"Andreevskaya Hospital" in Varshavka: address, doctors, how to reach, reviews."Andreevsky hospitals - Nebolit" in Moscow

"Andreevsky Nebolit Hospital" is a network of clinics in Moscow and the region with a wide profile of medical care. The company is actively developing and providing services for adults and children.


"Andreevskaya Hospital" in Varshavka, 89 - a multi-center with modern high-precision equipment. Medical services are provided to adults and children in the areas of surgery, ophthalmology, therapy, cardiology and many others. The institution employs professionals of high qualification who are able to help with any disease.

In the center believe that the basis of treatment tactics is correctly diagnosed. In order to reduce research time and to achieve maximum accuracy, the Andreevskaya Hospital in Varshavka provides customers with the entire diagnostic arsenal, an important part of which is the MRI study. The patient decrypts the results within half an hour after carrying out 3D diagnostics on a convenient medium( CD, paper version).

In addition to MRI, Nebolit Hospital on Warsaw Highway offers patients radiography, ultrasound, clinical laboratory studies, 24-hour monitoring of blood pressure, ECG, EEG, microbiological studies and much more. Treatment is carried out by modern methods, taking into account the developments of domestic and foreign specialists.

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In addition to the clinic on the Warsaw highway, the holding company includes hospitals:

  • Center in Mytishchi( 29, Olimpiysky Ave.).
  • Center in the city of Troitsk( Academicheskaya sq., Building 3).
  • Clinic in Krasnogorsk( Spasskaya St., Building 1, Building No. 3).
  • Center in Leninsky( Leninsky Ave., building 66).

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The main activities of the

"Andreevskaya Hospital" in Varshavka carry out diagnostics and treatment of diseases of a wide spectrum. Within the scope of the authority, the clinic provides the following medical services:

  • Diagnosis of the state of health, various diseases through instrumental and laboratory methods.
  • Therapy of pathologies of human systems and organs.
  • Accompanying pregnancy from any trimester.
  • Child supervision programs( annual maintenance period).
  • Consultations of specialized professionals.
  • Vaccination of children and adults.
  • Physiotherapy for all population groups.

Taking care of patients' health and comfortable reception, the clinic practices home visits to provide emergency or planned therapeutic, pediatric care. In the massage room sessions are held for therapeutic and preventive purposes, each client is guaranteed an individual approach. In the surgery department, visitors are provided with minimally invasive interventions, removal of neoplasms with sparing methods in an outpatient setting and much more.

Adult Services

The Andreevskaya Hospital in Warsaw offers adult patients a full range of services - diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation. The employees of the clinic know how difficult it is for a working person to find time to visit a doctor, and therefore find the opportunity to organize a reception at a time convenient for the client.

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In the clinic "Andreevsky hospitals - Nebolit" doctors take in the directions:

  • BOS-therapy, general therapy, andrology.
  • Surgery, allergology-immunology.
  • Urology, dermatology, endoscopy.
  • Pulmonology, neurology, gynecology.
  • Sexology, rheumatology, mammology.
  • Physiotherapy, cardiology, proctology.
  • Otolaryngology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology.
  • Psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology, psychophysiology.
  • Psychiatry-narcology, manual therapy.
  • Massage room, etc.

Services for children

"Andreevskaya Hospital" in Warsaw attaches great importance to children's health. The specialists of the clinic carefully collect the anamnesis of the condition of a small patient, prescribe the conduct of studies and analyzes to confirm the diagnosis. For each child an individual treatment plan is drawn up, the specialist accompanies the therapy process, monitoring the changes and making corrections to it.

Children's clinic doctors accept in the directions:

  • Speech, ophthalmology, gynecology.
  • Pediatrics, otolaryngology, orthopedics.
  • Cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology.
  • Allergology-Immunology, Neurology.
  • Dermatology, urology-andrology.
  • Phthisiology, psychology, psychiatry.
  • Endocrinology, surgery, etc.

Children are provided with comfortable conditions of stay, toys are available for patients, cartoons on monitors and skilled doctors. You can get to the clinic from the metro station "Varshavskaya" on foot along the line of houses( the hospital next to the office building of MTS).

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Waiting for a baby

Healthy children are the guarantee of a happy family, which is taken care of at Nebolit clinic on the Warsaw highway. As an integrated approach, programs for monitoring pregnant women and children have been developed.

Waiting for the child is not only an exciting process, but also a change in physiology, responsibility for the baby's health and his own. Tranquility for future mothers is provided by programs designed to monitor from the first to the last trimester.

Patients undergo all the necessary planned studies - ultrasound, examinations of narrowly specialized specialists, perinatal screening, supervision by a gynecologist-obstetrician and much more. At the last stage, the woman is given an exchange card, the results of tests and advice on behavior during childbirth.

Children's Health

Children's programs are designed for annual maintenance from the moment of birth. The complex of monitoring the infant includes patronage, necessary research, vaccination according to the National calendar. After the first year of life, attention to the health of crumbs is not weakened, the clinic practices a range of services aimed at children aged 1 to 3 years. This case provides for routine vaccination, examination of narrow specialists, laboratory and instrumental tests, massages and much more.

Andreevsky hospitals on Warsaw feedback

Passing to the age group of preschool children( from 3 to 7 years), the child begins to actively interact with the surrounding world, goes to children's groups and actively socializes, which leads to a wave of diseases, or rather to the adaptation of the body."Andreevskaya Hospital" in Varshavka for this age group offers services on an expanded list of specialists, a sufficient number of necessary studies and other procedures, including consultations with the pediatrician and vaccination.

Students are served according to complex programs, united in the age group from 7 to 18 years. The range of services includes visits to the doctor, preventive examinations, vaccination, diagnosis during illness and much more that can provide "Andreevsky hospitals - Nebolit."How to get there? At the metro station "Varshavskaya" exit along the direction of the "Varshavskoye Shosse" sign, turn right in the passage, go to the surface, turn left and walk along the apartment building, behind the MTS office enter the clinic building.

Positive feedback from

Nebolit clinic( Varshavskaya metro station) received positive reviews for cleanliness in all rooms, polite staff, promptness in conducting diagnostics and procedures. Many patients said that doctors are highly qualified, which helped many to avoid mistakes and achieve the desired recovery. With the plus sign, the work of almost all the medical activities of the Andreevskaya Clinic on the Warsaw Highway is marked.

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Child and adult departments work with the same efficiency, while maintaining a sensitive attitude towards patients, which is required by some procedures. In the stories, gratitudes were written to nurses in treatment rooms, doctors for a correctly diagnosed ailment and rapid treatment, the result of which was recovery.

It is noticed that the cost of services in the clinic, by some points, is lower than the average capital price, but in general it does not break out of the general list. It was pleasant to visitors and that results of analyzes always stand out on hands, that in many private centers it is almost unattainable.

Negative and neutral reviews of

The clinic "Andreevsky Hospitals" in Varshavke received reviews with negative impressions for the doctors' steady desire to fulfill the financial plan, not paying too much attention to the appropriateness of appointments. Patients complain that often experts do not listen to all complaints or respond to disturbing questions.

Andreevsky hospitals does not address

Some customers have had double impressions of the visit, and this is due in one of the cases with the inability to pay by credit card. According to the internal regulations, financial transactions are carried out only in cash at the checkout of the institution, which is far from convenient for everyone.

There are also remarks that when assigning a diagnosis, the time that the specialist should spend on the procedure is not taken into account. As a result, visitors have to sit in line waiting for their time to study MRI, ultrasound or any other time-consuming study. At the same time it is noticed that almost all are ready to wait, as the qualification of the medical personnel causes trust and desire to be treated by a specialist.

Andreevsky hospitals does not seem to be getting anywhere.

Useful information

Clinics received legal status in 2011.Who is the owner of Nebolit-Andreevsky Hospitals? To date, five co-founders have been registered:

  • Lokteva AA
  • Vertkin AL
  • Sokolova AV
  • Kozhushkov AI
  • LLC "Medical Center" Nebolit "(co-founders - AI Kozhushkov( 40% of shares) and Belyaninov LP( 60% of shares)).

For many patients the clinic "Andreevsky hospitals-Nebolit" proved to be useful. Address of the centers of the network:

  • Nebolit clinic in Mytishchi - Olympic Avenue, building 29.
  • Clinic in the town of Troitsk - Academicheskaya Square, building 3.
  • Center in the city of Krasnogorsk - Spasskaya Street, Building No. 1, building No. 3.
  • Center on Warsaw - Varshavskoe shosse, building 89.
  • Leninsky Hospital - Leninsky Prospect, building 66.

The working hours of adult offices are from 08:00 to 21:00, on weekends - from 10:00 to 18:00.

The departments for children on weekdays are receiving from 08:00 to 20:00, on weekends - from 10:00 to 18:00.