Ointments from the papilloma. The most effective drugs

Papillomas are insignificant tumors on a benign skin. They give the person considerable inconvenience, they look rather unaesthetically and can be quite numerous. Getting rid of them is not so easy, many people practice for these purposes the recipes of traditional medicine, but the greatest effectiveness is achieved through special medication. On the shelves of pharmacies you can find various ointments from the papilloma, each of which has special properties.

On the Nature of Skin Formations

Before touching on possible therapeutic measures, let's talk about the very nature of the formations. So, in appearance they resemble minor skin processes, most often suffer such zones as axillary cavities, skin of eyelids, neck and chest. As for the color gamut of the papilloma, it can range from a light shade to a saturated dark brown color. Individual growths are congenital, others are formed over time due to the effects of viruses or transferred infections. Unfortunately, warts or papillomas are not as harmless as it might seem at first glance. In some cases, they are able to degenerate into malignant tumors.

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ointments from the papilloma

Traditional medicine recipes

Quite a lot of people practice home treatment formations. So, instead of the pharmacy ointment from the papilloma, you can try the following simple and affordable receipts:

  • Potato juice. Used for internal use, it is made from porridge of a potato of red grades. The term of therapy is 60 days, the dose is 100 ml per day, some time before meals.
  • Essential oil of tea tree. It is applied directly to the tumor twice a day until positive changes are obtained. According to a similar scheme, castor oil can be used.
  • Acetic acid. It is applied to the papilloma once a day with a drop by a pipette, is a rather aggressive product and can provoke complications. Juice of celandine. It is squeezed out of the plant, applied to the tumor in the morning and before going to bed. Duration of treatment - before the onset of positive changes. ointment from papillomas reviews

Home composition for the treatment of

Home ointment from warts and papillomas can be made on the basis of garlic and face cream. For this, one medium-sized tooth is ground to a uniform mush( using a press), which is then added to a teaspoon of any human-customized cream adapted for normal skin. All components must be thoroughly mixed and applied to a problem site in small quantities. The therapeutic composition is fixed with the help of cotton wool and plaster. Duration of the compress - at least 4-5 hours, do not forget to remove the remnants of the remedy from the skin. Manipulation is repeated daily for 30 days.

Salicylic ointment and the scheme of its use

One of the simplest and available means for solving the problem is salicylic ointment from papillomas. Unfortunately, this drug is considered very controversial, since its application can provoke local unpleasant reactions. To treat tumors, a composition with a 60% concentration is used. When it is applied, there is a burning sensation, and sometimes a moderate pain. Oxoline ointment price

How exactly is a similar ointment from papillomas used? Many people's testimonies testify to the need to observe a certain scheme:

  • Rip off and dry the problem area.
  • Apply salicylic ointment with a thin layer.
  • Fix the treatment composition on the affected area with a sterile bandage.
  • After 10-12 hours, remove the application and treat the formation with pumice stone, without disturbing its structure.

Manipulation is recommended to be performed daily, before the desired results are achieved. If you are afraid of injuring adjacent healthy areas of the skin, gently seal them with adhesive plaster.

Finnish "Veruksin"

Ointments from the papilloma are produced not only in our country, but also abroad. So, good results can be achieved with the help of the Finnish drug "Veruksin".This product is also based on the salicylic acid described above. Reviews about the drug contain information about its high efficiency and quality of components used for its manufacture. ointment Viferon from papillomas

Oxolin Ointment

For treatment of papillomas, oxolin ointment can also be used. Price - one of the main advantages of this drug. In just 90 rubles you get a good tool for self-therapy, which does not provoke significant complications. To get rid of mini-tumors on the skin, you will need to purchase a 3% composition, which is used in this way: three times a day for 60 days. There are testimonials that oxolin ointment really helps to reduce the formation, but it must be remembered that it is recommended to use it only as part of complex therapy.

"Viferon" - complex effect of

Another popular solution to the problem is the "Viferon" ointment from papillomas. Its main active substance is human interferon, as auxiliary components are used lanolin, petrolatum, vitamin E. Viscous composition of white-yellow color has antiviral and immunomodulating properties.

ointment from warts and papillomas

"Viferon" is applied to the formation with a thin layer every 6-7 hours, no more often than 4 times in a day, despite the fact that with external use, the absorption of the components is minimal. The maximum duration of such treatment is one week. The effectiveness of therapy directly depends on the speed of its conduct. It is generally believed that the best results are manifested when the treatment is performed at the stage of formation of the primary signs of formation( redness, unbearable itching sensation).

The main plus of "Viferon" is the absence of complications from the use of ointment( allergic reactions are rarely possible) and a minimum of contraindications. The composition is allowed to be used to treat the skin of newborn infants and women during pregnancy. The only limitation is the individual intolerance of the ingredients used to make the medicinal ointment. salicylic ointment from papillomas

Other drugs

The list of ointments from the papillomas is quite extensive. So, it can be supplemented with the following drugs:

  • "Verrukacid".Has a powerful effect, but often provokes skin burns.
  • "Dermavit".It is applied to the formation and fixed by a bandage, it is recommended to repeat the compressions no more often than 5 times in a row.
  • "Podophilox".The principle of action is to kill the cells of the wart.
  • "Podophyllin".The main task - to prevent the division of the affected cells, also contributes to the destruction of the existing tumor.
  • Solkoderma. The preparation contains a number of acids, which destroy the formation.
  • Ferezol. Used for cauterization of warts, has significant bactericidal properties.

General recommendations of

Before choosing ointments from papilloma by yourself, remember a few simple but very important recommendations:

  • Treatment should be comprehensive, aimed not only at eliminating external manifestations, but also on strengthening the immune system.
  • A doctor's observation is highly desirable.
  • Genital infections caused by infections can degenerate into malignant tumors.
  • General contraindications to the use of any ointment are in diabetes and metabolic disorders in the body.
  • It is forbidden to use formulations for the treatment of skin surfaces larger than 20 square centimeters.