Protein in urine: treatment with folk remedies, causes

Proteins are involved in almost all processes occurring in the body. In the urine, the protein is present even in a healthy person, but it should not be more than 0.033 g / l in the morning analysis.

how to remove protein from urine by folk remedies

Why the protein

rises The root cause of temporary proteinuria is increased physical activity, recent colds and infectious diseases, allergies. In neonates after birth, a slight increase in protein in urine is observed. Protein can be increased after eating raw protein foods, after taking milk and raw eggs.

Proteinuria on a stable basis is present in people with kidney pathology. During the gestation period, the protein may be increased in women due to mechanical pressure on the kidneys increasing in size of the uterus.

The cause of poor analysis can be the presence of tumors and infectious diseases in the genital area. Epilepsy and concussion can also cause a rise in protein.

Strong emotional experiences and stresses also cause an increase in protein.

Symptoms of proteinuria

In addition to laboratory studies, the increased protein can be determined by indirect evidence:

- myeloma;

- drowsiness;

- increased fatigue;

- dizziness.

Therapeutic activities

The task of any person to independently monitor their health and on time to see a doctor. First of all, it is important to identify the cause and eliminate it.

how to remove protein in the urine folk remedies

Treatment of protein in the urine with folk remedies

Elevated protein can be reduced by folk remedies. Naturally, any recipe and term of use is best coordinated with the attending physician.

Healing drinks

Morse from cranberries. There are a lot of ways to remove the protein in the urine with folk remedies, but the most common cranberry copes with this problem perfectly. Cranberry helps to normalize kidney function. You can make a drink yourself at home.

Cranberry is washed, squeezed until juice is obtained. Pellet boil for about 15 minutes in water, cool. After this, juice is added to the resulting mixture. The resulting fruit can be eaten with sugar or honey.

Even simpler recipe - a tablespoon of cranberries knead and pour a glass of boiling water. Insist for about 30 minutes and drink instead of tea. Lodging is recommended to eat.

folk remedies for protein in the urine


Parsley is often used in the treatment of folk remedies. Treatment of protein in the urine is also possible with its use. Parsley seeds( 1 tsp) are grinded to a powdery state, poured with boiling water( 1 cup) and infused for 2 hours. The received remedy is used throughout the day in small portions.

You can use the roots of parsley, which are crushed.1 tbsp.l.roots insist in 1 cup of boiling water. Drink an infusion of 4 times a day for 1 tbsp.l. Kidney buds contain a huge amount of nutrients, essential oils, tannins, flavonoids, nicotinic acid and others. To make the tincture you need 2 tbsp.l.kidneys, which must be soaked in a glass of boiling water. The resulting mixture is placed in a thermos for infusion for 1.5 hours. The agent is used 3 times a day for 50 grams.

In the treatment of folk remedies, the protein in the urine should be taken into account whether the patient has swelling, and also the amount of urine released. This problem is removed with lemon and linden .

Zest 1 lemon is ground and mixed with 20 g of linden. The resulting mixture is poured with boiling water( 2 cups).Insist means will take a day. The next 10 days, tincture is applied before eating 1 teaspoon. A week after the end of treatment, the course should be repeated.

treatment of protein in urine by folk remedies

Decoctions of

Fir. Scientists of the world have already confirmed the useful properties of fir. Its main advantage - essential oils, a huge number of which is contained in the twigs and bark of the plant.

Treatment of protein in the urine by folk remedies implies the use of fir. To get a medicinal broth, you need to add 1/3 of a three-liter can of crushed plant bark. Then the bark is poured with boiling water and for 1 hour it languishes in a water bath. After this, the product is cooled and used before each meal for 30 minutes - 50 grams of decoction. You can also use fir oil, adding 5 drops to the water.

Pumpkin seeds. Seeds are boiled to get pulp and drink a decoction instead of tea for 7 days.

protein in urine causes treatment with folk remedies

Beekeeping products

Folk remedies for protein in urine necessarily mean the use of bee products, because they contain a huge amount of useful substances and unique trace elements.

Propolis. This substance is not used in its pure form, but with the addition of other medicinal plants, such as:

  • dry licorice roots;
  • roots of rose hips;
  • fruit of elderberry;
  • the grass is solanaceous black and spores;
  • needles.

Roots and plants are rubbed into powder. For 5 g of the resulting mixture is added 1 g of melted propolis. The composition is brought to a homogeneous consistency and laid down under the tongue.

In the same way, you can use royal jelly, which is also laid under the tongue. For one procedure, approximately 18 grams of milk will be needed. The procedure is carried out in the morning on an empty stomach.

It is possible several times a day, not more than 3, to dissolve the pergue, 2 g each. After that, for 30 minutes you can not drink any liquid.

How to remove protein from urine by folk remedies during pregnancy

Increasing the level of protein in urine during the period of gestation can be a consequence of a variety of pathologies. Only the doctor can determine the exact diagnosis. Even the use of medicinal broths should be coordinated with the doctor, so as not to harm the future baby and yourself. It is necessary to understand that a strong increase in the level of protein is evidence of progressive pathology in the body and it is impossible to cure this by popular means.

With a slight increase in protein pregnant women are advised to make a decoction of cowberry leaf, use cranberry juice.

You can use corn kernels: 4 tbsp.l.pour boiling water( 1 glass) and bring to full digestion. Use the resulting broth throughout the day.

To normalize the protein in the urine( treatment with folk remedies), ordinary straw will do. It is ground and boiled for 10 minutes. On 1 liter is 40 grams of straw. After percolation, you can use a decoction throughout the day.

Honey along with lemon have a beneficial effect on the work of the kidneys. Half a lemon is squeezed and mixed with water( 500 ml).In the resulting mixture add honey to taste and take, regardless of food intake.

Protein in urine treatment with folk remedies


A huge role in preventing the increase in protein in the urine is played by milk. It is recommended to reduce the consumption of acute and fatty foods. Naturally, less to consume salt.

If the cause of the appearance of protein is accurately established, then during a period of exacerbation of the disease it is necessary to comply with bed rest, so that the pathology does not become chronic.

It can not be said that the increase in protein in urine is always a consequence of pathology, so one urine test should not be limited. And if the doctor prescribed a treatment regimen, then all recommendations should be strictly observed.

If you follow a protein diet, then it should not last long. In extreme cases, drink more plain water so that the kidneys can cope with excess protein in the body.

Detection of the cause of protein in urine in the treatment of folk remedies is the basis of the effectiveness of all measures. Efficiency is also achieved by the duration of treatment. No recipe for traditional medicine will help if the therapy was short-lived. In parallel with treatment, the level of protein in urine should be monitored.