Antibiotic for adults with pharyngitis: names, instructions for use and reviews

Throat diseases have been uncovered to this day. All of them are symptomatic( especially at the initial stage) very similar. That is why, before self-prescribing treatment, you need to consult a doctor. If the diagnosis is confirmed, then you need to buy medicines prescribed by your doctor. Usually prescribed antibiotic, with pharyngitis in adults is the best choice. The body is already hardy enough to prevent an unexpected reaction to the drug. This article discusses antibiotics for adults with pharyngitis, their names and characteristics are listed below.

antibiotic for pharyngitis in adults

What is pharyngitis?

This disease is most often observed in adults, it affects children much less often. The pharyngitis by symptoms is very similar to an ordinary sore throat. It causes inflammation of the mucous throat, it is characterized by perspiration, dry cough and pain when swallowing. This disease affects a large number of people in the winter.

Those who like to be treated with folk remedies will have to disappoint. Tea with raspberries and warm milk with honey, this disease can not be cured. The causative agent of pharyngitis is an infection, and it is not killed with medicinal herbs and other home therapies. In this situation, only an antibiotic can help. Therefore, do not avoid going to the doctor. Delayed treatment can lead to irreparable consequences.

Types of the disease

To date, there are two types of pharyngitis: acute and chronic.

The first option is a concomitant disease in rhinitis. It is caused by a viral infection called adenovirus. Symptoms can easily distinguish this type of disease: in the throat there is the appearance of follicles with pus, there is a strong pain when swallowing, often a hysterical dry cough. Body temperature remains within normal limits. Two weeks are enough for a complete cure with antibiotics.

amoxicillin analogues

The second option most often occurs with regular evasion from the treatment of acute form of pharyngitis. Danger of pharyngitis is dangerous because a bacterial infection can be added to a viral infection. Symptoms are even worse than with acute form: in the larynx there is a sensation of perspiration, severe dryness;a cough can not even sleep at night. Chronic pharyngitis can be caused by people living in areas with low air humidity. If you are a risk group, propolis can be taken for prophylaxis - it stimulates immunity.

Another type of disease called granulosa pharyngitis, although doctors do not distinguish it as a third option. As a symptom note the presence of nodules on the back wall of the larynx. Lymphatic tissue is also affected. If this kind of pharyngitis is not treated, then it will go to a serious stage: the mucous membrane will dry up very much, and brown large crusts appear on it. This can serve as a serious reason for hospitalization.

Treatment of the disease

What are the effective remedies for controlling pharyngitis at the initial stage? Are there any features in taking medications?

Depending on the variety of the disease, appropriate medications are prescribed. Not always antibiotics of the general spectrum of action, in cases only the onset of the disease can be limited to antiseptics of local effects. Among them are sprays and tablets for resorption with antibacterial and analgesic effect. So the antibiotic with pharyngitis in adults is not the only way to fight the disease.

amoxicillin tablets

Drugs with anti-inflammatory action have an effect directly in the pharyngeal cavity. But we must not forget about the rules for taking medicines. If you take alcohol when taking drugs, the positive effect may decrease or disappear altogether. And when using antibiotics, drinking alcohol is not recommended! Mixing alcohol and medication can even lead to death.

Types of antibiotics for the treatment of pharyngitis

If the disease still requires the use of serious medications, then it is worth listening to the opinion of the doctor. Antibiotic for pharyngitis in adults is prescribed for faster and better treatment. Kinds of antibiotics are represented by the following list:

  1. Local preparations. These can be sprays to alleviate the symptoms of pharyngitis. These include Miramistin, Kameton, Bioparoks, Hexaliz. These funds are necessary for decontamination of inflamed mucosa.
  2. Preparations from groups of penicillins. This is already prescribed by the doctor means. These antibiotics for adults with pharyngitis( names and instructions are listed below) are used for severe disease. Among them, "Amoxicillin", "Erythromycin", "Phenoxymethylpenicillin", "Cefadroxil", "Clindamycin" and the mass of their analogues. These medicines are famous for their quick effect.

"Amoxicillin": how to take, features of

This antibiotic is prescribed most often. Not only Amoxicillin itself is applied, its analogues are also in demand among doctors. It belongs to the group of penicillins, and its effectiveness has been proved by many people. The most common form of release of a drug such as "Amoxicillin" - tablets. The instruction is attached to the medicine. If the doctor has not indicated the dosage, then take this medicine three times a day for 500 mg.

antibiotics for pharyngitis in adults

It should not be forgotten that "Amoxicillin", its analogs can cause various allergic reactions. Long-term use of such drugs causes fungal diseases. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to take probiotics along with the antibiotic. The intestinal microflora in this case will be maximally preserved in the same state.

"Cefadroxil" and briefly about it

This antibiotic refers to cephalosporin drugs. In the case of treatment, this means for complete recovery is enough for 7-10 days. The given preparation is appointed approximately with the same periodicity, as well as "Amoxicillin".Doctors are aware of the emergence of virus resistance to frequently used antibiotics and therefore try to diversify the treatment in order to completely destroy the infection.

If the patient has been prescribed "Cefadroxil", the doctor's instructions necessarily contain a scheme for taking this medication. Usually this medicine is taken as follows: one capsule per day. You can divide it into two parts.

"Erythromycin": instruction and other details

Macrolide antibiotics are gaining popularity every day. Their action reduces the likelihood of side effects, they are less toxic. These include "Erythromycin" - an antibiotic of a new generation.

erythromycin antibiotic

Duration of treatment with this drug takes 10 days, dosage and method of reception is better to check with your doctor. He will explain the scheme of application of the medicinal product. Most often, "Erythromycin"( an antibiotic from the macrolide group) is prescribed to people prone to severe allergic reactions. It fully helps to relieve the patient of pharyngitis and does not have a big impact on the kidneys and liver.

How do I take Phenoxymethylpenicillin?

This drug is a remedy similar to "Amoxicillin"( tablets), the instruction says that both of these drugs belong to the same group of penicillins. The difference is that the antibiotic "Phenoxymethylpenicillin" is the precursor of "Amoxicillin."

To date, doctors do not recommend this antibiotic in the treatment of pharyngitis. Apparently, the toxicity of the drug still exceeds the perceived benefit from its use.

The scheme of admission( if it was not prescribed by the attending physician) is as follows: 3-4 times a day for 500-100 mg. But you do not need to adjust the dosage yourself, because this remedy has a lot of side effects.

"Clindamycin": instruction and efficacy of

This antibiotic belongs to the group of lincosamides. Most often it is prescribed for diseases of ENT organs."Clindamycin" is an antibiotic of universal action, it is available in various forms( tablets, solution, suppository, gel) and quickly destroys harmful bacteria that cause a variety of diseases. He treats not only the diseases of the larynx, but also the skin and others.

macrolide antibiotics

Assign clindamycin individually. But if the patient has not been given a dosage regimen and dosage, then take it at a dose of 300 mg twice a day. Care should be taken in taking people who have a history of liver and kidney disease. The components of the antibiotic can affect the functioning of these organs.

Reviews of the listed antibiotics

Many people share their impressions of treatment with one or another remedy. As for the antibiotics listed above, the impressions of the former patients remained extremely ambiguous. Someone writes about the complete absence of positive dynamics in treatment, someone, on the contrary, notes a significant improvement.

Most often, doctors replace an antibiotic with a negative effect from the first medication. This trend really implies a good outcome of events. After all, because of the individuality of organisms and the dynamics of the course of the disease, one can not foresee whether the use of, for example, the same "Amoxicillin" will be sufficient to cure pharyngitis.

cefadroxil instruction

Many pregnant women with pharyngitis do not know what to do. Their fear is quite clear - it is not known how the use of antibiotic on the condition of the child will be affected. This problem is often discussed with doctors, trying to clarify all the nuances. Positive feedback is observed in this situation only about "Amoxicillin."

Of course, you can not rely on reviews alone. Before you start taking any medication, you should consult your doctor. It is he who should prescribe the treatment and explain the scheme of taking the drug and its dosage.

In conclusion

Antibiotics are far from the most harmless drugs. They can not be taken uncontrollably and all the more so as to appoint oneself. Antibiotic for pharyngitis in adults is prescribed by a doctor. It is necessary to strictly observe the treatment, take the drug on time and do not diligently with the dosage. So you can avoid a lot of different complications. If you want to completely cure pharyngitis, it is recommended that you follow the doctor's instructions and do not wind yourself. At the present time, there are almost no incurable diseases.