If the sciatic nerve is afflicted, then treatment should be carried out immediately.

The sciatic nerve is the largest paired peripheral nerve that conducts both motor and sensitive impulses from the spinal cord to the left and right leg. The Latin name is Nervus Ischiadicus, anatomically it refers to the sacral plexus. The adrenal nerve is formed by processes of the lower two lumbar and upper three pairs of sacral roots, extending from the spine. Below the sciatic nerve passes under the pear-shaped muscle and, passing through the eponymous hole in the small pelvis, goes to the lower extremities on both sides. On its length the sciatic nerve has two weak points. Where is possible its infringement.

The first is the place of exit from the spinal canal. Intervertebral discs of the lower lumbar vertebrae are most susceptible to such a degenerative disease as osteochondrosis. Destroyed, they become thinner and their middle protrudes. The distance between the vertebrae is shortened, which, together with the protruded core of the damaged discs, compresses the nerve, causing its inflammation of the sciatica. This entire process is accompanied by a marked pain syndrome, in the leg on the side of the lesion it seems that it "beats current", and if the process is two-way( which is often the case), then it shoots both limbs.

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The second place where the sciatic nerve can still be subjected to sciatica is under the pear-shaped muscle. Such cases are not uncommon, if a person has excessive body weight and leads a sedentary lifestyle, that is, he simply "sits" the sciatic nerve.

If there is an infringement of the sciatic nerve treatment is required immediately and under the supervision of a physician, that is, it must be treated as early as possible. Otherwise, compression-ischemic neuropathy of the sciatic nerve( also called infringement) can very quickly end with the death of nerve endings with limb paralysis.

If, as a result of osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine, the sciatic nerve is affected by the symptoms, the treatment will be the same as for osteochondrosis. This, above all, the appointment of anti-inflammatory drugs, which should be selected only by a doctor and the maximum unloading of the damaged back. This is achieved by a horizontal position only on a solid surface without any deflections. That is, on the bed where the patient is lying, it is necessary to put a thin mattress, and under it a solid wooden shield is desirable. In the acute phase, any kneading massage is strictly contraindicated - this can lead to disability of the patient. A previously common method of relieving pain syndrome with a local Novakain blockade is currently not recommended for use, as it causes impoverishment of blood flow and aggravates ischemic lesions. Local warming ointments, which in the first place, contain an anti-inflammatory component that is absorbed through the skin into the lesion site, act well. And secondly, the warming effect contributes to the inflow of blood into the focus of ischemia and improves the condition of the damaged nerve.

Only after removing the acute phase of inflammation, it is possible to acupressure with a view to diluting the vertebrae. And then he should be carefully and only an experienced specialist who understands the essence of the procedure. In some cases, the spinal traction of the spine is applied, also with proper application giving a good effect. In case the sciatic nerve is squeezed in the pear-shaped fossa, it is necessary to start with the activation of the way of life, making it more mobile - to walk more, to do special therapeutic gymnastics, and also, if necessary, to take measures to normalize the weight.

In the absence of the effect of treatment resort to surgical treatment. Modern medicine has learned to make prostheses that completely replace intervertebral disks and are not inferior to them for elasticity and strength, they are replaced for life. Sometimes one has to resort to prosthetics of a part of the destroyed vertebral body, especially if the process is already sufficientlaunched. With time and correct treatment in most cases, patients manage to maintain an active lifestyle in the future.