Henry Clarke Dental Clinic: review, description, specialists, contacts and reviews

Henry Clark's dental clinic in Moscow is becoming increasingly popular. What are the reasons: a successful marketing course or quality treatment?

The first acquaintance of

Clinic Henry Clarke offers patients a huge range of services, since he already has sufficient experience in his field, because it has been functioning for more than 12 years. Since the first years, the clinic has actively won supporters of quality medicine and European services. To date, it is a large complex, which regularly develops and expands. The best specialists of Moscow are ready to provide their services in prosthetics, implantation and restoration of teeth. Also there are services of aesthetic dentistry. At a high level is the treatment of various diseases of the gums and teeth. According to the management of the clinic, only high-quality materials and equipment are used here, which is tested for safety and efficiency.

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The main principles of the

work The Dalven LLC( Henry Clark Dental Clinic) works on the basis of three basic principles:

  • Complete painlessness of procedures, which is the basis of treatment.
  • Guaranteed safety( for any procedures or operations one-time medical clothes and tools are used).
  • Competence and high level of knowledge of each specialist.

For the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment, modern foreign equipment is used, which has proved its effectiveness and safety. Many procedures are computerized, there are monitors and intraoral cameras, viziographic and digital orthopantomographic complexes. All this allows us to conduct a very accurate analysis of the patient's condition, which, in turn, ensures timely and correct treatment. Also used are foreign medicines, which are recognized as the best choice in the world market.

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The great advantage of the clinic is that real professionals work here who love their work and regularly improve their qualifications at various Russian and foreign courses. It should be noted that the clinic can boast not only young promising doctors, but also people who have devoted their whole lives to dentistry - candidates of medical sciences and doctors of the highest category. An important fact is that the clinic serves individuals and legal entities. In addition, it is the main one for a number of well-known insurance companies. Clients of insurance companies can complete a full dental checkup every year for free. You can also receive a ready-made treatment plan and a 15% discount on the types of services that are not covered by the insurance contract.

Clinic Henry Clarke( "Tsvetnoy Boulevard" - the most suitable metro station) works every day on the 1st Kolobovsky Lane, in the house number 14.The schedule is very convenient, because it is almost uninterrupted. Clinic G. Clarke is also located at Valovaya street, 8.

specialists Henry Clark's clinic is known for its doctors. Here there are 10 qualified dentists who are ready to solve any of your problems. The patient can choose a doctor on his own, based on his own desires. The dentist conducts a free survey and suggests possible and most effective ways to solve problems.5 orthopedic dentists will take the treatment in the most difficult cases. The clinic employs 2 specialists in maxillofacial surgery and 4 dentists-orthodontists.

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Clinic Henry Clarke Clinic offers patients a unique Clinpro technology for professional dentistry. Everyone who cares about the health of his teeth knows that at home it is impossible to completely clean teeth. In order to prevent the development of various diseases, get rid of tartar and deep plaque, several times a year to carry out the procedure for professional teeth cleaning. A pleasant bonus is the teeth whitening by several tones, which is due to the removal of the stiff layer of plaque. Only 2-3 times will be enough to be sure of your dental health. In the clinic, this procedure is available even to those who wear braces or have an increased sensitivity of the teeth. Efficiency and safety are guaranteed through the use of the Clinpro system. clinic henry clark reviews

In Henry Clark's clinic, the procedure is carried out in several stages. It begins with the examination and removal of tartar with an ultrasound scaler. After this, the air-abrasive cleaning phase begins. Further processing of the tooth with a special tip with powder Clinpro. It is made from a water-soluble amino acid, which has a low abrasiveness, so that the subgingival area of ​​the teeth is carefully and thoroughly cleaned. After that comes the stage of polishing and brushing teeth with Clinpro pastes. The procedure is completed by coating the teeth with a remineralizing substance from the same company that has calcium, fluorine and phosphate in its composition.


LLC Dalven( Henry Clark Dental Clinic), reviewed below, conducts quality dental treatment with implants. This allows you to give up prostheses that can be uncomfortable for a person or cause psychological discomfort. Experts of this clinic use implants of proven American and German firms that are made of biologically neutral titanium and have excellent compatibility with the human body. Before, during and after the operation each patient is supervised by a certain doctor who conducts regular examinations and gives instructions for the care of teeth and implants. The secret of the immense popularity of implantology lies in the fact that small implants do not cause any discomfort at all and can be implanted in the tooth. In addition, they are very aesthetic and almost invisible.

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Tooth jewelery

In addition to treatment, the dentists of the clinic G. Clarke can offer you dental jewelry. Such a decoration of the German company SKYCE is produced under the control of computer automation. An artificial diamond has many facets, which allows it to shimmer in the sun and sparkle. A special advantage of dental jewelry "Skice" is that they do not lose brightness and shine over time. The surface, with which the decoration is attached to the tooth, is treated with a special adhesive agent, which ensures a firm fixation. Skys jewelry not only makes the smile special, but also emphasizes the natural beauty and whiteness of teeth. It is worth noting that this procedure is completely safe. dental clinic henry clarke reviews


To treat the anomalies that occur when the dentition develops, Invisalign technology is used, which has proven to be highly effective. Its advantage is that it allows you to solve problems without resorting to brackets. Treatment of gum disease is carried out with the help of Vector. It is worth remembering that periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss. To prevent this from happening, it is important to contact the dentist in time. The Vector system will effectively eliminate the complex causes and consequences of periodontal diseases.

Tooth replacement

Prosthetic dentistry is a very urgent issue for many patients. Even if it becomes necessary to perform prosthetics, it is very important to choose a competent specialist to avoid negative pain consequences that may be fraught with infectious diseases of the teeth. Henry Clark's dental clinic( reviewed below) conducts prosthetics using modern computer technology that allows you to create a virtual drawing. All this guarantees complete safety and convenience of the crown or prosthesis.

ooo davne dental clinic henry clarke reviews

Clinic Henry Clark: feedback from

Reviews of the work of the clinic are very different. There are some positive points about specific doctors. In general, it turns out that the clinic refuses to provide free services prescribed by insurance. Many patients talk about "pumping out" money, because even when writing to the reception it is recommended to take cash with them. Many negative reviews that are based on the incompetence of doctors: they often made a mistake and refused to correct the consequences, after which the patient with the risk of inflammation had to run around seeking a normal dentist. Clinic Henry Clarke( "Tsvetnoy Boulevard") is open to all patients who are willing to pay.

Summing up this review article, I want to say that teeth are a very vulnerable place, and if problems with them have begun, it is better to solve them once. The fact is that low-quality dentistry can not only leave everything as is, but also launch dangerous processes in the oral cavity. It is very important to go to proven professionals who have sufficient experience, evidence of their qualifications and grateful feedback from other patients.