Honey with a radish from a cough for children. Preparation, application, feedback

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There are many childhood diseases that cause huge problems not only to the child, but also to his parents. Especially often children are susceptible to various colds and bronchitis. One of the characteristic signs of such pathological conditions is cough. As a rule, parents use various pills, chemist's medicines and other chemical preparations to eliminate it. However, there are also such mothers and dads who use only ancient recipes to treat their child. honey with a cough radish for children

Honey with a cough radish for children was used by our grandmothers. About how this combination of products helps to overcome the disease, we will tell below.

Why is a radish useful?

Black radish with honey from cough to children is prescribed at the first signs of the disease. How useful is this product? In fact, the medicinal properties of this vegetable have been known for a long time.

According to experts, black radish contains a large amount of potassium, iron and calcium. Essential oils, which are part of this product, endow it with the strongest bactericidal properties.

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Black radish is rich in such a strong antibacterial substance as lysozyme. It is capable of destroying the cell walls of many bacteria. Moreover, this component has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and mucolytic effect. That is why radish with honey from cough for children effectively helps to cope with the disease.

How useful is honey?

Honey with a cough radish for children is a unique folk remedy, which many have forgotten.

radish with honey from cough for children

It's no secret to anyone that honey is the oldest natural sweetener. But for the preparation of a natural medicine it is used not only for this reason. It is very nutritious and healthy. According to experts, honey has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Due to the presence of the ergogenic component, it increases the working capacity of a person. Also honey improves blood quality and digestion process.

For a short period of time, this component is able to relieve nasal congestion, reduce cough, eliminate inflammation and reduce perspiration in the throat, and also help in the treatment of conjunctivitis.

It should also be noted that the product in question naturally contributes to the retention of calcium in the body and relieves inflammation of the tissues.

With regular use of honey in small doses, it supports the human immune system.

Honey with radish for children is an excellent remedy for coughing!

To help your child in the cold season and prevent the development of such a serious illness as pneumonia, you should start taking care of your child as soon as possible. Very often parents use honey with a radish from a cough for children. Such a remedy is not only effective, but also safe for health. After all, many medicines containing synthetic substances have a negative impact on the child's unformed body.

How effective is honey with a radish from a cough for children? Specialists can not give an unambiguous answer to the question posed, since it depends on the proper preparation of the drug. It is extremely important to take into account that the recipes that are used for adults are completely inappropriate for children.

radish with honey from cough recipe to baby

As you know, coughing is not such a big problem to resort to strong medicines. At the same time, the folk remedy with radishes with honey has quite a strong effect. Experience shows that the reaction of the child's body to taking such a medicine is not always positive. Therefore, to get a good result, you must select the correct recipe.

Safety of use

Is it safe to treat cough radish with honey in children? As with any other diseases, parents should not rely solely on their efforts and experience. Even if numerous reviews indicate that such a method is completely safe, it should still be "checked" by the doctor.

There are several types of child cough. The simplest is wet. Also there is a dry cough, undulating, superficial, barking, etc. The variety of such pathological condition should be taken into account when choosing a prescription drug. Therefore, when developing a cough in a child, you should first consult a doctor, and only then use honey with a radish.

How does honey work with radish from cough for children? Reviews report that a drug based on such components always has a positive effect on a person. Thanks to honey and radish, the baby's organism can easily cope with the microbes caused by bronchitis. Especially good this folk drug helps if the cause of the disease is the presence of infection in the upper respiratory tract.

black radish with honey from cough to children

According to the experts' feedback, such a tool gives an excellent effect if the radish with honey is used in the process of fighting a cough accompanied by a difficult sputum discharge. As you know, it is called "dry".Although it should be noted that with wet cough, this drug is also highly effective.

In the first case, the agent should be used for about a week, and in the second - only 3-4 days.

Is it always an effective combination of radish-honey? Experts say that even if such a drug could not completely cure the disease, in any case it will allow the baby to move it more easily and not get a complication.

Radish with honey from cough: recipe

To the child this agent should be prescribed only with a weak cough. To do this, you must strictly follow all recipe recommendations. The product resulting from its implementation is distinguished by a rather high safety, since there are no artificial additives in it.

By the way, many pediatricians claim that with not very neglected cases, it should be used exactly this drug, not various medications.

How is it necessary to prepare a folk remedy? To create it you need to use the following products: honey with a cough radish for children reviews

  • black radish medium size;
  • sugar - about 0.5 dessert spoon( you can do without it);
  • honey - approximately 2 dessert spoons.

The process of preparation of

The process of preparing radish with honey for the treatment of child cough consists of the following stages.

  • Black root is thoroughly washed in warm water, and then remove all contaminants from it, cut off the cap and skin.
  • Dessert spoon carefully take out the radish pulp. The resulting mass is rubbed on the smallest grater.
  • To get the bitter gruel add honey and, if desired, sugar.
  • After mixing all the ingredients, they are again placed in the root crop and left in this form for 2 hours. During this time, the medicine should be infused.
  • After 120 minutes, a pleasant to taste and sweet juice is formed, which, in fact, is treated for coughing in children.

How to use

Any folk prescription, regardless of the composition, should be used by the patient with extreme caution. Radish with honey is forbidden to apply in the event that the baby is not yet one year old. treatment of cough radish with honey in children

It is very important to treat a cough to choose the right time, in which juice will be taken. The first time this drug should be given to a child until 12 noon. This is necessary for parents to be able to track how the baby's organism is affected by the effect of this medication.

Also after the first reception of a honey radish it is required to look, whether the child does not have allergic reactions. In rare cases, such a remedy is not a rescue for the baby, but a cause of aggravation of his condition. So against the background of taking the drug in children can develop severe diarrhea and skin rashes.

If there are no side effects, you can safely go to a three-time intake of juice in the amount of one dessert spoon.

The duration of administration of such a drug depends on the patient's condition. With a decrease in cough, its dosage also decreases. After complete recovery, the folk remedy is canceled.

Parents' reviews

Not all parents of small children are satisfied with the centuries-old experience of using the recipe in question. Many of them note that such a remedy does not always work effectively. Moreover, in rare cases, it aggravates the patient's difficult situation as well. After taking the juice, a child may develop a severe allergic reaction and diarrhea. In this case, the national drug is canceled. radish honey reviews

There are also positive reviews about this tool. Some parents believe that honey and radish are much better cope with children's cough than pharmacy potions, syrups, etc.

As for the specialists, many of them are positive about the treatment of kids by folk remedies. However, they argue that in order to obtain a stable and pronounced therapeutic effect, it is very important to prepare the medicine correctly. After all, many people do it at their own discretion, adding those or other ingredients in one or another quantity.

It should also be noted that radish with honey should be used only with a weak cough. If it is strong, protracted and associated with any serious pathology in the respiratory tract, then for its treatment should refer to an experienced pediatrician.