"Secnidazole" - analogues and instructions for use

"Secnidazole" is an antimicrobial, antiparasitic and antibacterial agent. In this article we will talk about this drug, its use and analogues.

Pharmacological properties of

This medication is a synthetic derivative of nitroimidazole. The drug is active against protozoal infections, as well as most anaerobic bacteria. The medicinal product does not influence aerobic bacteria. This confirms the instructions for use with "Secnidazole".Analogues will be presented below. secnidazole analogues


This drug is prescribed for vaginitis and urethritis due to Trichomonas, liver and intestinal amebiasis, giardiasis.

Method of administration and dosage

For vaginitis, giardiasis and amoebiasis of the intestine in adults, the drug is taken once in a dosage of 2 g, in children - 30 mg / kg. With liver amebiasis, adults take 1.5 grams per day, children - 30 mg / kg for five days. In the treatment of liver amebiasis, drug therapy should be combined with the removal of an abscess. With prolonged therapy, it is necessary to monitor the blood formula. In patients with leukopenia, continued treatment is determined by whether there is a risk of infection. Unfortunately, the instructions of analogues do not indicate the means of "Seknidazol".

Contraindications and side effects of

The main contraindication is an allergic reaction and age to 18 years. Also, the drug is not used in the active stage of the organic pathology of the central nervous system, with pathological changes in the blood formula, during lactation and during pregnancy. sekranidazole instructions for use analogues

Description and analogues of "Secnidazole" are of interest to many.

This drug is not assigned to patients who have a history of blood disease. Caution should be used "Seknidazol" drivers and other representatives of professions associated with increased concentration of attention. Side effects are expressed in the form of disorders in the digestive system, metallic taste in the mouth, stomatitis, glossitis, urticaria, leukopenia, dizziness, ataxia, impaired coordination of movements, polyneuropathy. When dizziness, ataxia, and other signs of worsening neurologic status should be immediately discontinued treatment.


In case of overdose, symptomatic and supportive treatment should be performed. Analogues of "seknidazol" can also be clarified by the doctor.

secnidazole analogues in Russia

Drug interaction

Drug intake with alcohol is absolutely impossible, because complications in the form of nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, headaches are possible. In this case, confusion, psychotic states and paranoid reactions are observed."Secnidazole" enhances the anticoagulant effect of drugs such as warfarin, indanedione, coumarin derivatives. In addition, it increases the risk of bleeding, because the hepatic metabolism of anticoagulants decreases. As necessary, the dosage of coagulants should be adjusted throughout the course of therapy and for another week after it. Sharing with amoxicillin enhances the effectiveness against Helicobacter pylori. The drug increases the concentration of lithium in the blood in the case of simultaneous use with preparations containing lithium. In addition, the treatment increases the hypoglycemic effect of insulin and hypoglycemic agents.

Analogues of "Secnidazole"

To synonymous analogues containing a related active substance, include drugs such as "Safocid", "Tager".We will tell you more about each of them.


"Tager" belongs to the same group of drugs as the described drug, the active substance is the same - secnidazole. Produced in the form of granules. Pharmacological action is characterized by antimicrobial and bactericidal action against anaerobic bacteria. Indications for use are the same as those of the original: urethritis, vaginitis, intestine and liver amoebiasis, giardiasis. Side effects and contraindications also coincide. seksidazole instruction analogs

The treatment regimen and the recommended dose is determined by the doctor, but the general recommendations for use are as follows: with urethritis, vaginitis, giardiasis, reception of 2 g once is indicated. With amebiosis of the intestine, adults take 2 g, children 30 mg / kg once. In the asymptomatic course of amebiasis, adults - 2 g, children - 30 mg / kg once a day for 72 hours. When purulent flow of amoebiasis, it is necessary to combine medicinal therapy with the removal of pus. Instructions for a categorical ban on drinking alcohol together with a medicine also have a place to be. Analogues are available to "Sequinazole"?


"Safocid" is a combined preparation that has antifungal and antibacterial action against the simplest microorganisms. The drug consists of three types of tablets of different colors:

  1. The first group - tablets with a pink fracture, which contain fluconazole.
  2. The second group consists of tablets with white contents inside, in which there is azithromycin.
  3. And the third group is white and inside and outside the tablets with secnidazole.

Analogues of "Secnidazole" in Russia can be purchased in any pharmacy chain. seksidazole description and analogues

One package contains: 1 tablet of fluconazole, 1 tablet of azithromycin and 2 tablets of sekrididazole. Fluconazole is responsible for antimycotic effect, suppressing the activity of fungal infection. Azithromycin suppresses the spread and growth of pathogenic bacteria. Secnidazole is an antimicrobial agent that suppresses anaerobic bacteria. This drug is recommended for infectious diseases of the urinary tract and venereal infections."Safotsid" is contraindicated in the use of organic lesions of the central nervous system, kidney failure, blood diseases, pregnancy and breastfeeding. As side effects, there may be nausea, diarrhea, epigastric pain, tachycardia, and allergic reactions. The drug is taken one hour before a meal. It is necessary to drink the whole set of tablets at one time and drink plenty of water.

So, we reviewed the analogues of "Secnidazole".