Where can I get a medical certificate to replace my driver's license? Driving medical certificate of a new sample

How can I get a medical certificate to replace my driver's license? You can easily answer this question. It is enough to go through a certain commission. And at the end get a document that will confirm the state of health of the citizen. He belongs to the traffic police along with all the other papers to get or replace the driver's license. The car is a source of increased danger. Therefore, it is necessary to trust the management of vehicles only for healthy citizens. But how to get a health certificate for drivers? All the features of the process are as follows. get a medical certificate to replace the driver

What to do to get help

A medical certificate for changing rights is a very important document. As already mentioned, without it you can not try to get a driving license. He will not be given away. After all, the basic package of documents for registration of rights includes a certificate of health.

What should I do to get this paper? Just go through a medical commission. It is enough to apply to a few narrow specialists, so that the document under study will be issued in accordance with all the rules. It would seem nothing difficult. It is only for citizens to receive a medical opinion about their health that causes certain problems.

Where to go for help

The first question that arises in the population: "Where to make a driver's medical certificate?"There are several variants of the development of events. And everyone has the right to choose where to apply for a medical commission.

For example, you can go to public hospitals and clinics. The option is good, but it has a number of significant disadvantages. Not suitable for those who want to quickly deal with the passage of doctors.

The second method of obtaining is the passage of a specialized commission in private medical centers. The most common option. As in the first case, it has drawbacks. For example, the cost of the survey.

Where to go, everyone chooses himself. But the range of institutions issuing medical certificates is limited. Either this is a state polyclinic, or a private center. help for gai

The cost of

Another issue that worries drivers is how much a driver's medical certificate costs. The exact price is not defined. It all depends on which type of document will be chosen by the citizen.

For example, you can pay your own time and nerves. But in terms of finances do not tolerate any waste at all. Such a situation is relevant for public clinics. They do not usually take money for a survey, but the examination can take several weeks.

And here if the way of the reference in private medical centers is chosen, all depends on region of residing and concrete quotations of this or that company. On average, a medical examination for drivers will have to pay about 5,000 rubles. But there will be no queues. All doctors sometimes manage to pass for one day. Therefore, everyone decides for himself how to get a medical certificate to replace his driver's license.

Who passes

There are a lot of doctors in the field of medicine. But the question arises as to which specialists are required to pass, so that a driver's medical certificate of a new type is issued to the citizen. There is a generally accepted list of doctors and tests that are handed over by the driver. medical certificate for substitution of rights

Much depends on the category of driving. In order to manage certain modes of transport, there is no need to pass an examination with one or another specialist. Most often it's about driving cars. Therefore, it is necessary first of all to understand what kind of specialists are required to get a medical certificate to replace the driver's license with driving categories A and B. Among the doctors there are:

  • therapist;
  • ophthalmologist;
  • psychiatrist;
  • of an expert in narcology.

This is the main list of specialists. Other examinations are appointed only on the advice of the therapist. For example, ECG.It is recommended to give a cardiogram to all citizens who have reached the age of 60.

Categories C and D

But sometimes you need to get a certificate that will allow you to drive vehicles of categories C or D. In this situation, the list of all necessary doctors increases, albeit slightly. Especially the difference is not visible to citizens who decided to pay a fee for a medical examination. Under similar circumstances, the driver should be examined by the following specialists:

  • therapist;
  • an otolaryngologist;
  • neurologist;
  • psychiatrist;
  • Narcologist;
  • optician.

Additionally, an ECG is mandatory. Upon the appointment of an expert in narcology, an analysis should be made for the content of psychogenic substances in the blood and urine. Nothing more is required. It is recommended to pass an additional surgeon. This applies to all driving categories. Most often the therapist appoints not only the examinations that a citizen has to undergo, but also an examination from other narrow specialists to obtain the document under study. where to make a driver


What is the term of medical certificate? It is about how much the document operates after it is issued. The thing is that not all the results of the surveys will be accepted by the traffic police. What are the conditions in this regard?

At the moment, the results of medical examinations for obtaining a driver's license are valid for only a year from the date of their issue. That is, a certificate received in December 2015, will cease to operate in 2016 in the same month. Therefore, it is by no means always necessary to repeatedly pass a medical board when replacing a driver's license.

Documents for registration

A medical certificate for the replacement of rights is a document that every driver must have. What will it take to decorate it? What kind of documents should I apply to a medical institution?

Nothing special from the citizen will not be required. Much depends on where the citizen came - in a private medical center or in a state institution. In the first case, it is usually enough to have only a passport and a military ticket( for men).driver

If you get a medical certificate to replace the driver's license is planned in the state polyclinic for free, the citizen must bring with him the full package of documents. Namely:

  • MHI policy;
  • identity card( passport);
  • military ticket( only for men).

That's all. A citizen with the above documents applies to the registry, informs about what commission he needs to pass, then writes himself down to narrow specialists and receives their conclusions fixed on a special form.

But photos are not needed. On the certificates of the new sample they are not provided. Therefore, it is not the best idea to take photographs with you to a medical institution. It is recommended to leave pictures for the driver's license.

When you need

When exactly is the document being studied? Not in all cases it may be required. Previously, even with a technical check from the driver needed a medical opinion on the state of health. But in 2016, Russia has different rules. Now the list of cases in which a certificate for the SAI is mandatory provided is as follows:

  • when obtaining a particular category of driving a vehicle;
  • for the initial issue of a driver's license;
  • if rights are replaced before the document expires;
  • issue of a new driver's license after the expiration of the previously received paper;
  • in case of personal data change( for example, surname);
  • if a citizen is returned a driver's license after their deprivation.

You can see that the service check is not included in the list above. Do I need a driver's medical certificate for maintenance? No. So, it's not necessary to carry a certificate with you all the time. The new rules in force in Russia today are encouraging drivers. driver

Summing up

What conclusions can be drawn from all of the above? The help for GAI is a document that is required when obtaining or replacing a driver's license, as well as when making changes to this paper. You can receive a medical report in several ways: when you contact a state polyclinic or visit a private health care center.

The certificate is valid for only 12 months. Please note - if a citizen applied on the last day of the document, they can not refuse to accept it. Although in practice we get a slightly different picture - the traffic police officers require a new certificate from citizens.

The cost of producing the document is not too big. By the way, it is desirable to provide a copy of the medical report on the state of health to the SAI.If within a year it is necessary to bring again this document for one reason or another, it will not be necessary to undergo another medical examination again. period of medical certificate

Generally get a medical certificate to replace the driver's license is not as difficult as it seems. Some recommend buying a finished document. Do not do this - it's illegal. It is better to spend a few days( sometimes even hours) in order to officially get the document studied. Usually it's much easier to realize a plan than it seems at first glance. By the way, it is not necessary for all doctors to go in the same medical institution. Some specialists can be visited in one place, and some in another.