A child often suffers from cold illnesses: what to do? Doctor's comments

Often ill children are a problem not only for specific families. This is a whole medical and social disaster, because such babies, being weakened and frail, often violate the schedule of vaccinations, skip classes at school. Parents also suffer if the child is often ill with colds. What should an adult do in such a situation? Of course, they are forced to ask to go to work with a child who has a fever or has a sore throat. They also spend a lot of money on expensive medicines.

Frequently ill children

The situation is most acute when the baby first goes to a preschool. New contacts lead to the fact that the child is often sick in the kindergarten. What to do in this situation, every young mother knows. The main thing is not to panic. After all, often sick children - not a diagnosis, but just a temporary phenomenon. Yes, and you need to begin to understand if your carapace belongs to the category of frail little ones. Doctors say that such children are often ill:

  • Infants up to a year who suffer from respiratory infections more than 4 times a year.
  • Toddlers from 1 to 3 years old, if they get sick more than 6 times in 12 months.
  • Preschool children from 3 to 5 years old, who catch a cold more than 5 times in the same period.
  • Schoolchildren who are ill more than 4 times a year.

a child often suffers from cold illnesses what to do In addition, this category includes those minors who are ill rarely, but for longer than two weeks. Usually, these babies complain of cough, sore throat, runny nose. They are constantly flaccid and tired. If the child does not have these signs of ARI, but the temperature rises, it can talk about chronic illnesses or other infections.

Why does this happen?

One of the factors is the wrong way of life in the family. For example, when adults do not give the baby to a sports club, they do not accustom him to physical education and morning exercises, do not provide him with adequate nutrition, normal daily routine and sanitary conditions in the apartment. All this leads to the fact that the child is very often sick with colds. What to do? Pediatricians' comments on such behavior, to put it mildly, are negative. Clearly, they emphasize that in most cases it depends on parents how often their baby will be ill. After all, if you organize the day correctly, the karapuz will get stronger before your eyes. And, accordingly, will become less susceptible to infections.

child often sick in the garden what to do Unfortunately, not everything depends on the parents. There are many other factors that are reflected on the health of the child. First, it is frequent contact with the source of infection - other kids in school or kindergarten. Secondly, a bad ecology, which contributes to the increase in the incidence of ARI.

Other factors

These should primarily include the so-called passive smoking. Children who constantly inhale smoke are prone to bronchitis and asthma. Parents, even unaware of their guilt, often complain to doctors that the child is very often sick with colds. What should they do in this case? Yes, it's just never to smoke in the apartment where the youngster is, not to visit with him those premises where this is allowed, or simply to give up the bad habit, showing the child an example of the correct way of life. Also need to pay special attention to the use of medicines. After all, if adults unreasonably, long or often give the baby antibiotics or antipyretics, this can increase the sensitivity of the child to respiratory illnesses.

The child will also often get sick for other reasons. For example, if he has a hereditary predisposition or if he suffered from hypoxia during childbirth, which led to a violation of the body's adaptation to environmental conditions. The cause of frequent viruses can also be other diseases: allergies, rickets, anemia, hypotrophy, morphofunctional immaturity.

How to strengthen immunity?

Often moms mistakenly think that the baby has already been born with low and weakened immunity. Or they begin to feel guilty because they did not eat well during pregnancy, did not walk much in the fresh air, they were constantly nervous and crying. But these are also false assumptions. In fact, children, who by nature weak protective functions of the body, very little. Therefore, the fact that you will have such a baby, there is almost no chance. Remember that congenital immunodeficiency is a deadly disease. Therefore, you should not ascribe to your child this serious deviation.

What to do if a child often suffers from cold illnesses Doctors are sure that it is secondary immunity, acquired during life, that suffers from oppression as much as possible. It turns out that usually kids are born completely healthy. The weak and frail they are made by various factors, the action of which they succumb. As a result, the child is very often sick with colds. What to do? The doctors' testimonies indicate that such a karapuz should be given immunostimulating drugs: "Bronchoimmunal", "Anaferon", "Echinacea of ​​Doctor Taise".These drugs can be taken even by the smallest patients. Also, one should not forget about the healthy way of life and the right regime of the day.


This is a very important factor affecting human health, its appearance and even its emotional state. If your child often has colds, what to do, you will be prompted by an experienced nutritionist. He will make an individual map of the correct diet for your baby. In addition, it will give general recommendations. If you have a baby, it will recommend feeding it as long as possible with breast milk. In it, proteins, fats and carbohydrates are perfectly balanced. In addition, the mother's milk also contains various antibodies, immunoglobulins, vitamins and trace elements.

What to do if a child often suffers from a cold In the daily menu for older children must be present dairy dishes( cottage cheese, in particular), as well as meat, cereals, vegetables and fruits. If the kid visits a kindergarten, the food in which leaves much to be desired, then try to feed him a healthy breakfast and dinner at home. And the main rule is no fast food. Under the ban, not only hamburgers and french fries, but also various chips, croutons, sweet soda and so on. Not only does such food contain no useful substances, it also causes digestive disorders and leads to obesity.


Any mother asks herself this question if her child is often sick with colds: "What should I do?"Reviews pediatricians about tempering the baby in many ways coincide: dipping the baby into ice water is not worth it - start small. For example, from the first days of birth, do not wrap it up, dressing as a turnip. Focus on your own feelings: you are warm - remove and from the baby's hat. No, he will not catch a cold from it. On the contrary, it is more likely to become sick, sweating. In addition, follow the microclimate in the apartment. The ideal temperature ranges from 18 to 22ºC.At the same humidity of air should not exceed 40%.

What if the child is often sick with colds? First, more often with him walk - in any weather. Because of the snow and rain, you should not abandon the promenade. Wear a raincoat - and go. From the wind you can hide in yards: the houses of new buildings are perfectly protected from drafts. Walking in any season, the baby quickly adapts to the aggressive conditions of the environment. Secondly, do not forget at the same time to play with the karapuzom in the outdoor games on the playground or at the stadium. Third, ventilate the room where the child lives, at least 3 times a day. In the warm season, the window leaf should be open on a regular basis.

Water treatments

One of the most popular methods of hardening. Again, throw a kid in an ice hole is not necessary. There are softer and simpler ways. In any case, do not forget to consult a doctor about the variety of procedures, their duration and frequency. When a child often suffers from cold illnesses, what do you need to do to correct the situation? It's simple. Spend with the baby regular bathing, wiping and dousing. Start with warm water, gradually reducing the degree.

What to do if a child is constantly ill with colds The water temperature should first be at 32-33ºC.Wipe her baby about a week, then reduce the degree by one unit. In the same spirit, act every seven days, gradually bringing the water to room temperature. Children over 2 years can begin to do douche - according to the same scheme. Bath reception is an excellent procedure for hardening. In addition, it brings the kid joy, improving his emotional state. Bathe the child at a temperature of 35ºC, then pour it with water that is cooler by several degrees.

Air baths

What if the child is often sick with a cold? In addition to water procedures, spend with it air baths. You can begin the process almost from the first days of the appearance of the baby to the light. First leave the crumbs naked for one minute. The room temperature should be at 20ºC.Gradually increase the duration of air baths: by the year of life of the child, they should last 15 minutes.

When the baby is one and a half years old, the procedure can be carried out at 18 degrees, and after 3 years at 16ºC.At the same time, the karapuz at this time should not sit without movement: let him jump, have fun, play. A very good method of hardening is walking barefoot over an uneven surface: a carpet with a pile or a special children's rug. In the basin you can pour a bit of pebbles or beans - it is also very useful to walk on them. When the baby grows up a little, accustom it in the summer for some time to run razootim on the grass near the house. Of course, before that, do not forget to inspect it for safety: remove far away sharp stones, broken glass and dangerous branches.

Useful rinse

Do not be surprised. This routine and even a little routine procedure is another stage of hardening. Suppose a child often gets sick in the kindergarten. What to do, you ask the pediatrician. In any case, he will advise your baby to gargle, especially if it is prone to sore throats, tonsillitis and pharyngitis. The procedure is a preventive tool for this group of diseases, allowing you to gradually accustom your throat to the effects of low temperatures.
the child is often sick with colds that make reviews If the child is 2-3 years old, rinse should be done with boiled water at room temperature. At the same time while the baby just rinses his mouth, after 4 years he is allowed to treat and throat. In the cold season, when there is a strong surge of acute respiratory viral infection, it is necessary to use a useful garlic solution for these purposes. It is not difficult to prepare it. You will need one clove of garlic. He poured a glass of boiling water and insist a mixture of about 2 hours, after which the solution is ready for use.

Gymnastics and self-massage

These activities also apply to hardening procedures. With their help, the body begins to activate protective forces to fight viruses. In addition, they raise the tone and have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. With the youngest babies, start doing exercises from the first days of life. For example, during each swaddling, alternately sip the arms and legs of the baby in different directions, bend them. Do not forget to massage the head, back and tummy - in a circular motion clockwise. With older children, you can already actively frolic: think up a set of exercises with elements of the game and do such exercises with the whole family.

When a child often suffers from cold illnesses, what to do, you already know. Add to this, and massage. First, you conduct the sessions, then teach the child to do it themselves. Let him after the morning awakening take for himself the rule of kneading hands, feet and neck. You can help the child by massaging his back and shoulders. This not only contributes to hardening, but also helps maintain the health of the musculoskeletal system.


The gifts of nature will help your youngster to become stronger and more enduring. In the autumn and winter prepare for it broths from medicinal plants: mint, balm, mountain ash, dog rose, cranberries and viburnum. These folk remedies are preventive, they saturate the body with ascorbic acid and beneficial substances that actively fight viruses and increase the body's resistance to various infections. For those kids who often get sick, salad from nuts, honey, dried apricots and lemon will be useful.
a child very often suffers from cold illnesses what to do or make responses of doctors Phytotherapy should be conducted in courses, for example, twice a year. Duration can range from three weeks to two months. Between the courses the break should not last less than two weeks. Now you know what to do if the child is constantly ill with colds. Active way of life, sports, therapeutic gymnastics and massage, together with proper nutrition and normal regime of the day, will make the karapuza healthy, energetic, cheerful and joyful.