GBUZ "Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center" DZM: address, history, description

The Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center is a modern multidisciplinary medical institution where patients are provided with a variety of assistance in the treatment of various diseases. The main activity is the treatment, study, research, diagnosis of the gastrointestinal tract.

History of

The Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center was established in 2013 and is the successor of the Central Research Institute of Gastroenterology. CNIIG, opened in 1967, consisted of parts:

  • Department of chronic forms of hepatitis and portal hypertension.
  • Department of Surgery. Department of Propaedeutics.

Inpatient treatment received approximately 9.5 thousand patients annually, more than 3 thousand people in the polyclinic. The bed fund consisted of 250 beds. The main objectives of the institution were to improve and develop methods for treating and diagnosing diseases of organs involved in digestion.

Employees of the research institute developed methods of gentle treatment, such as regenerative medicine, studied the possibilities of using biotechnology for the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to searching for new methods of treatment, statistics were kept at the institute and patients were registered requiring constant medical supervision and treatment. In the sphere of interests of specialists was the study of epidemiology, the mechanisms of the origin of diseases of the digestive organs, the development and introduction of drug treatment methods.

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Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center

Technologies and training

Advanced technologies for the study and treatment of diseases have always been welcomed within the walls of the CNIIIG.Already in the early 60-ies in the arsenal of diagnosticians were endoscopic methods of research. In 2012, the surgical department was able to provide patients with high-tech care, and the number of successful surgical interventions increased.

On the basis of the Institute, postgraduate education, courses for the retraining of medical workers, raising the level of skill for acting specialists are organized. Physicians can pass the course of residency, postgraduate study and get additional education.

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At the present stage, the Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center. Loginova AS is a multidisciplinary health care institution, where patients are provided with expert level treatment, scientific and educational activities are conducted. For forty years of narrow-profile activity, the doctors of the institution have accumulated experience in treatment, diagnostics, therapy and surgery in the most complicated cases of gastrointestinal diseases. Contacting the ICSC, the patient receives a full range of services without the need to contact other clinics.

The Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center offers patients assistance in the following diseases:

  • Endocrine system, prostate.
  • Hearts, kidneys, ureters.
  • Esophagus, reproductive system in women.
  • Thin and thick intestine, lungs.
  • Stomach, bladder.
  • Liver and pancreas.

The clinic provides all types of diagnostics, a full range of non-invasive surgical techniques, including malignant neoplasms. The technology of rapid rehabilitation of patients after surgical operations is actively applied. In particular, the Fast Track system, which restores the human body systems in two to three days after the procedures, proved effective.

In addition to extensive practice, the research institute is an active participant in master classes, conferences, seminars in Russia, Europe, the USA.At scientific meetings specialists of the ICSC act not only as active listeners, but also as experts, behind which an excellent school of theory, research and practice.

Center for consultations and diagnostics

The Moscow Clinical Research and Practice Center in its structural structure has two divisions:

  • Research Institute of High-Tech Medicine.
  • Research Institute of Internal Medicine.

Admission of patients is carried out by specialists with a high level of professional qualifications, extensive practical experience and scientific degrees in medicine. The Clinical and Diagnostic Department accepts patients on the basis of the initial admission for diagnosis. Based on the conclusions of the doctors, the patient is prescribed treatment, hospitalization or sent to another clinic, for example, to the Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology( clinical branch), if there is no indication on the profile of the ICSC.

Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center of the Department

The clinic offers a reception for specialists in the following areas:

  • Gynecology, rheumatology, endocrinology.
  • Urology, colonoproctology, hepatology.
  • Pulmonology, gastroenterology, dietology.
  • Neurology, consultations of surgeons( endoscopist, herniologist).
  • Diagnostics - ultrasound, fibrogastroscopy, etc.

Out-patient treatment is carried out on the basis of recommendations and directions of the attending physician. To receive qualitative consultation, diagnosis or to make a decision about placement in a hospital, a package of documents is required:

  • Passport, insurance policy( OMS, LCA).
  • Extract from a medical card or the patient's original outpatient card.
  • Results of studies, analyzes, information on previous procedures, operations, etc.

Day hospital

The Moscow Clinical Research and Practice Center DZM provides patients with the opportunity to obtain the full range of necessary medical services without interrupting their work and main activities. The department of daytime inpatient care carries out a complex of diagnostic measures for the study of the whole organism, individual medical programs, as well as preoperative preparation.

In addition to research, the department carries out treatment according to the individual patient program with the use of all resources of the ICSC.Each visitor is guaranteed the supervision of a doctor, under whose supervision a set of procedures is carried out. If necessary, treatment is adjusted based on the indications.
The day hospital of the Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center provides medical services:

  • Drug therapy( administration of drugs intravenously, intramuscularly, subcutaneously, droppers, tablets - reception scheme, selection of the optimal solution).
  • Physiotherapy.

Day hospital specialists accept patients for treatment, prevention and aftercare. For each visitor an individual program is developed, the terms of therapy are determined, and consultations of specialized specialists are provided. At discharge, the analysis is controlled, an extract from the medical history is issued. Further treatment and follow-up are conducted at the place of residence.

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Fixed department

The Moscow Clinical Research and Practice Center( Entuziastov Highway) provides hospitalization to a stationary form of treatment, where the departments are located:

  • Pathologies of the liver, intestines, pancreas, etc.
  • Inflammatory and non-inflammatory bowel diseases.
  • Pathologies of internal organs.
  • Colonoproctology, gynecology, urology, neurology.
  • Surgical departments - liver, pancreas, centrobaric, endocrine, metabolic, oncology, high-tech interventions, etc.
  • Endoscopic department( surgical, diagnostic procedures).
  • Oncohirurgy of the skin, soft tissues, neck, head.
  • General therapy, cardiology, rheumatology.
  • Geriatrics, oncohematology, orthopedics.
  • Intensive care, anesthesiology and resuscitation.
  • Chemotherapy, pain management, clinical mammology.
  • Laboratories - oncourology, laboratory diagnostic studies and bacteriology, pathomorphology, nutritiology, functional diagnostics, preclinical studies, etc.
  • ultrasound, radiation diagnosis and treatment, etc.

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Hospitalization Regulations

Hospitalization of patients in the hospital of the Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center DZM is possible under insurance policies and on a commercial basis.
Necessary documents for patients of planned hospitalization according to MHI policies:

  • Direction from the clinical and diagnostic center of the ICSC.
  • Patient's patient card.
  • Passport, MHI policy.
  • Results of analyzes, surveys.

Documents for patients entering the hospital on a commercial basis:

  • Passport.
  • A contract concluded on the provision of medical services on a commercial basis.

Inpatient care in the Moscow Clinical Research and Practice Center of the Department of Health begins at the admission department, where each patient receives an outpatient card and performs a number of necessary tests and studies( ultrasound, ECG, temperature, FLG, etc.).

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The Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center "Moscow Clinical Scientific Practical Center" pays attention to women's health, for which the "Mammological center" is based. The institution carries out all the necessary diagnostic tests on the newest equipment, and provides specialized medical assistance. The clinic accepts patients to clarify the diagnosis, which was previously prescribed by the treating local doctor.


  • Two oncology units.
  • Two branches of radiation diagnostics.
  • Departments of gynecology and endoscopy.

The center is located in Moscow at two addresses:

  • Entuziastov Street, building 23( metro station "Taganskaya").
  • Lane Upper Predtechensky, building 8( metro station "Krasnopresnenskaya").

Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology Clinical Branch


The Moscow Clinical Scientific Practical Center "DZM" offers students a postgraduate education in the following areas:

  • Postgraduate studies( surgery, internal diseases, gastroenterology).
  • Clinical residency( oncology, therapy, ultrasound diagnosis, surgery, etc.).
  • Internship.

Advanced training and retraining are taught in the following areas:

  • Additional education( therapy, surgery, anesthesiology, resuscitation, etc.).
  • Refresher training( gastroenterology, hematology, radiology, ultrasound diagnosis, etc.).
  • Trainings, workshops, conferences, seminars, etc.