Schuessler's salts: composition and application of the agent

Currently, many people throughout the day feel some fatigue and malaise. Such a prolonged state can lead to many diseases, therefore, to eliminate it, use inorganic substances, called from the discoverer of an alternative method of treatment - Schussler's salt. They help improve health and positively affect the entire body as a whole.

What is it?

Schuessler salts are compounds of inorganic nature used in medical practice. They can be used as a separate, independent type of therapy or in combination with other means. They were developed by a great man who made a great contribution to the development of medicine - Dr. Schüsler. In his honor, and were named salt.


They have excellent therapeutic properties and are able to stabilize the condition of sick people. They act as vitamins and are available in the form of tablets, which can be taken not only in the presence of diseases, but also for prevention on the recommendation of a doctor.

Effects of

salts These organic substances can affect all tissues and organs of a person. They make up the necessary supply of vitamins. They are especially indicated for the development of a disease such as a deficiency of mineral salts. With a lack of such salts in the body, the internal organs are disrupted, resulting in:

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  • rapid fatigue and fatigue;
  • dizziness and headaches;
  • development of diseases of the digestive system( diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and others).

homeopathic center Many other complications can occur if there is a lack of such minerals. The tablet containing Schussler's salts dissolves rapidly in the oral cavity and spreads throughout the body, reaching in a short period of time the focus in which the pathological process develops.

Composition of the drug

Mineral substances are indispensable for humans, as they participate in many important processes and prevent some serious diseases. Therefore, they became quite common and are used in the occurrence of some pathologies. The homeopathic center is engaged in the study and development of salts. The composition of the substance includes many components.

  • Calcium fluoride is necessary for the normal development of bone tissue, helps strengthen hair, teeth and skin.
  • Iron phosphate is an indispensable element in inflammatory processes and elevated body temperature.
  • Potassium phosphate normalizes the work of the nervous system, promotes proper growth of teeth, bone and cartilaginous tissue. Positively affects the mucous membranes, eliminates severe bleeding, infectious formations. It also provides an improvement in the state of paralysis, promotes the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, normalizes the circulation of the body. deficiency of mineral salts
  • Magnesium phosphate is necessary for the spinal cord and brain, it stabilizes the condition with the manifestation of seizures, pathologies of the nervous system.
  • Cooked food salt normalizes a person's condition in anemia and the manifestation of weakness and malaise.
  • Sodium phosphate is used in the treatment and prevention of diseases related to the violation of acid composition.
  • Sodium sulfate promotes better work of such internal organs as kidneys, liver, intestines. This component is necessary for the selection process.
  • Silicic acid has a significant effect on the skin, connective tissue, hair and nails. It also helps to regulate sweating and increase the maturation of abscesses.

Application of salts in the treatment of

For therapeutic purposes, Schüssler's salts are used successfully, helping to prevent the development of many pathologies and promoting their treatment. Since the lack of mineral substances in the body leads to its destruction, a person constantly experiences fatigue and lack of energy. Dr. Schüsler

Therapy and preventive measures for the application of this method of treatment are managed by a homeopathic center that ensures the proper use of salts in the medical field of activity.

Treatment Recommendations

These organic substances must be applied competently, based on complaints of patients and the symptoms of the disease. The salt contains a large number of components, which, if not properly prescribed, can trigger an allergic reaction or any other complication.

Drugs should be taken 30 minutes before meals on the recommendation of the doctor in charge and observe the exact dosage. For a high therapeutic effect in the treatment of diseases by this means, it is necessary to exclude the consumption of alcoholic beverages and caffeine, as well as to quit smoking.