Ointment "Keeper": instructions for use, reviews

A good remedy for the treatment of wounds and dry skin is the ointment "Keeper".Instructions for the use of balm are attached to each item of the product. It must be read before application. When using the medication alone, it is important to consider all contraindications and the likelihood of adverse reactions. Also, in accordance with the instructions, this agent should be used to heal wounds. Reviews about the balm and the way it is applied will be presented to your attention in today's article.

ointment keeper instructions for use

Ointment "Keeper": instruction for use

The drug is applied to damaged areas of the skin several times a day. Before use, you must wash your hands and follow the rules of asepsis. If there is a large amount of pus in the wound, it is acceptable to apply compresses. For this ointment "Keeper" instructions for use advise to apply evenly to a sterile bandage. After that, apply a compress to the damaged area and bandage with a bandage.

The agent for wound healing with different skin lesions is prescribed( abrasions, burns, cuts).Used a medicine for inflammatory diseases of tissues( eczema, atopic dermatitis, pressure ulcers).The drug is administered with insect bites, herpes, diaper rash, frostbite. Balm can also be used for dry and itchy skin.

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Active ingredients of the drug: reviews

Ointment "Keeper" composition has a natural. Among the active ingredients are essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus, sea buckthorn oil, vitamin E, propolis and lipocompe A. Consumers have a dual opinion about this composition. Most patients are inclined to the fact that the medication is safe, it has no contraindications and side effects. This is an important advantage. Other patients report that the drug may not be effective, users are skeptical of the naturalness of the medication. In addition, this composition can cause allergies. After all, there are several components in it, often provoking an unpleasant reaction.

Doctors say that the ointment is not absorbed into the blood, so it can be used for a long time. However, if you have an allergy, stop the therapy and seek help.

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Balsam "Keeper": price

The cost of medication is recognized as democratic. You can buy an ointment for no more than 150 rubles. In drugstore chains, drugs were found whose prices ranged from 80 to 120 rubles. What is the consumer opinion on this matter?

Almost all patients respond positively to this cost. However, some people are suspicious. People believe that a good medicine can not be so cheap. After all, patients are accustomed to buying expensive drugs.

Doctors report that this medication was not subjected to thorough checks. In this regard, he has no confirmed side effects and contraindications. Accordingly, there is no cost to test it. The cost of many drugs is determined precisely by this. The more carefully the drug is examined, the higher the price then. The medicine "Keeper", according to the manufacturer, is natural and does not give rise to additional manipulations to study it.

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Effect of ointment and its effectiveness

How does the "Guardian" ointment work? Instruction for use says that this medication has anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and analgesic effect. The drug promotes the regeneration of the skin and its recovery without the formation of scars. Balm cleans wounds due to bactericidal effect. Ointment softens and protects the treated surfaces. Due to the fact that the composition contains the lipocom A, it exceeds the effectiveness of any such means. What do consumers say about the drug?

Patients remain satisfied with the ointment. After application, a slight chill appears on the skin. It is caused by the content of eucalyptus oil in the preparation. According to consumers, the product removes dryness and tightens, it perfectly moisturizes and nourishes. When treating damaged areas, their healing takes place quickly enough, there are no scars on the surface of the skin. The minus of the drug is called its consistency. The medicine is fat enough, it can be imprinted on clothes. Therefore, during the use it is worth using bandages, wearing spacious things made of breathable fabric.

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Instead of concluding

The drug "Keeper" is sold in pharmacies and large supermarkets. It can be purchased in over-the-counter pharmacies. This tool is universal in its application, it has no limitations and side effects. But you need to follow the scheme of application, prescribed in the leaflet. In this case, you will get the expected effect. Keep the "Guardian" balm always in your medicine chest and use it if necessary. Good luck!