The most effective folk remedies for alcoholism: recipes, reviews

Most people who are indifferent to alcohol, consider drunkenness a bad habit. Doctors-narcologists have on this account a different opinion. They believe that alcoholism can not be called simply a bad habit.

This is a severe chronic disease characterized by an uncontrolled addiction to ethyl alcohol. This is more likely one of the types of substance abuse, accompanied by physiological and mental disorders. Only fully aware of their problem, patients can feel the desire to say goodbye to her and find clear thinking, a full life, home, family. popular means of alcoholism are the most effective

The disease develops gradually, and women are much faster than men. At first, there is an addiction to alcohol at the psychological level, and then already on the physical level. A person who suffers from this ailment is reduced in efficiency, moral and moral values ​​are erased, and health deteriorates.

The traditional treatment of this disease is medication, along with the use of folk remedies for alcoholism and alcoholism, which give good results judging by the opinions of patients and doctors. It is about these methods of treatment that we will discuss in this article.

Is alcoholism treated?

This disease is a big problem not only for the drinker himself, but also for people close to him. The fight against this ailment has its roots in the distant past, when the treatment of alcoholism was practiced by herbalists, healers and even sorcerers. Today, there are many ways to treat this dependence: hypnosis, coding, drug therapy and folk remedies that help get rid of alcoholism.

It is impossible to answer the question which of these methods is more effective, the choice of methods of treatment should be tailored individually - someone is easier to coded or undergo an acupuncture course, and someone prefers to use the most effective folk remedies for alcoholism. And sometimes the treatment includes all of the above methods. folk remedies for alcoholism

Symptoms of alcohol dependence

It should be noted that such signs of the disease manifest themselves quite quickly, so the patient's native should take them carefully and try to convey the seriousness of the situation to the drinking person. Such symptoms include:

  • periods of drinking-binges - daily intake of alcoholic beverages, for several days, and sometimes even weeks;
  • reduced social well-being;
  • significant excess of the threshold of alcohol rejection: lack of vomiting, nausea, after drinking large amounts of alcohol;
  • hangover syndrome;
  • external manifestations - skin aging, widening of veins, bruising on the skin, not related to trauma.

Psychological help

It's no secret that the first to sound the alarm when there is a drinking person in the family, his relatives. Often, women turn to the narcologist with the question: "How to deal with alcoholism of a husband with folk remedies?" And this is not because they do not trust traditional medicine, but because 98% of alcoholics do not consider themselves dependent, and flatly refuse to visitdoctor.

Even choosing the most effective folk remedies for alcoholism( reviews confirm this), close patients can and should provide him with all sorts of psychological help. He must feel the support and love from his relatives, only in this case, by common efforts it is possible to defeat the "green snake".Do not show your kind attitude towards your husband( son) when he is sober, and bad - when he is drunk. Such games will not give the desired result.

Excretion of toxins and health promotion

The most effective folk remedies for alcoholism will not work if, before starting treatment, the body is not cleared. a folk remedy to help get rid of alcoholism

First of all, you should get rid of toxic substances. The most effective folk methods are:

  1. Daily use of green leaf tea, at least four cups. This drink not only removes toxins, but also sharply reduces cravings for alcohol.
  2. Every morning, you need to eat a spoonful( tea) of natural bee honey, which compensates for the lack of potassium in the body. Its replenishment reduces dependence.
  3. A similar action is also possessed by acidic apples. They should be eaten in the morning on an empty stomach to avoid the morning hangover. Eating every day 1-2 apples, first the need for a hangover disappears, and then the craving for alcohol gradually disappears.

Methods of folk therapy

At the heart of the fight against alcoholism and alcoholism, folk remedies are based on the use of herbal infusions and decoctions, the use of products made from natural products. Traditional healers believe that such means can be used for both independent and anonymous treatment of a person. The main task of traditional medicine in the fight against alcoholism is to disgust alcohol. The effect of aversion is often achieved through the use of drugs that cause vomiting, upset stomach and other unpleasant conditions. For example, alcohol is combined with natural substances with a disgusting taste. folk remedies against alcoholism reviews

Treatment with folk remedies

A close patient does not always manage to persuade a drinking person to seek help from a specialist. Usually they say: "I'll stop drinking at any time when I want to."And indeed it is. Without the desire of an alcoholic to get rid of addiction is impossible, all the efforts of doctors will be in vain.

It is in this situation that relatives use the most effective folk remedies for alcoholism, which often give very good results. Preparations based on plants, natural substances help to remove hangover syndrome and treat illnesses that are caused by alcoholism. auric drug

Folk remedies for alcoholism: herbs

Herbalists claim that there are many medicinal herbs that can alleviate the condition of the patient at home. Moreover, in some cases, plant treatment is much more effective than acupuncture or coding. This happens not only because natural resources are used.

Herbs in the treatment of alcoholism give a good result in those patients who do not want to change their lifestyle. The best effect can be obtained in the following cases:

  • At the very first stages of the disease.
  • When the patient has already made attempts to get rid of dependence on their own, but has not been successful.
  • If the alcoholic refuses to be treated.

For patients who do not accept coding because of its effect, and traditional treatment - because of the possible publicity that can harm a career, for example, folk methods of treating alcohol dependence with herbs are an excellent opportunity to regain health. But we must not forget that such treatment is not shown to everyone. Before using folk remedies for alcoholism and alcoholism, you need to consult a specialist. The fact is that most of the medicinal plants possess, in addition to healing, also negative properties for the body. They are categorically forbidden to take in certain diseases.

Sometimes such plants cause allergic reactions and side effects. After carefully studying each case, the doctor will recommend the most effective and safe prescription. In this case, it is necessary to strictly follow the dosage and the rules for taking medications.

Thymus broth

This decoction gives a strong aversion to alcohol. In the morning and evening, give the patient a spoonful( canteen) of the remedy. As a result, a person will feel pain in the stomach, vomiting is possible. If during the treatment the patient does not drink alcohol, the course of treatment will last thirty days. And if four or five spoons add to a bottle of vodka, then the desire to drink disappears for a long time.

To prepare the decoction you need three tablespoons of thyme( it is better to use the grass purchased at the pharmacy).Pour the raw material of a liter of boiling water and put the container on the water bath for ten minutes. Then wrap the saucepan and allow the composition to stand for two hours.

Thymus broth is contraindicated for people suffering from asthma, tuberculosis, certain thyroid diseases, diabetes mellitus.

Oats and Calendula

A good folk remedy in the fight against alcoholism. The patients' testimonies indicate that it is effective for beer alcoholism and its other varieties. Pour the uncooked oats into a half-liter pan in a three-liter saucepan. Pour water almost to the top. When the broth begins to boil, add to it 100 grams of dried calendula flowers and boil over low heat for half an hour. how to get rid of alcoholism forever by folk remedies

Remove the broth from the fire, wrap it and let it brew for 12 hours. Take 100 ml before meals.


The most effective folk remedies for alcoholism are often made from well-known herbs. An example of this is creeping thyme. When the state of the drinking person worsens and he needs urgent help, this herb will help ease the condition.

Add 2 tablespoons of dry raw material to 200 ml of boiling water and place the saucepan on a water bath for ten minutes. Then the broth should be cooled, filtered and taken on a third of the glass three times a day after meals. The course of treatment is 8-10 days.

Herbal collections

In the fight against alcoholism, no less effective collection of medicinal herbs.

Gathering No. 1

Mix in equal parts grass lovage, field horsetail, thyme, juniper berries, cyanosis root. A tablespoon of the crushed mixture of herbs pour boiling water( 250 ml), boil for three minutes on low heat. Allow the product to stand for an hour. Use the broth should be twice a day for two tablespoons( table).The course of treatment is a month.

Gathering №2

Equal parts of the herb of thistle, thyme, bitter wormwood chop. Steam 200 ml of boiling water three teaspoons of collection. Wrap up the container and leave for two hours. After that, strain the mixture and take on a tablespoon three times a day.


To effective drugs of traditional medicine, able to combat alcoholism include a variety of infusions and tinctures. Below we will present some of them.

Licorice root

Cut the root of licorice, then chop it into a powder using a blender. Spread a tablespoon of raw material with hot water, but not with boiling water( 250 ml).Infusion can be taken in two hours on a spoon( canteen) three times a day. folk remedies for alcoholism with a laurel leaf

Infusion of clown-shaped

Pour the dry powder of the plant( 10 g) with a glass of boiling water. After ten minutes, mix a glass of infusion with 50 grams of vodka. According to the patients, they feel a feeling of rejection to any alcohol-containing drinks almost immediately.

Other recipes: baking soda

In the first stages of the disease, baking soda helps to get rid of the hangover syndrome. A mixture of a glass of water and a teaspoon of soda can be taken out of the binge. For a deeper purification it is necessary to drink three glasses of soda solution during the day. fighting alcohol and alcoholism with folk remedies

Treatment with bay leaf - a popular remedy for alcoholism

With the help of these fragrant leaves, which are used in cooking, male and female alcoholism is successfully treated. Prepare a remedy is not difficult: one leaf is poured into 30 ml of vodka and insisted for several hours. Drunk this infusion patient almost immediately disgusted with alcohol.

There are several recipes based on the bay leaf: Twelve grams of laurel leaves soak 300 ml of boiling water. The resulting mixture is put on fire. In ten minutes from the moment of boiling the composition is ready for use. It must be drunk in small sips during the day. Two leaves and the root of the plant, pour 250 ml of vodka and leave in a dark cool place for fourteen days. folk remedies for treating alcoholism with herbs

Mushroom dung

This tool is used quite often, due to the ease of use. Prepare these mushrooms with the least attractive name in the usual way and offer this dish to a drinking person as a snack. The dish is rather fragrant and very tasty. Mixed with vodka in the body, the fungi slow down the blood cleavage of alcohol, causing a condition that resembles a strong poisoning. Over time, the alcoholic has an aversion to alcohol. folk remedies for alcoholism without the knowledge of the alcoholic

Is it possible to treat an alcoholic without his knowledge?

We have already talked about the fact that most people who are addicted to alcohol do not recognize their illness and refuse treatment. In such situations, their relatives use folk remedies for alcoholism without the knowledge of the alcoholic. Doctors-narcologists consider such method rather disputable, but often at wives and mothers of drunken drunkards there is no alternative to this cunning.

Indian mushroom

According to people who suffer from alcohol dependence, the Indian mushroom infused with milk is an effective tool in the fight against this insidious disease. Taking this sour-milk drink for forty days, you can get rid of the craving for alcohol.

Red pepper

This tool is not difficult to prepare. To do this, prepare half a liter of alcohol( 60%) and add a tablespoon of red pepper to it. This remedy should be infused for a week. To get rid of alcohol dependence, you need to add three drops of infusion per liter of alcoholic beverages. folk remedies for alcoholism the most effective reviews

Alcoholism in Ayurveda

Over three thousand years in Ayurveda - one of the varieties of alternative Indian medicine, alcoholism is considered a serious illness. Its adherents are sure that an addict must necessarily accept help from the outside. The first step to getting rid of any dependence is the recognition of the existence of the problem. The main psychological problem of the alcoholic is weakness of will.

To effectively solve the problem of alcohol dependence, it is necessary to undergo a program of detoxification and purification - panchakarmu. In addition, alcohol-stricken organs must be strengthened with special folk remedies against alcoholism. Ayurvedic drug surari is a mixture of thirty rare herbs that help detoxify the blood and remove toxins from the body.

Herbal extracts increase the production of bile and normalize liver function. This very effective tool does not have side effects. The drug cleanses the body and rejuvenates it.

Reviews of patients

If you are interested in how to get rid of alcoholism forever by folk remedies, we recommend that you carefully study the patient's feedback. Most people who managed to defeat alcohol addiction, note that they have repeatedly tried to cope on their own with this problem, but they have not achieved success.

Many of them were helped by a fungus-scurvy, which after two weeks of treatment causes a strong aversion to alcohol. Some patients say that they were coded, they took medicines, but they managed to achieve a positive result after taking herbal medicines. All those who survived alcohol dependence and got rid of it with the help of folk remedies are sure that the effectiveness of treatment depends on a person's desire to start a normal life.