Lumbago disease: it is a lumbago, it is a strong pain in the lower back

The abbreviated term "lumbago" refers to what professional doctors call lumbago - a sharp pain that suddenly appears in the lumbar region, most often due to the lifting of heavy objects or unsuccessful turn of the hull. Surprisingly, the symptoms of this disease really resemble a sharp electric shock or even a gunshot wound, the cause of which is the internal infringement of the nerve that extends from the column of the spinal cord.

The actual medical definition of lumbago is as follows: back pain, paroxysmal, caused in most cases, that is, a change in the lumbar intervertebral discs. The main sign of the onset of the disease is considered pain in the lower back and in the lower back. As already mentioned, these metabolic changes cause these sensations, which often undergo intervertebral discs, which collapse themselves and injure the nerve that passes in close proximity.

With lumbago, the symptoms manifest themselves just at the same time as the damage is done: these are pains( not only at the site of nerve injury, but also headaches), lack of mobility or complete lack of mobility of the spine in the lumbar region. Doctors recommend using the first sensations of stiffness and pain to seek advice in order to timely confirm the diagnosis and begin appropriate treatment. Research and diagnosis of the spine should be carried out as early as possible, since the cause of pain, in addition to osteochondrosis, leading to lumbago, may be a tumor that squeezes the nerve trunk.

This disease mainly affects the male, reaching the age of 30-40 years. During this period of life, any physical overstrain, a sharp temperature drop( overheating-supercooling) or a not-too-good turn of the trunk can all respond with a sharp, strong and fairly intense back pain. According to many patients who are asked to describe the manifestation of the disease, the sensations in the lower back are painful-tearing, pulsating, piercing or piercing. A person with such pain can not change the pose, straighten up, since any movement only increases the pain syndrome and leads to muscle spasm in the lumbar region.

The most unpleasant thing is that the symptoms of the disease can both disappear within a few minutes, and continue for several days. Treatment of lumbago basically consists in patience, long-term stay in a state of rest( up to 5-10 days) and stable horizontal position. In this case, the pain can disappear at any time, but not completely, but "hiding" to re-emerge and intensify by sneezing, coughing and any, even the most minimal physical strain. With prolonged continuation of the lumbago, specialists who prescribe painkillers, calming agents and so-called novocaine blockades should be treated, under which the solution of the drug is introduced into the zone of manifestation of painful sensations.

In addition, experts recommend that during the course of the disease to limit themselves in the use of certain foods - salty, hot and smoked, that is, those that hold water in the body. You should not abuse fat and fatty meat, even if a strong broth is prepared from it. Diet with lumbago suggests light vegetarian soups, dishes from potatoes and not too salty porridges.

Also during this period it is extremely useful to undergo some procedures: a massage that will help relieve tension from muscles, ultraviolet irradiation, diadynamic currents, and also rub the analgesic substances, for example, "tiger ointment" or camphor alcohol. In addition, we must not forget that the guarantee of health is a healthy lifestyle, so it is worth paying attention to special simulators that relieve the load from the spine.