How to put the baby to sleep. Estiville method

Your baby always makes you happy. It is he who is the main meaning of life. But a young mother often happens that she is very tired of caring for the baby. Particularly exhausting is the daily motion sickness for daytime, evening and night sleep. When the baby is still very young, putting him to sleep is not difficult. But when he grows up and picks up weight, it is already difficult for a woman physically to rock him. And she starts to think about how to teach a child to fall asleep by herself. In this endeavor, the method of Dr. Estivil can help her. In this article we will try to talk about it.

The Spanish doctor Estivil came to the conclusion that a child under 5 years of age must have a normalized night sleep, he must learn to fall asleep without the help of his parents. Then in the future he will not have insomnia and other problems. If up to 5 years a child can not fit into bed without Mom's help, then in adult life a person will suffer from problems with sleep. As Estivil's method says, a child of six months can already sleep in his room, in the dark, and not wake up all night. You just need to teach him that. And do not try to look for an excuse: intestinal colic, teeth, illness, just learn to teach the baby to a healthy sleep.

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So, the first thing you should do is to give up motion sickness. Now you will not help the child fall asleep. You must be calm, confident in your abilities. Near you should be a toy of a baby, a dummy and a crib in which the child sleeps. Doing the same thing every day, your little one will gradually get used to the evening ritual of going to bed. The method of Estivil implies the placement of children in the winter at 20: 00-20: 30 and in the summer at 20: 30-21: 00.It is at this time that it is easiest to fall asleep.

Estiville method that helps a child fall asleep:

  1. Put the baby in the crib. Behave as usual, naturally. Cover it with a blanket. Sensing the wrong, your baby, most likely, immediately get up or begin to cry, seeing that my mother wants to leave the room. Do not immediately try to lay it again. Sit next to the bed, tell the child in a gentle voice that "Mom wants to teach you to sleep, look, you have a bear beside you, you're not alone."
  2. After that, put the kid back, wish him good night and leave the room. Be prepared for the child to do everything possible to get you back. He will make hysterics, cry loudly, stand at the crib, nervous. We advise you to have patience and courage, because the struggle has just begun. In no case do not give up and do not take the baby in your arms to rock. He will understand that he can achieve his goals, and Estivil's method will not work.
  3. After you leave the room, go back every 3-5 minutes. But not for the purpose of comforting or helping to fall asleep, but to show that my mother is near and has not gone anywhere. When you come back, say that you need to sleep and wish good night. Gradually, the time can be increased to 5-10 minutes or more.
  4. Be strong, survive the most troubled first days. It is worth to suffer one time, but then your child will be able to learn to fall asleep on his own! Usually babies cry for about an hour or two, after which they fall asleep.   

Many do not recognize the method of Estivil, reviews about it leave bad, believe that this can spoil the child's psyche. But other moms note that it helps a lot to get rid of motion sickness. At the same time, the child remains psychologically healthy. To adopt the Estivil method or not, each mother decides for herself.