cigarettes senator: tastes, release forms, testimonials

When choosing tobacco products, every smoker would like to buy cigarettes that are pleasant to taste and do not cause bitterness and dry mouth sensation. Also of no small importance for buyers is the availability of a good filter that collects harmful substances and reduces the negative effects of smoking.

cigarette senator tastes

Unfortunately, many inexpensive but low-quality products are sold in stores. Unlike cheap products, the Senator cigarettes are made from high-quality tobacco varieties.

General characteristics of the brand

Richmond Tobacco Company produces "Senator" cigarettes, the tastes of which are quite diverse, and the quality is able to satisfy the most demanding customer. This brand of tobacco products is associated with sophistication and high social status. There are many varieties of cigarettes "Senator", and those who have never purchased this product, it is difficult to choose in favor of this or that option.

Sometimes counterfeit tobacco products are sold that can be recognized by the characteristic bitterness and poor quality of the raw materials from which they are made. Cigarettes "Senator" are thin( they include 5 milligrams of tar and 0.5 milligrams of nicotine) and strong( the content of resins in such products is 8 milligrams, nicotine is 0.7 milligrams).

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Advantages of

Why became so popular types of cigarettes "Senator", and what are the advantages of products of this brand? First of all, the high quality of the products is determined by the characteristics of the filter. It is made in such a way that all impurities, which give cigarettes an unpleasant aftertaste, are eliminated. Thin tobacco products of this company contain much less coal than other brands. Also, the attention of buyers is attracted by the beautiful and sophisticated design of the package.

popular kinds of cigarettes senator

Those who prefer these cigarettes have the right idea of ​​what a high-quality product should be.


This article deals with cigarettes "Senator"( flavors, types of tobacco products, characteristics and customer reviews will be discussed below).We can say with confidence that the products of this company are diverse and popular both among men and women.

Those who prefer the classics, most likely, will like these options:

  1. Winegrape.
  2. Grand Virginia.
  3. Original Pipe Tobacco.

These tobacco products are sold in metal cigarette cases of different colors. Classic types of cigarettes "Senator" differ from each other in their strength.

cigarette senator tastes and price

Sometimes on sale you can find tobacco products in cardboard packs.

Aromatized versions of

Some smokers prefer flavored cigarettes, because they have a slight pleasant taste and smell. Tobacco products of Senator Grand Virginia Slims do not contain flavorings. In other varieties there are berry and fruit additives. With what taste is there a cigarette "Senator"( 5 mg of tar)?There are two types of such tobacco products. This Senator Winegrape Slims with the scent of grapes and Senator Original Pipe Tobacco Slims with a cherry flavor, they are available in a cardboard package. Senator Winegrape and Senator Original Pipe Tobacco also refer to flavored tobacco products, and they are sold in tin boxes.

New varieties of

So, there are several forms of cigarettes "Senator", the tastes of products of this brand are also very diverse. And the firm that produces these tobacco products does not stop there, but continues to expand the range of its products.

More recently, the following varieties of cigarettes have appeared on sale:

  1. Senator Cherry with cherry flavor in a cardboard package.
  2. Senator Vintage - pretty strong cigarettes, made from selected tobacco.
  3. Senator Skyline - an option for connoisseurs of classics. They are equipped with a special filter that neutralizes an unpleasant bitter taste. Produced in a shiny cardboard package, which has a metallic shade.

senator kinds of cigarette flavors

Price for

So, we have considered tobacco products of the trade mark "Senator"( types of cigarettes, tastes and release forms).If we talk about such an aspect as price, it should be noted that this is quite expensive products. However, some consumers manage to save a little by buying cigarettes in online stores. Packaging containing twenty packs, usually costs from nine hundred rubles, tin boxes( sold in ten pieces) cost about a thousand rubles. In addition, if you order products on the Internet, you can hardly face fraud and purchase a low-quality counterfeit instead of these products. Such cigarettes can often be found on the shelves of stores. Consequently, the buyer does not need to be afraid that he will overpay and receive a bad product.


On sites on the Internet are sometimes discussed cigarettes "Senator", tastes and price, advantages and disadvantages. Judging by the feedback of customers, the products of this brand have many positive characteristics. For example, they have a refined taste and a rather pleasant sweetish smell, the packaging is compact and beautiful in design. Connoisseurs of fine cigarettes appreciated the lightness of these tobacco products. However, some are not happy with the high cost and presence of chemical additives. Lovers of strong cigarettes believe that these products are too light, and you need to smoke a lot to achieve the desired effect. Some, on the contrary, experience unpleasant sensations even with a single use of this product( for example, bitterness and dry mouth).However, it is worth noting that the perception of taste and smell of tobacco products is an extremely individual thing.

with what taste there is a cigarette senator 5 What one likes, may seem completely unacceptable to others. Therefore, everyone chooses the option that he considers most appropriate.