Bear oil - application is not limited

Bear cub, bile and bear fat - the use of these products allows the human body to receive substances necessary not only for treatment but also for living in uneasy climatic conditions. These products are an indispensable tool in Chinese and Tibetan medicine. In addition, bearish skin is of great value, it goes to the manufacture of hats, fur coats, boots and mittens. Bear fur not only warms well in severe frosts, it also has healing properties.

To our great regret, our official medicine is not sufficiently tightly approached to study these features. At the same time, folk medicine has been enjoying such a natural gift quite successfully since time immemorial. Although it is difficult to believe that almost all diseases are treating bearish fat, but the facts are a stubborn thing, there is enough evidence for this. It is known that the bear is able to eat a variety of food( berry, honey, fish, meat, ants, etc.).Eating, it has the property of accumulating energy substances in the form of fat for the winter. The biological reserves accumulated over the summer allow the bear to survive almost half a year's hibernation and retain the ability to live.

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From the above, it becomes clear how beneficial is the bearish fat. Its use is caused by a large supply of natural vitamins, proteins, minerals and other necessary components that are easily absorbed by the human body. Its value is that this product allows you to fight even with serious diseases, often incurable. Due to the ability of fat to assimilate at the cellular level, a person's immunity rises, in this case the body is able to clean and resist pathogenic microbes and viruses. It is often used to prevent rickets and dystrophy in children.

With age, many organs in the human body begin to "wear out" gradually, in this case the bearish fat is very important, the use of which contributes to the increase of immunity. Its use prevents the emergence of various diseases, and this, in turn, increases the body's vital strength. In the prevention and treatment of diseases, bear fat has been widely recognized. Good results are observed in the fight against pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonia and bronchitis, with various liver diseases. Bearish fat due to its nutritional properties is indispensable in the exhaustion of the body, even in ancient times it was used to restore the strength of sick and weak people.

Even in our time hunters, going to long hunting, take with them pellets made from bread crumb and such a curative as bear fat. Contraindications for its use are practically absent, it is only not recommended to be used during the disease of bile ducts. Effective treatment is not only when using fat inside, but also when used as an external means. If you grease the wound with such fat, the biologically active substances contained in it will prevent the development of inflammatory processes and accelerate the healing.

The centuries-old experience has shown that bearish fat, the use of which, with burns, is considered one of the most effective means, also heals other skin lesions: frostbite, bedsores, intertrigo. With its help, children's diathesis, dermatitis, rash, trophic ulcer, etc. can be cured at an early stage. The use of bearish fat in gunshot wounds, injuries, furuncles and even insect and animal bites protects against the development of complications.

When treating radiculitis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism and arthritis, bear fat is rubbed into a sore spot or a compress is applied. The effect of treatment is enhanced after taking a bath or visiting a bath. Remarkable properties of bear fat did not go unnoticed by cosmetologists. On its basis, various creams and masks are produced, which have received approval and demand from the population.