Cracks on the heels and how to get rid of them

Cracks on the heels are a very unpleasant phenomenon. They not only cause pain, but also prevent you from wearing your favorite shoes and playing sports, leading an active lifestyle. The cause of the appearance of cracks can be uncomfortable shoes, and malfunctions in the endocrine system, and dry skin, and even wearing socks that are made of synthetics.

However, do not be sad if you have a crack. They, of course, are unpleasant, however they are easy to remove, forgetting about this problem and enjoying well-groomed legs. You just need to give them a little more attention.

If the cause of your experience are cracks, pay attention to special drugs or refer to home remedies, traditional medicine. Ideal ointment from cracks on the heels - the one that includes Vaseline. Before use, rip out the legs in the water, adding boric acid to it, then gently apply ointment on the cracks, and fill the heel with adhesive tape. This procedure should be performed before bedtime every day until the cracks on the heels remain.

A good mixture is also a mixture of beeswax, heated paraffin and salicylic acid. Mixing these funds in approximately equal proportions, apply the resulting mixture on the heels in several layers. The film formed after this is fixed with a bandage. At the end of the day, you need to make a soap foot bath, remove the film, and pamper the heels. The procedure is repeated several times.

If the cracks on the heels are deep, they should be softened with an antibiotic-containing ointment. Such cracks, if left untreated, can cause fungus formation. The potato is an excellent remedy for deep fissures. It should be boiled "in a uniform", kneaded with a fork, adding a small amount of water. In such a decoction( it is important that it is warm), you should lower your legs and hold them there for about forty minutes. After this, the feet should be rinsed with water, dryed, and then lubricate the skin of the feet with any high-quality moisturizer or oil. The procedure is performed before bedtime, and for the night must necessarily wear cotton socks.

Cracks can be treated with herbal remedies: a rubbed apple or a rubbed onion can also be used as a medicine. Each heel crack should be treated by such means. The rapid healing is facilitated by daily compresses and lotions from elecampane, as well as a fresh cabbage leaf, which is daily applied at night to the affected skin. The most effective are similar remedies when there are incisions on the heels.

As a medical product, honey is also known, from which special compresses are made.

Cracks on the heels can begin to inflame, swell or blush. In this case, without medical assistance you can not do - contact a specialist, and he will write out a prescription for the necessary antibacterial drugs.

Such unpleasant cracks can be avoided. To do this, you need to moisturize the skin of your feet( take a bath more often and take longer, make foot baths, for example, in the evening, to get rid of fatigue in your legs).In addition, do not use soap-containing soap( now there are a lot of more tender analogues), do not sunbathe long in the sun or in the solarium( this causes drying of the skin, which in turn leads to the appearance of cracks).

Cracks on the heels, in fact, are not dangerous, but just unpleasant. However, if they are not treated, they can lead to the development of various diseases.

Just take care of your feet, give them a little more attention, and then cracks on the heels and other cosmetic problems will not be scary to you!