The root of the marshmallow. Healing properties

Who does not remember a sweet medicine from childhood from a cough on the basis of an althea? It was the safest and he was pleased to appoint a doctor to his small patients. It smelled of herbs and had a great healing effect.

The plant itself, which shares its healing gifts with us so generously, is also externally attractive and decorative. The literal translation of the word althei from Greek means "to heal," the name of the plant for many centuries justifies itself and carries health and safety in the treatment of many generations of people.

Althaeus is a perennial plant of medium height. The healing effect is mainly biennial roots, and the special beauty of the plant is attached to white or pink delicate flowers. A unique combination of beauty and health benefits is created.

This miracle grows - a plant in the Southern strip of Russia, in the North Caucasus, in Central Asia. The fruits of the althea are flat and look like a bagel, it blossoms in July, and the seeds are harvested in September.

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The marshmallow leaves are edible, only they are pre-brewed, also have a piquant taste of stewed young, but not quite ripe fruit, previously peeled from the cups.

The root of the althea was used from ancient times, and the paradox is that the way of using this plant by mankind is not lost and the recipes of health on its basis remained in its original form.

The tea, in which the root of the althea is located, strengthens the gum and promotes the healing of the oral mucosa and especially the throat during inflammation. Known for its remarkable therapeutic effect in cases of stomach problems and skin diseases.

The root of the althea is prepared in a special way. It can not be boiled, otherwise the medicinal properties of the precious medicine will be lost. In medical circles, the term "extract" of althea is used.

The fact that this plant gave us its healing properties completely is interesting, it is useful in both the root of the althaea and its leaves.

When pregnant women should be very careful in applying herbs to not get the effect of them negative and negative for the baby, but sometimes the root of the althea during pregnancy is just indicated and desirable.

However, remember, the sign of good quality raw materials are the following: properly dried roots of the althea when squeezed with a crash break. Specific requirements for the shelf life of raw materials. He is only three years old. The root of the althaea requires special storage conditions, it easily dampens, so store it in a dry place.

If you talk about such a drug as the root of the althea, contraindications in medical practice are rare, but carefully monitor the condition of the grass - moldy raw materials can not be used, there are many parasite fungi, so it's better not to take risks and buy packaged by all rules marshmallows in the pharmacy. Any adherence to medical recommendations is intended to serve people.

For colds, coughs, bronchitis during pregnancy are harmless tea from linden flowers and water infusion of flowers and althea roots. The root of the althaea during pregnancy or more precisely its slimy "extract" - will help cope with a painful, protracted cough.

Note to future mothers: when using a drug such as the root of the althaea( contraindications still exist), you should carefully follow the dosage of the use of the althea extract, because allergic reactions are possible, as well as hypersensitivity to it. If the child has repeatedly exhibited hypersensitivity reactions, consult a physician before taking an althea.

The althea root is an amazing, kind plant. It gives people good health and a high quality of life. Correctly applying drugs with the root of the althea, listening to the recommendations of doctors, you take from him only great benefit.