Rhinoplasty in St. Petersburg: the best surgeons, reviews

The time has long gone by when plastic surgery was unavailable. Today, almost everyone can change their appearance for a moderate fee. Required procedure is rhinoplasty. In St. Petersburg, the services of surgeons are resorted not only to women, but also to men. For someone it is an opportunity to establish a personal life, and someone eliminates defects that have arisen as a result of past surgical interventions. What should I know about rhinoplasty?

Operative intervention, which is aimed at correcting the shape of the nose, is considered simple. The main task of the surgeon is to correct the defect, by working with a cartilaginous tissue. Together with this, if the operation is performed unprofessionally, the shape of the nose of the patient will change for the worse. In addition, serious complications associated with nasal breathing can occur. An incorrectly performed operation can cause chronic sinusitis.

The medical indications of rhinoplasty of the nose in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation are the same: a specialist can recommend performing an operation for defects of the nasal septum. Pathology can be congenital or acquired as a result of trauma.

More often than not, an appeal to a plastic surgeon is not related to medical indications. Patients turn for help with a large size or ugly tip of the nose, the presence of a hump. After the examination, the doctor decides how rhinoplasty will be performed.

In St. Petersburg most often use a closed method of surgical intervention, when an incision is made inside the nose. An open method is used to eliminate complex defects. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is also popular in St. Petersburg.

How to choose a doctor?

Despite the simplicity of the operation, it is worthwhile to approach the choice of a specialist who will conduct the intervention with all responsibility. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the experience of the doctor.

Each doctor has a portfolio in which the results of the performed operations are presented. As a rule, it can be seen on the official website of the clinic, in which the doctor works. Preliminarily you can study the information and on thematic forums. Not bad if you can hear the reviews of real patients.

rhinoplasty in spb the best surgeons

It is worthwhile to understand that expensive - does not mean qualitatively. Many plastic surgery clinics offer rhinoplasty for a reasonable price. In St. Petersburg, such medical institutions are sufficient. The most popular of them will be described further


This clinic specializes not only in plastic surgery, but also in cosmetology. Here, non-surgical rhinoplasty can be performed. About the institution you can hear a lot of positive feedback.

Most doctors who work here have been educated at the Military Medical Academy named after SM Kirov, specializing in vascular surgery and microsurgery. A lot of good reviews can be heard about Bragilev Vadim Alekseevich. This is a plastic surgeon of the highest category, who, in combination, is also a candidate of medical sciences. If you need high-quality rhinoplasty in St. Petersburg, you can contact this specialist. The results of his work are presented on the official website of the Grandmed clinic.

You can hear good reviews about Shumilo Alexandra Vasilievich. The doctor is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. The specialist carries out qualitative operations and medical indications.


The work of the medical institution is aimed at preserving the youth and health of patients. It is possible to make rhinoplasty in SPb qualitatively here. In their work, specialists use authoring techniques, as well as the latest equipment. And although the reviews show that a simple operation here can cost an order of magnitude more expensive than in similar establishments in the Northern capital, many note that the quality of the work is fully in line with the prices.

Rhinoplasty of the nose in St. Petersburg

Many good reviews can be heard about Tarasenko Vasily Sergeyevich. The doctor of the highest category performs classical surgical interventions, and also corrects minor defects of the nasal septum by a non-surgical method.

The forums speak well about Pavluchenko Leonid Leonidovich. It is not just a plastic surgeon, but a doctor of medical sciences, professor. The doctor conducts practical activities, as well as trains young specialists, prepares for himself a worthy replacement.


The big plus of this medical institution is democratic prices. This can be addressed to those who are interested in quality rhinoplasty in St. Petersburg. The best surgeons here provide their services to everyone. As in other similar institutions, correction of nose defects here can be performed by a non-surgical method, if indications are allowed.

rhinoplasty in spb reviews

Excellent reviews can be heard about Pavlov Valery Viktorovich. The doctor is not even 40 years old, and he managed to achieve good success in his career. Today he not only performs qualitatively rhinoplasty operations, but also is a candidate of medical sciences, an associate professor, a member of the Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons.

Valery Viktorovich widely used the techniques of non-surgical rhinoplasty. So, for example, the change in the shape of the nose is carried out by introducing hyaluronic acid into a specific area.

National Center for Plastic Surgery

The medical institution performs any surgical interventions aimed at eliminating appearance defects. Rhinoplasty of the nose can be performed here.

In St. Petersburg the best surgeons, the feedback we offer in our article, work in the named Center. A lot of operations related to the correction of the nasal septum had to be performed by Kazulin Dmitry Albertovich. Today the doctor is the head of the department of plastic surgery. The specialist of the highest category performed more than 500 operations in the sphere of rhinoplasty for his practical activity.

non-surgical rhinoplasty in St. Petersburg

Experts well speak about his son - Kazulin Igor Dmitrievich. Despite the young age, the doctor managed to win the trust of patients. If you need non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose in St. Petersburg, you can make an appointment with this specialist. Igor Dmitrievich leads and scientific activity. On his account - more than 25 printed works and several patents for inventions.

Maxim Safonov is another plastic surgeon of the highest category, who regularly conducts operations in the field of rhinoplasty. The doctor is also the author of several printed works. Maxim Sergeyevich regularly raises his level of qualification.


The clinic of aesthetic surgery specializes primarily in the correction of facial defects. You can go here if you need high-quality rhinoplasty in St. Petersburg.

The best surgeons, reviews about which are only positive, perform the interventions safely and accurately. So, Kulikov Alexander Viktorovich - a doctor with 20 years of experience. On his account more than 8 thousand operations, more than 1000 interventions are associated with rhinoplasty. In addition, the specialist conducts scientific activity. Thanks to his work, more than 25 articles have been published that make it possible to train young medical personnel.

non-surgical rhinoplasty of the nose in St. Petersburg

It is believed that in the named form of surgery leading roles are left by male specialists. But these stereotypes are broken by Ilona Kochneva. This is a plastic surgeon of the highest category. The main specialization is osteo-facial surgery. Ilona Sergeevna works more than 10 years. During this time, she managed to perform thousands of high-quality operations, including in the area of ​​the nose.

A lot of good reviews can be heard about Sarukhanov Georgy Mikhailovich, who takes in the clinic "Abriell".The specialist performed more than 8 thousand successful operations. The total work experience is 20 years.


The medical institution offers a wide range of services related to aesthetic operations. The latest technologies in the field of rhinoplasty are applied. In St. Petersburg, the best surgeons, according to many patients, work here. Local specialists have all the necessary certificates and perform their work really well.

Many good reviews can be heard about Sergeyev Alexander Borisovich. The specialist has been operating since 2007 - from the very first days of the creation of the "Composite" clinic. For 10 years he managed to perform more than 6 thousand operations, many of which are associated with correction of the defect of the nasal septum.

Tipikin Dmitry Olegovich is a young specialist who has already managed to win the trust of patients. The doctor has a certificate for rhinoplasty surgery, which runs until May 2022.For more than two years, Dmitry Olegovich has been training at the GrandMed clinic in the already known Shumilo Alexander Vasilievich.

Beauty Institute "Spika"

The institution specializes in plastic surgery and cosmetology. The clinic attracts relatively low prices and high qualification of medical personnel. About local specialists you can hear many positive reviews. Despite the fact that the clinic "Spika" began its activities only in 2016, it already has a lot of regular customers.

to make rhinoplasty in St. Petersburg

The chief physician of the institute of beauty is Rybakin Artur Vladimirovich. On his account, many successful operations, including in the field of rhinoplasty. However, to get to a specialist at the reception, you need to record for a few months.

You can also hear good references about Andeishchev Andrey Ruslanovich. This doctor specializes in maxillofacial surgery.

Clinic of Dr. Kuprin

The medical institution carries out qualitative aesthetic operations of the most diverse orientation. A lot of good reviews can be heard about the founder of the clinic - Kuprin Pavle Evgenievich. This is a candidate of medical sciences, a surgeon of the highest category. Those who want to perform rhinoplasty from this doctor, to register for an initial consultation is recommended in advance.

Irina Khrustaleva beauty clinic

And again the confirmation that a woman can be really a professional plastic surgeon. Irina Eduardovna is the chief physician of the medical institution. She has a lot of successful operations, some of which are related to rhinoplasty in St. Petersburg. Comments can be heard about her husband - Khrustalev Mikhail Igorevich. The maxillofacial surgeon performed many operations related to the restoration of the nasal septum after trauma.

The information given shows that there are a lot of really good specialists in the field of rhinoplasty in St. Petersburg. The choice should be made responsibly by studying the proposals of several clinics.