound twice a day: in the evening and in the morning.

Other prescriptions for lichen

Alternative medicine is recommended for use in combination with medications. This will achieve a faster result. Some recipes have a deep history. The following are considered to be the most effective:

  1. Buckwheat. To combat lichen, it is recommended to wipe all affected areas of skin with the decoction of this cereal. To prepare the preparation, buckwheat must be boiled in water without salt. One part of the cereal requires two parts of the liquid. Tears of grape. This is the juice that, when broken, flows out of the vine of this plant. It is this fluid that needs to be lubricated with lichen. This method of therapy is known since the time of Avicenna: about the first century BC.
  2. Lollipops on yeast. The course of therapy is 5 days. For treatment requires a normal yeast dough. Small cakes are rolled from it, and then they are applied to the affected areas for about two hours.
  3. Creamy tar. To begin with it is necessary to prepare a kind of ointment. To do this, in equal parts you need to mix butter and pure tar. The finished composition should be applied to the fabric, and then attached to the stain. To do such a compress is recommended for the whole night.
  4. Treatment with burdock. From a felt variety of burdock it is necessary to prepare a decoction or infusion. In the finished product, a piece of cloth or gauze is wetted, and then applied to the skin integuments infected with lichen.


At the end

Pityriasis, pink, asbestos, and sheared lichen can be cured by folk remedies. However, do not forget about the visit to the doctor. After self-medication in some cases can aggravate the patient's condition. Therefore, if there are spots on the skin, you should immediately consult a doctor to diagnose the disease. After careful research, the doctor will prescribe the necessary therapy. It is not recommended to run it, it is much easier to cure it in the early stages.