Sublimated products - a valuable gift of science to mankind

Innovative technologies vortex break into our everyday life, into our everyday life. Novelties of hygiene and household chemicals, unprecedented kitchen utensils, consumer electronics, high-tech fabrics successfully coexist in modern homes. Innovations broke through to our table, to our plates and glasses. In recent decades, due to people's interest in the topic of healthy nutrition, sublimated products are becoming increasingly popular.

freeze-dried products

The principle of physical sublimation

Sublimation, or sublimation, is the transformation of substances from the solid directly into the gaseous state, excluding the liquid stage.

Freeze drying, or lyophilization, is the process of extracting liquid from frozen bioobjects. It is based on the evaporation of ice contained in frozen products, that is, its transition directly into the vapor state, which excludes the liquid phase.

The sublimation method was developed at the beginning of the 20th century by the talented Russian inventor Lapp-Starzhenetsky GI, who in 1921 patented the method of sublimation under reduced pressure. For the first time in the world, sublimation drying was used in the forties in the USSR for canning serums, blood plasma and penicillin.

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Secrets of industrial production

Sublimated products are manufactured by vacuum distillation.

Before processing, the original natural product undergoes rapid freezing at temperatures up to -200 ° C.Its advantage, unlike conventional freezing, is that small crystals of ice are formed in biological tissues, that they are not capable of destroying even cellular membranes.

The frozen products are then placed in a hermetically sealed chamber, from which air is pumped. After lowering the pressure in the chamber, the temperature gradually increases. Ice evaporates, the resulting vapor is pumped out. When all the ice crystals from the products evaporate, the process is complete.

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The inert gas, nitrogen or helium is then fed to the pressure equalization chamber. The chamber opens, the dried products are unloaded, hung out, packaged in gas-vapor-proof bags. The package picks out air, instead of it, nitrogen is pumped in and the bag is sealed.

Freeze-dried products: benefits and disadvantages

Freeze drying ensures the preservation of all the useful properties and organoleptic characteristics of products without exception. This method perfectly preserves fruits and berries, vegetables and mushrooms, greens, dairy products and confectionery, meat and fish, soups and cereals.

Experience of application shows that sublimate even surpasses the nutritional and taste properties of natural analogs. It is hard to imagine that someone is happy to drink natural beet and cabbage juice or celery juice and parsley, and the drinks, in the preparation of which similar sublimated products were used, the reviews are the most excellent. Sublimated berries and fruits, as well as dairy products, were also highly appreciated.

freeze-dried products

Sublimates do not contain any preservatives or dyes, and this is their main advantage in comparison with other products of long-term storage and fast cooking.

The only danger that may accompany the purchase of sublimates is low-quality raw materials used by an unscrupulous manufacturer. You can secure yourself by purchasing the products of trusted firms.

Sublimation - a solution to many problems

Sublimated products can be widely used both as instant food products and as industrial semi-finished products in confectionery, food concentrates, meat and milk, perfume and other industries.

In the production of fermented milk products, dry readily soluble antibiotics, viral and bacterial preparations, dietary supplements, starter cultures and enzymes, vacuum distillation has no alternative.

Freeze-dried products are the best option for providing food in long hikes and trips. The way of using them is as simple as possible: water is added to the product and it is ready. It should only be remembered that the rate of recovery of the sublimate depends on the temperature of the water that it is poured.

Home production

The process of vacuum distillation is technologically complex, requires special knowledge and training, uses specific industrial equipment.

freeze-dried products at home

Therefore, amateur recommendations on the web on how to cook freeze-dried products at home can be a good help to tourists and hunters who want to reduce the weight of baggage by drying the cooked dishes, but they have nothing to do with vacuum distillation of quick-frozen foods.

Another thing is the drying of products in the cold, as people from the Nordic countries have been doing since time immemorial. Weathered in the cold slices of meat and fish do not deteriorate, they become lighter, while maintaining their size, shape and organoleptic properties.

Sublimates are widespread all over the world, in Russia they are only gaining popularity. But every day it's more obvious that they are a great option for a healthy diet. The freeze-dried product is a valuable innovation, a gift of science to humanity.