Strongly creeps hair: what to do?

Healthy hair is considered the most expensive accessory of a woman. What horror can be experienced, discovering that the hair is climbing in bundles. What to do in a similar situation? The body signals this way about the presence of health problems. After all, the condition of the hair and nails completely reflects our state of health.

If you have hair, what can you do?

We all know that in a small amount of hair fall out daily, and this is considered a normal physiological process. However, when this process becomes intense, and the hairdress loses its splendor, do not think that the problem will be solved by itself.

First, such symptoms may indicate a serious illness, which, perhaps, you do not suspect. Therefore, to begin with, go to an appointment with a doctor, take the appropriate tests to exclude the presence of internal diseases.

Secondly, take a survey from a dermatologist. Doctors trichologists deal with the condition of the hair. After all, such a banal phenomenon as dandruff is not just an aesthetic drawback. The presence of dandruff indicates a fungal lesion of the skin. It often becomes the cause of the situation when hair pulls heavily. What to do? To buy a shampoo for dandruff? Such actions do not kill the fungus. This should be a specialized remedy that the doctor will appoint.

If the health is normal, but still crawls the hair, what should I do? Pay close attention to your lifestyle. Try to rest more, avoid stressful situations, eat well. It is recommended to drink a special course of multivitamins. Give your hair a break from the influence of aggressive factors. Minimize or eliminate staining, curling, hair extensions, use of a hair dryer, ironing or forceps.

Hair cures: what to do at home?

Give your hair more time. In addition to hygiene procedures, use as a therapy folk recipes.

Rinse with nettle decoction has a strengthening effect on the roots of hair, which stops their dying. To do this, use young plants that have not yet entered the flowering period. Pour the grass with water, boil for several minutes, cool and use as a rinse aid. Daily routines will help to save the remaining locks, and also will stimulate the growth of new hairs.

Try to drink carrot juice every day. In addition, rub it into the scalp.

If you have hair, what can you do besides rinsing with nettle decoction? Masks based on castor or burdock oil will be a good way to stop hair loss. A small amount of warm oil( warmed in a water bath) rub into the scalp. Massage it for a few minutes, put on the hat and warm the cap. After 2 - 5 hours, thoroughly wash the hair with a gentle shampoo. These oils can be used for masks in combination with alcohol. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions and use the same as in the first option. To achieve maximum effect, perform the procedure for two months, doing masks once a week.