The installation of braces is easy and simple

Who does not dream of a beautiful, Hollywood smile? Now the privilege to possess it is given not only to the stars, but also to ordinary people. Braces appeared at the beginning of the last century, their creator was an English physician Edward Engel. The first braces were cumbersome and not convenient, but it was thanks to them, by trial and error, that a modern kind of braces appeared. Bracket installation of the system is the most effective way to combat an incorrect bite. Today, braces are a common occurrence, moreover, in some fashion magazines, they pay attention to braces as a fashionable decoration of teeth.

Braces are of several types, they are divided, according to:

  • material, from which the plates are made.
  • location.
  • method of fixing the arc to the brackets.

Metal bracket system.

At the moment, there are five types of material, the most popular was and remains metal. Metal, is a very strong material, so for a hundred years, he does not give up his position. With the advent of new technologies, it is developing. So now it became possible to use more flexible and thin metals, which look more aesthetic.

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Plastic bracket system.

As there is metal-free prosthetics , when other materials are used. One of them is plastic. The color of the plastic can be any, more often choose the color of the enamel. But the multicolored bracket system, usually put children. Such braces are convenient and budgetary, but they have a big disadvantage. Braces made of plastic are subject to staining, they also often break, which can lead to an increase in the period of wearing the bracket system.

Ceramic braces system.

Ceramic braces are very convenient for those who want both quality and maximum stealth. After all, in particular ceramic braces includes the ability to pick up braces to match the color of your enamel. And in terms of quality, they are not inferior to metal ones.

Sapphire bracket system.

Such braces do not have a plaque left at all, it's all in their even, non-porous surface. Unlike plastic, sapphire braces are not painted and their strength is very high.

Braces are relatively expensive, the cost directly depends on the material. So, metal braces are the cheapest. Sapphire, because of its expensive material have the highest cost. But not only the material affects the cost of the bracket system. As you know, braces are installed not only from the outside of the teeth, but also from the inside. This method of installation is ideal for those who want to completely hide the fact of wearing a bracket system. But this procedure has its drawbacks. Firstly, it does not suit everyone, the reason lies in the individual structure of the bite. Secondly, the procedure is very expensive, which not everyone can master.

Braces are the best way to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.