Sanatorium Kolos Kostroma: reviews of tourists

This budget sanatorium is famous for its medical base and deservedly enjoys the reputation of the best health resort in the region in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Many reviews of patients who visited here during the long history of its existence( opened in the 70s of the last century), speak of a consistently high level of medical services, a good attitude of staff and quality of care. The Kolos sanatorium in Kostroma for the years of its existence did not lose the professionalism of the Soviet health resorts, but added to it the hospitality and comfort of the modern resort.

health resort Kolos kostroma


Beautiful birch grove, rare hardwood trees surround the sanatorium "Kolos".Kostroma is 7 km from it, and to Moscow - just over 370 km. The health resort is located in the picturesque village of Minsk near the banks of the Volga. The territory of the sanatorium is 80 hectares. From the buildings the river is closed by trees. Therefore, in order to admire the water surface, you need to walk along the alley 100 m and descend the furnished scenic staircase with gazebos for rest( there are a lot of them).

The mild climate, pure forest air make the stay here pleasant and healthy. Many patients in their reviews write that after visiting the health resort once, they became its regular customers. They come here to relax and improve their health every year. For those who have not been here yet, find out the necessary information or book a place, you can call:( 4942) 46-67-35.

health resort Kolos kostroma reviews


The main building of the health resort is 4-storey. Separately located mud baths, dining room, medical building. All of them are interconnected by transitions. In the main building there is a working elevator. In total, the health center can accommodate about 190 guests at the same time.

Among the clients' reviews, many stories about the recent( 2015) cosmetic repairs, which significantly improved the interior of the rooms, made them cozy and more diverse, unlike each other. Many people like order and cleanliness, daily cleaning. To its guests the health resort offers only 4 types of rooms:

  • Single standard room( second category, small room).
  • Single large room( first category).
  • Double standard room( 1 room).
  • Superior double room( 2 rooms).

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However, tourists who come here will be pleased with the prices for tours. So, the standard place in a 2-bed room with treatment and 4 meals a day will cost 1560 rubles per day, and the place in a single superior room - 2040. There is an opportunity to live in an additional place( with treatment - 1200 rubles / day or withouthim - 1000 rubles.).Children under two years are accepted free of charge( without room and without meals).Payment is carried out in the following areas:

  1. Policy of MHI( voucher completely free).
  2. Trade union permit( 30% discount).
  3. Paid tour( discounts, according to the shares).

There are always actions and bonuses in the sanatorium, which allow you to save on living expenses. The conditions of stay provided by the sanatorium Kolos( Kostroma), the photo-selection presented in the article, will tell in more detail.

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Balanced, dietary food in the sanatorium "Kolos".Kostroma invites guests to the table 4 times a day. At the same time, dishes can be ordered. The reviews speak of the high skill of the chefs, who make useful dietary delicacies delicious and very diverse. Many good words are also received by the dining room attendants. Holidaymakers like a warm transition from the dining room to the dormitory.

sanatorium Kolos in kostroma reviews

Profile treatment

Kostroma health resort Kolos is the leading sanatorium in the region for the rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular pathologies. Almost the only one in the region is carrying out rehabilitation of people with such complex diagnoses as stroke, heart attack, and also after heart operations. A powerful rehabilitation department, which has a sanatorium Kolos( Kostroma), reviews about its work has only positive. Here they achieve good results, raising even heavy patients to their feet, rendering them highly qualified assistance.

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Additional medical profiles of the health resort are the treatment of the musculoskeletal system and non-tubercular lung diseases. The range of medical services provided to patients is wide. So, guests can be offered the following procedures:

  • Electroprocedures.
  • Laser treatment.
  • Inhalation.
  • Treatment with paraffin and ozocerite.
  • Medical massage.
  • Carbonic baths( dry).
  • Phytotherapy( aroma of a flowering meadow).
  • Treatment procedures with mineral water.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Hirudotherapy.
  • Therapeutic physical training with computer selection of the program and a lesson with an individual instructor on the simulators.

The hydropathic clinic conducts treatment on the basis of mineral water extracted on the territory of the health resort. Guests are offered the following treatments:

  1. Shower-massage( underwater).
  2. Several types of shower( including Charcot, circular).
  3. Mineral and pearl baths.
  4. General and 4-chamber mineral baths.

health resort Kolos kostroma The treatment of patients who have had an infarction, acute cerebral insufficiency, patients after heart and trunk vascular operations is carried out according to specialized programs. They are developed and tested in the health resort and, judging by the reviews, they give good results. The hospital also has a powerful diagnostic base. Here they carry out( in addition) ECH and ECG, ultrasound of the kidneys, abdominal cavity and small pelvis. There is a laboratory( clinic and biochemistry), there is a modern cabinet of electrocardiography( the "Valenta" system).Everyone can go to the cardiovisor.

Two types of mineral water are extracted on the territory of the health resort. Firstly, it is a drinking cafeteria that has high sodium, chloride, bromine and sulfate levels. It is useful for treating the digestive system, liver problems, intestines. Secondly, it is a mineral water of brine type. It is used for the treated water procedures( external application).Many reviews indicate an extensive course of procedures included in the cost of the voucher. Course of treatment according to the course - 12 days, under the full program of sanatorium rehabilitation - 21.

About medical personnel

The special pride of the health resort is a friendly, highly qualified medical staff. Here doctors-cardiologists of only the highest and the first category with many years of experience work with their own experience in the treatment of complex cardiac ailments. Very good reviews about doctors-rehabilitologists, acupuncturists, manual therapists. Sanatorium Kolos( Kostroma) has maintained a high level of medical care. Today he conducts treatment and rehabilitation of patients qualitatively, achieving good results.

health resort Kolos kostroma reviews

Recreation and entertainment

The main time in this health resort is occupied by medical procedures. However, the remaining free time will also not be boring. There is a good library with a reading room, a cinema, a dance hall, a concert hall for 250 people. For lovers of active recreation, the routes of the calico are developed with a total length of 5 km.

There is a gym and a sauna with 2 swimming pools. There is a rental office. In the summer there is an equipped beach, and at other times many vacationers will like fishing. Sanatorium Kolos, which Kostroma can be proud of, offers its guests an extensive entertainment program in the evenings and weekends. A lot of excursions are organized. At the same time, guests' testimonies indicate that many of them are free.

health resort Kolos kostroma photos

Holiday programs and actions

A special place in the work of a health resort is occupied by shares. So, the cognitive program "Walk with the doctor", popularizing the Scandinavian walk, is very popular among tourists. She provides free consultation with the leading cardiologist of the health resort.

On New Year's Eve, the program "New Year-2017 in the sanatorium" Kolos ", as well as" Christmas-2017 in Kolos ".They are not new. Similar ones were conducted in 2016.Sanatorium "Kolos" in Kostroma reviews about them receives only positive. People come here to relax on holidays with their children and relatives. In the reviews write about the good organization of the program, interesting for kids and adults, as well as for delicious food.

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Once again about the patients' reviews

According to the general trend and reviews of patients, the Kolos health resort is a specialized cardiological health resort, which in 2016 opened additional profiles for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system and pulmonary non-tuberculosis diseases. Most people do not like the narrow specialization of the health resort and the associated restrictions.

So, here is more a medical institution than a resort zone in the broad sense of the word. But those who go to be treated and get rehabilitation, the health resort like. In general, the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, responsible and careful attitude to each patient make the Kolos health resort in Kostroma attractive for guests. Photos and testimonials indicate good treatment for a moderate fee.