Syrup "Herbion" from wet cough: instructions for use, composition and reviews

In diseases of the upper respiratory tract syrup from moist cough "Gerbion" effectively helps. Instructions for use recommend the use of this tool when forming liquid sputum in the bronchi. Under the brand name "Herbion" produce several types of syrups, which have different composition and different therapeutic effects. Some of them are effective only with a damp cough, and some - only with a dry cough.

Kinds of syrups

Only natural ingredients are part of the syrup "Gerbion" from a wet cough. Instruction for use reports the mechanism of action of the drug, it depends on the main ingredient. Currently, several types of syrups are produced:

  • with primrose;
  • with ivy;
  • plantain.

Preparations are available in 150 ml bottles. Each syrup package includes a measuring spoon.

herbion from wet cough instructions for use

Dry and wet cough

Before you get the necessary kind of syrup, you need to visit a doctor and find out the origin of the disease and a kind of cough. This will determine the choice of the composition of "Gerbion".The instruction warns that dry cough syrups do not help with coughing with phlegm. At the first time there is a strong reddening and irritation of the throat, mucus does not depart, it becomes difficult to breathe. At the second inflammation of the throat is not so strong, much mucus leaves. This symptom is called a productive cough.

herbion from dry and wet cough for children

If it is necessary to alleviate a dry cough, then a drug will be needed that will dilute the mucus and help to sputum. Such drugs are called mucolytics.

If the patient is concerned about coughing with phlegm, then funds are prescribed that soften the airway mucosa, disinfect the lesions and speed up the sputum production.

Syrup with primrose

"Syrup with primrose" is a preparation "Gerbion" from a damp cough. The composition and properties of this remedy help release bronchi from sputum. The syrup contains the following extracts:

  1. Primrose root. This substance has expectorant properties.
  2. Thyme essential oil. It has a bronchodilator effect, facilitates the escape of mucus.
  3. Menthol. Has analgesic and bactericidal effect on the mucous membranes of the respiratory system.

The instruction of syrup "Gerbion" from a wet cough recommends taking this remedy for infectious and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system. Composition with an extract of primrose and thyme is prescribed only when coughing with sputum. When unproductive, it is ineffective and even harmful.

herbion from a wet cough instructions for use

How to take "Herbion" from a wet cough? Adults appoint 2 measuring spoons of the drug( single dose).Children from 2 to 5 years can take half a spoon at a time, and from 5 to 14 years - one spoonful. The medicine is taken 3-5 times a day.

Ivy Syrup

Ivy Syrup is a versatile product that helps with productive and unproductive cough. It contains saponins - substances that both dilute sputum, and contribute to its removal. This drug line "Gerbion" from a dry and moist cough instruction recommends that appoint for acute respiratory infections and chronic pathologies of bronchi.

Children 2-6 years give 0.5 tablespoons of the drug twice a day, and from 6 to 14 years, the single dose increases to 1 spoonful. Adults appoint 1.5 tablespoons 2 times a day.

Syrup with plantain

Syrup with plantain is used only with a dry cough. It contains the following components:

  • aquatic plantain extract;
  • extract of mallow flowers;
  • vitamin C.

Syrup is prescribed for inflammatory respiratory diseases accompanied by a dry cough. The drug is taken 3 times a day. A single dose for an adult - 2 measuring spoons, for a child of 7-14 years old - 1.5 tablespoons, and at the age of 2-7 years - 1 spoon.

syrup herbion from cough cost

Plantain syrup is a mucolytic, that is, a remedy for thinning the mucus in the bronchi. Reception "Herbion" can not be combined with drugs that reduce the amount of sputum, this will reduce the therapeutic effect of the drug.


Syrup with primrose and thyme is not prescribed to pregnant women, as its composition can provoke a miscarriage. It can not be taken for children under 2 years. The instruction of syrup "Gerbion" from a wet cough forbids prescribing a composition with a primrose in case of diabetes, malabsorption syndrome, intolerance to glucose, fructose and galactose, and also to children who have undergone a false croup.

Syrup with ivy is contraindicated for children under 2 years and people suffering from allergies to its components.

Syrup with plantain, as well as other types of "Gerbion" from a dry and wet cough for children, is not prescribed until the age of 2 years. The organism of a young child can not process the plant components of this remedy.

syrup herbion from wet cough instructions

All syrups of the Herbion line are contraindicated in bronchial asthma, gastritis and stomach ulcer, they can not be combined with cough suppressing tablets.

Undesirable effects of

The instruction on the use of "Herbion" against wet cough informs that when taking the drug, unwanted symptoms can occur. Such phenomena are often observed in people with allergies to any of the plant components of the syrup. At the same time there is a rash like hives, swelling of the skin, itching. In such cases, the drug should be stopped immediately and consult a doctor about changing the cough remedy.

If the recommended dose is exceeded, negative manifestations from the gastrointestinal tract are possible. Vegetable components of syrups can irritate the mucous of the digestive organs. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may occur. Such phenomena are observed rarely, mainly in patients suffering from stomach diseases. Instructions for the use of "Herbion" from a moist cough recommend in such cases to reduce the dosage of the drug or replace the syrup with another remedy.

Storage, price and analogues

It is recommended to store vials with syrups at a temperature not exceeding +20 degrees. The drug can be used for 2 years, this shelf life is determined by the instructions for the use of "Herbion."If the vial of the syrup has already been opened, then it must be used within 1 month. After the expiration date, the drug can not be consumed, its plant components lose their medicinal properties.

The cost of syrups "Gerbion" from a cough is approximately the same and does not depend on the composition of the medicine. The price of the drug in pharmacies is from 200 to 250 rubles.

There are no analogues for active components. You can only pick up drugs for cough with a similar therapeutic effect.

With wet cough, you can use the following drugs, similar to "Herbion with primrose":

  • "Althea root syrup".
  • "Ambroxol".
  • "Tussamag".
  • "Fljuditek".
  • "Pertussin".
  • "Gedelix."
  • "Kodelak bronho".

herbion from a damp cough

Drugs "Syrup root of althea" and "Kodelak bronho" can be given to children only over 12 years old. For a small child, the "Tussamag" and "Ambroxol" drugs are suitable, they are prescribed from 12 months. From this list of analogues only preparations "Gedelix" and "Fljuditek" are more expensive than "Herbion", all other medications are cheaper.

The closest analogue of "Herbion with ivy" is the preparation "Prospan".It also contains an extract of ivy. Most often this remedy is used with an unproductive cough. The price of the drug is about 350 rubles."Prospan" can be taken to children from infancy.

herbion from wet cough composition and properties

Analogues of syrup "Herbion with plantain" are preparations from dry cough:

  • "Sinekod";
  • "Broncholitin";
  • "Stoptussin";
  • "Kodelak Fito";
  • "Linkas".

It's hard to find a replacement for Herbion yourself. The choice of funds for dry and wet cough is quite extensive, but each plant syrup has its own specific uses, which depend on its composition. If the drugs line "Gerbion" cause allergies or dyspepsia, then you can choose another medication for therapy only by a doctor.

Reviews of syrups "Gerbion"

You can meet many positive reviews about syrups "Gerbion".These drugs effectively eliminate the residual cough that lasts long after the transferred respiratory diseases. They help in the acute period of colds. Often plant syrups are more effective than tablets containing chemicals. Many patients unsuccessfully tried a variety of mucolytics and bronchodilators, but only the syrups "Herbion" helped them get rid of the painful chronic cough for a few days.

People note the pleasant taste of syrups, which is important in the treatment of young children. Patients write that on the first day of taking the medication the cough increased somewhat. This was due to an increase in the mucus discharge from the bronchi. But after a few days all the symptoms of the cold gradually subsided. On average, the course of treatment with syrups was about 5-6 days.

Negative feedback on the preparations of the Herbion line is due to the fact that plant syrups did not help all patients. In some patients, cough did not decrease even after a long course of treatment. This phenomenon is usually observed if earlier patients used many different mucolytics and bronchodilators. The drug may not help if other antitussive medications with a different mechanism of action are used simultaneously. If you previously used many other bronchodilator drugs, you need to take a short break before taking "Herbion" from a wet cough. Instructions for use do not recommend the use of drugs that reduce the amount of mucus. The intake of a large number of different bronchodilators and mucolytics may not heal, but exacerbate the symptoms of respiratory tract irritation.