Good hospitals in Moscow: description

The metropolitan region in many respects can give odds to other parts of our country. Medical services will not be an exception. It is difficult to say which hospital in Moscow is good, and which is frankly bad. In every direction of medical science there are institutions considered to be the best, and there are also those that provide services of medium quality. Due to high competition, as professionals say, there are practically no bad clinics - they just can not survive. The advantage of the metropolitan region is the high level of service provided by state institutions.

what a good hospital in moscow

About Neurology

A good hospital in Moscow in this area of ​​medical services is designed for treatment of sixty patients at the clinic at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Currently, there are comfortable rooms that can accommodate one or two patients. Luxurious services are provided. Of course, getting on therapy in this institution is not a simple task. But the reputation of the Central Design Bureau of the Russian Academy of Sciences is excellent: it helps to defeat the most complex disease, highly qualified doctors have modern high-precision equipment and have access not only to popular drugs, but also to the most promising innovations in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Consultation is available on a wide range of occasions. Most often, patients are looking for good neurological units in hospitals in Moscow( and come to the conclusion that it is the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences that offers the best service) for the following reasons:

  • the head hurts, turns;
  • noises in the ears;
  • observed weakness, loss of sensitivity of muscle tissue, limbs;
  • shooting pain in the face area;
  • speech disorders;
  • ptosis;
  • syncope.

When to make an appointment?

Among all the good neurological hospitals in Moscow, the RAS is open to competition. Doctors accept patients with very different types of headaches, including those associated with stress. It is recommended to urgently apply to the clinic if the pain is troubled by prolonged attacks, which was triggered by a single strong syndrome resembling an explosion. It is known that headache is often accompanied by an increase in temperature. When observing such dubious symptoms, you should know how great the opportunity to get to the clinic at the RAS is - they will make a high-quality, high-grade, high-precision diagnosis. You can not be afraid of medical errors.

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To use this institution, which is ranked among the best neurological hospitals in Moscow and the state as a whole, it is worth it if some parts of the body are concerned with pain, burning - often the symptoms are provoked by a violation of the nervous system. With a weakened vision and strabismus, uncontrolled movements, tics, tremors, doctors will be able to identify the cause of the problem and prescribe the optimal treatment.

What will be cured?

Specialists of CDB RAS successfully identify, treat and control rehabilitation in the following diseases:

  • ischemia;
  • is a disorder of blood flow in the brain and its residual effects;
  • neuritis;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system( chondroses, radiculitis);
  • demyelinating diseases;
  • epileptic conditions;
  • neuralgia;
  • VSD.

Diagnostic possibilities

Finding out what a good hospital in Moscow, it is necessary to study the technical equipment of the interested options. In particular, the hospital under consideration at the RAS has at its disposal equipment for CT, MRI, ultrasound, and electroencephalography.

It is necessary to understand: even the most highly qualified personnel will not be able to deliver an accurate diagnosis without having modern instruments. Therefore, when selecting a clinic for yourself, it is so important to pay attention to equipping the institution. good neurological hospitals in moscow


Recently, the demand for reliable psychiatrists has increased significantly. In many ways, this is due to the development of the medical field and the improvement of the quality of the service that people in need can rely on. At the same time, a lot of honey appeared on the market.institutions that confidently answer the question: "Which psychiatric hospital is better in Moscow?" in their favor: allegedly their services are the most reliable. In order not to face unprofessionalism and not lose money, we must very carefully approach the choice of institution.

According to official representatives of state-owned enterprises, psychiatric departments have recently been optimized in the metropolitan area, applying the latest concepts of the development of this service. The quality of outpatient units has slightly increased. At the same time, it is noted that in private institutions, very large sums of money are used for treatment: in just one day of stay - half of the average monthly family income in the capital. And yet people are trying to get into this institution first of all, because the quality of service in a private clinic is considered to be higher than in a state clinic.

"European Medical Center" and alternative

The staff of this institution know exactly which psychiatric hospital is better in Moscow - it is them. But to find out who needs therapy, you have to pay. Hospital cost is more than 600 euros for one day. However, the price is justified by quality: single rooms, look decent, all sleeping places are equipped with an oxygen supply system and an urgent call for medical assistance. The clinic is small: only three rooms for one person and one for two. On average, treatment takes a week course, occasionally stay for a month or longer.

good hospital in Moscow for neurology

There are good hospitals in Moscow dealing with mental problems, and among state hospitals. The first place is traditionally owned by the Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The cost of a month's treatment is also rather big - up to one hundred thousand rubles. In rare cases, the price tag can be even higher if it comes to the profile patients. If a person came alone, without a special direction, the price for a day in hospital is four thousand, otherwise it will cost less - 600 rubles. However, for diagnostics too it is necessary to pay, but as results it is not necessary to doubt.

What about the kids?

Even the best hospitals in Moscow practically do not work with children with mental disabilities. You should apply to an institution where there is a child psychiatrist among the staff, but you can not count on hospitalization. Common practice is as follows: the child studies, draws conclusions, assigns a therapeutic program, which is told to parents. It is in their area of ​​responsibility will compliance with medical recommendations and monitoring the state of the child - all have to do at home.

Most often Moscow's good mental hospitals are looking for parents whose children suffer from autism. In such a situation, one should count on a consultation, but no more. By the way, if the private clinic and agrees to take the baby to the hospital, you will have to pay for it as much as for placing the adult patient. If the child needs parents, for every day you will need to pay extra. At the same time, doctors note that in recent years the number of children with quite serious diseases has increased, which requires a review of the current program.


A list of good Moscow hospitals for surgery can be safely started from a specialized Scientific and Practical Center. The following fact proves the high level of personnel qualification and impeccable technical equipment: it was here that Surgeon Susin was able to conduct a successful breast resection with the use of an endoscope and the most advanced medical technologies for the first time on our territory. The institution itself presents itself as ultramodern, specializes not only in planned surgical interventions, but also on emergency ones. Services offer patients in need of operations of varying complexity.

The list of good surgical hospitals in Moscow was enlarged by the institution described in 2014, when the center was opened after a major renovation. Now patients are treated with three modern operating rooms, resuscitation designed for six patients, 13 chambers equipped with the latest technology and in accordance with the expectations of the most demanding clients. The center has its own laboratory capable of conducting accelerated diagnostics, the most powerful and accurate installations for radiographic, ultrasound, endoscopic research.

Pulmonologists: Where to go?

And in this direction there are good specializing hospitals in Moscow. Pulmonologists with the greatest experience, experience, knowledge work in the Research Institute of Pulmonology. Reviews about their activities are extremely positive. The hospital is located near the metro station "Pervomaiskaya".The research institute is the main institution in our country in the field of pulmonology. The first person in the hospital is the chief pulmonologist of the country. There is own diagnostic center, patients can count on a quality consultation.

good children

To number of good hospitals of Moscow in pulmonological direction it is possible to carry safely and the eighty third FMBA of the Russian Federation. It is located on the Walnut Boulevard and accepts both free of charge and paid. You will have to make an appointment in advance. This center on the territory of the whole power is considered one of the best in the chosen direction of work. Has a wide range of equipment for diagnosis, therapeutic treatment of a variety of diseases. Hospital № 83 actively cooperates with the Research Institute of Pulmonology.

We treat the heart in the capital region

Many are interested in which hospital has good cardiology in Moscow. There are several options, but the most positive are the responses to the medical services provided by the thirty-first city hospital. This is a fairly large institution with several branches. It is cardiological at the same time can serve up to 24 people. Chambers are designed not only for single and double accommodation, but also for 4 people. All sleeping places are equipped with their own light, oxygen supply and communication with medical personnel are organized. Additional convenience is provided by a hygiene room, a refrigerator and a TV.The hospital is proud of its modern equipment, fully compliant with international standards. Each place is decorated with the use of equipment that removes ECG readings, pressure. Information on these vital parameters is transmitted to the central station, and doctors can simultaneously monitor the status of patients, record information and decrypt data.

The 31st clinic was created especially for people suffering from diseases of blood vessels and heart. Doctors use the most effective medicines, modern equipment. Practical high-precision surgical techniques, including coronaroangiography, angioplasty.

Children are also sick

It is important for parents to know if there is a really good children's hospital in Moscow. Feedback indicates that high-quality services are provided in the ninth clinical facility. This hospital is especially proud of the resuscitation department - they say that this is the best of its kind not only in our country, but throughout Europe. Sobyanin fully agrees with such statements.

Moscow hospitals specializing in pulmonologists are good

The ninth hospital, named for Speransky, is perhaps the best children's hospital in Moscow. A paid clinic, no matter how high it is, as the professionals say, can not be compared with this institution. However, getting here on a budgetary basis is difficult. As the doctors say, the operations, services that the doctor has provided within the Speransky hospital, a couple of years ago were impossible in principle. In addition to the unique resuscitation, this hospital is almost the best burn center in the capital, working with children. The mayor of the city assures that this branch not only dominates other metropolitan areas, but has no equal in the whole territory of the Central Federal District.

What, who and how

At the same time in Speransky's hospital in the intensive care unit there can be up to 70 children. Thirty seats are equipped to keep babies at the age of three years and younger, ten places less is intended for the age from three years to adulthood. The last 20 places are allocated for surgical interventions plastic, reconstructive.

Today, on the territory of this clinic, very complex interventions are implemented, combined modern methods are used. For one year about 1,300 children are serviced - not only Muscovites, but also needy from other regions of the country. Up to 65% of seats are equipped with devices that allow to render all possible help to maintain the viability of the child's organism from birth to 28 days of age.14 places in the infectious intensive care unit for intensive care are equipped with the latest technology, 9 of them are suitable for children aged 28 days and under. Perhaps, for children it is the ninth - the best infectious diseases hospital in Moscow with a resuscitation department.


In need of medical services in this area, you should pay special attention to the thirteenth city hospital in the capital. It is really a good trauma hospital in Moscow: it has been working since 1992 and has created an impeccable reputation. The orthopedic department is designed for simultaneous treatment of up to 30 patients, traumatology department - twice as many.

Nowadays, the 13th hospital has the most effective equipment. It is designed in accordance with the requirements of modern man. There are four operational ones, the projects of which were created taking into account the requirements, international standards. Doctors have the most modern apparatus for diagnosing and surgical intervention. The staff includes only experienced doctors. Practically all passed courses, training in the best European, American medical institutes.

What to expect?

If you manage to make an appointment and further treatment at the 13th clinic, you can count on successful treatment. Doctors have the necessary equipment for carrying out low-traumatic surgical interventions-and such opportunities are not available to all even private clinics. At the disposal of doctors - the most high-tech solutions, devices, medicines, thanks to which it is possible to carry out complex operations on the spine, limbs. Professors of medicine who are employed in the clinic are authors of unique surgical techniques, and they apply them in practice.

Patients who are on treatment in this clinic can count not only on quality surgical intervention, but also a full-fledged rehabilitation course. In work the newest technologies are used, due to which after invasive operations the duration of the restoration program is within three days. After this, the patient is transferred to the conditions of the home hospital. Passed here treatment also note that during the period of stay in the clinic a person uses amenities and comfort. Chambers are designed for a small number of people, so staying here is comfortable, at the disposal there is an effective orthopedic equipment that simplifies the recovery period.


About which eye hospital in Moscow is the best, there are many disputes. Others firmly believe that the institution, opened with the participation of Alisher Usmanov, a patron of art, a businessman who actively invests money in socially important projects for our country, is in the lead. The clinic is called "International Ophthalmological Center" and presents itself as an institution that provides services in accordance with international standards. You can get here for therapy with almost any eye disease. Doctors accepting patients, argue that the main task of their activities is to return a person impeccable vision. It is customary to say that doctors are provided with access to all the most accurate, effective and modern tools that make it possible to translate what was conceived into reality.

the best eye hospital in Moscow

If you believe the responses on the vast expanses of the World Wide Web, this medical institution does provide impeccable quality services in the field of ophthalmology. This is largely due to the excellent equipment of the center. The staff of the institution are highly qualified specialists not only from our country, but also eminent European doctors. Preference is given to minimally invasive methods using the most effective and accurate instrumentation. All the manipulations performed correspond exactly to the international standards of medical ophthalmic care. The clinic uses high-quality materials, and patients can count on the attention of all staff and comfortable conditions of stay.

Is there an alternative?

If it is not possible to contact the described clinic, it is worthwhile to clarify the conditions of the Excimer company. According to many patients, this company on the territory of the capital is one of the best hospitals in the field of ophthalmology. Equally, they help the suffering of cataracts, myopia, hyperopia. Modern laser correction technologies are being practiced, high-performance implants are being installed. If there is evidence, the lens is replaced.

good surgical hospitals in Moscow

The specialists of the clinic are ready to advise all people interested in preserving eye health. This is especially true for those who spend a lot of time in front of the monitor screen. Doctors will help to cope with fatigue, overexertion, red eyes. Diagnosis of the state is performed using the most accurate equipment. Invited for study and children suffering from strabismus or weakened vision. It is recommended to pass the diagnosis during pregnancy to know how to maintain the sharpness of the eyes.

What is important, treatment often requires minimal time intervals. In particular, cataracts using the latest equipment can be handled in just a few hours, and the rehabilitation period can take place at home, in a familiar setting. Doctors of the clinic will help with diagnosed glaucoma, retinal dystrophy or beginning detachment. Exact techniques will help to determine the cause of vision loss, and qualified doctors will restore the previous opportunities to see.