Acute and external otitis media: treatment in adults

Diseases of the ears are very unpleasant and quite dangerous for their complications. If a person has otitis, treatment in adult patients should be as comprehensive and thorough as in children. It should be noted that this disease requires mandatory consultation of the doctor.

Otitis: Symptoms and causes of

If the doctor diagnoses otitis, treatment in adults begins with the determination of its signs and the elucidation of those factors that could provoke the development of the disease. So, the pathology can appear due to infectious processes in the nasopharynx. The fact is that the bacteria very quickly and easily penetrate into the ear through the Eustachian tube. Another cause of otitis may be a traumatic ear canal( occurs when improperly cleaned).

The surest way to eliminate such a disease as otitis treatment. In adults, it is made after the definition of symptoms. The first manifestation of the pathology is pain in the ear, which eventually becomes stronger and has a shooting character. External otitis manifested by the following symptoms:

- swelling of the ear;

- slight increase in body temperature;

- aching pain.

Acute form of the disease is very difficult, as all the signs intensify, and the person loses efficiency, he has fast fatigue. If external otitis is found, adult treatment requires simple procedures. The main thing is to prevent the pathology from passing into the chronic form or spreading it into the ear.

Features of elimination of otitis

To begin with, the cause of the disease should be eliminated. For example, if you have a cold, laryngitis, sinusitis, then try to get rid of the infection quickly. Naturally, treatment should be performed under the supervision of ENT.With regard to the duration of the course of the disease, it is about 10 days, depending on its severity and shape.

Drugs and procedures

Treatment of external otitis in adults is performed with antibacterial drops( "Normaks") or ointments( "Vishnevsky", "Levomekol").Naturally, you need to observe the careful hygiene of the ear. If an inflamed place appeared furuncle, then it must be opened and cleaned. Itself can not do this. Usually the doctor or nurse is engaged in this. Also the ear can be warmed up. However, this procedure is contraindicated if pus is secreted from the ear. In addition, it can not be used at high temperature.

If necessary, the patient takes an antipyretic. The doctor can also flush the ear canal. Treatment of acute otitis in adults should begin immediately. If the pain is too strong, then try to take an analgesic drug, for example "Coldrex".With regard to the use of folk remedies, their reception is better coordinated with the doctor. They can be an auxiliary method of eliminating the disease. However, self-medication can not be done, because the disease is fraught with complications.