How to Straighten Your Back

About a man with a straight back, shoulders spread out and his head raised high, they say - he has a royal posture. Agree that it is much more pleasant to observe such people than behind stooped or crooked deities. In the nineteenth-century Russian nobility, straightening of the back with exotic operations was not practiced, so much attention was paid to prevention. From childhood, children were shown how to properly stand and sit, taught to watch themselves and constantly monitor the abdominal muscles. As a result of such concern for the younger generation, stooped and crooked backs among the nobles were an exception to the rules. To the great regret of the doctors, in our time the question "how to straighten the back?" Is mostly asked by dancers and mannequins, but the overwhelming majority of the population does not even think about such "trifles".

But even back is not only a guarantee of good posture, but prevention of a whole bunch of diseases of the spine and internal organs. Hence, the condition of the musculature supporting the spine in a normal position directly affects the work of almost all the most important systems of the body.

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Is it possible to straighten the back, which for many years suffered from constant curvature? Is it possible to correct the posture when the situation is very neglected? Let's understand.

Reasons and consequences of

Before asking how to straighten your back, you need to try to understand what led to the consolidation of the habit of stooping. It is possible that when you determine the causes of incorrect posture, it will be easier to go to eliminate the origins of the problem. So let's try to figure out how the normal, beautiful back that a person receives from birth, mutates in the process of growing into kyphosis, scoliosis, and other "oases".

First, as already mentioned, the main cause is weak muscles. Due to the fact that modern people have less reason to move, their muscles are weakening, and with each new generation the situation is only getting worse. What kind of musculature can be talked about, if we now have cars, sedentary work, TVs or computers, an abundance of fatty food with a complete lack of craving for sport( cheating for the national football team, this, unfortunately, is not a sport).Compare this picture to the one that existed another 100-200 years ago. There were no phones and computers at all, people rode or walked. The nobility enjoyed popular hunting and fishing. Peasants worked in the field. And in the course of all these types of physical activity, the muscles grew stronger by themselves, and the question of how to straighten their backs simply was not on the agenda. Why straighten up what is already so early in childhood? Unfortunately now everything is completely different.

Secondly, our inability to distribute loads and to sit correctly is guilty. And the first point only aggravates the problem. Weak muscles in a complex with an incorrect posture result in a push to the beginning of a curvature of a bearing. And the longer a person sits or works in the wrong position, the stronger this curvature is fixed and the more difficult it is to fight later.

But is it really so hopeless situation?

There are no desperate situations, it happens that there is no desire to deal with them. So let's see what are the ways to the goal. And our goal is to learn how to straighten your back. The best and most reliable way to achieve this goal is special exercises.

Exercises for straightening your back

  • Sit on a chair, your feet are firmly pressed to the floor, your back is even. You look straight and try to remember this position, if you remember, start to stretch your chin forward, without moving your head. Run 10 times.
  • The starting position as in the first exercise, we stretch the torso as much as possible upwards, thus greatly bringing the blades together. Run 10 times.
  • From the same initial position, we slightly bend backwards at inspiration, at the same time, we lower the shoulders down, trying to bring the blades as close as possible. On exhalation we tighten the stomach and return to the ip. Run 10 times.
  • In the standing position we straighten our back, hands raise up and bend at the elbows, we hook the palms into the lock and wind them by the shoulder blades in turn. Run 10 times.

Regularly doing such simple exercises, you can straighten up your posture and significantly improve your state of health. The main thing is not to be lazy and do yourself.