"Biovital Kinder" - multivitamin complex for children: instruction manual, reviews

"Kinder Biovital" is a complex of vitamins, which should be prescribed by the doctor for excellent resistance of the child organism to viruses, infections. Also this additive to food is used and in other cases, in which it will be discussed in the article. We will also find out in what form the drug is sold, and also what parents think about it. biovital price


Vitamins "Kinder Biovital" - a complex tool aimed at improving immunity, improving the condition in pathologies of the nervous, cardiac system, blood vessels. Also, this drug allows you to recover soon after long-term infections.

The medicine "Kinder Biovital" is produced in such forms:

- Gel.

- Pastilles.

Gel Composition

Kinder Biovital Vitamins in this form of release are made up of such components:

- Retinol.

- Vitamins: E, B1, B12, C.

- Pyridoxine hydrochloride.

- Lecithin.

- Sodium molybdate.

- Nicotinamide.

- Calcium phosphinate.

- Manganese citrate.

- Cholecalciferol.

- Calcium pantothenal.

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These are the main elements of the gel. There are also additional ingredients that make the product beautiful and pleasant to taste: red orange flavor, sucrose, potassium sorbate, distillate, carboxymethyl cellulose, sodium benzoate, isopropyl myristate, vanillin, alpha-tocopherol. kinder biovital reviews

Ingredients of lozenges

Chewing Vitamins "Kinder Biovital Medvezhuiki" consist of such components:

- Vitamins A, B6, B12, PP, E, C, D3.

- Biotin.

- Folic acid.

Auxiliary elements are: citric acid, sugar, raspberry, orange, lemon flavor, water, glucose, dry gelatin. biovital

Characteristics of pastilles

"Biovital Vedresoyki" - a complex of vitamins for children from 3 to 13 years. This additive to food is intended:

- For the growth, development and excellent health of children.

- To provide the body with vitamins that support immunity.

The product is important to use:

- In the process of active growth.

- During classes at school, at physical culture, various sections.

- During epidemics of infectious diseases.

- If you lose your appetite.

- In the process of getting used to preschool.

- In the winter.

- For kids who live in places with poor ecology.

- To compensate for the lack of vitamins due to malnutrition. biovital kinder

Rules for the reception of the chewing additive

Children's Biovital Kinder complex should be used as follows:

- From 3 to 6 years - 1 or 2 lozenges a day.

- From 6 to 13 years - 2 or 3 lozenges per day.

Chew delicious vitamins you need after eating. Duration of admission can be from 1 to 1.5 months. In a year should be conducted from 3 to 4 courses.

Restrictions in the use of pastilles

Do not chew vitamins in such cases:

  1. With individual intolerance to any component of the complex.
  2. During hypervitaminosis.
  3. In conditions that are accompanied by an increase in the level of calcium in the urine and blood.

Gel Characteristics

Biovital Kinder in this form of release can be used:

- For prophylaxis, as well as hypo- or avitaminosis therapy.

- With a monotonous and unbalanced power supply.

- As an adjunctive therapy for prescribing antibiotics.

- After chemotherapy.

- During the recovery period.

- When the child lags behind in growth.

- As prevention of rickets.

- With stomatitis. vitamins kinder biovital

Rules for the gel

Assign a tool even to tiny babies. The dosage of the drug in the form of a gel is as follows:

- From 1 to 3 months - half a teaspoon once a day.

- From 3 to 12 months - 0.5 teaspoonful 2 or 3 times.

- From 1 year to 6 years - 1 teaspoonful 1 time per day.

- From 6 years - 1 teaspoon twice a day.

- With stomatitis, the agent is administered topically. It is necessary to apply the gel on the mucous membrane for 5 minutes 3 to 5 times a day.

The duration of the medication is determined by the pediatrician.


Vitamin complex "Kinder Biovital", the price of which depends on the form of release of the drug, is sold in almost all pharmacies. This is a popular remedy prescribed by doctors for children. The drug in the form of a gel can be bought for 200 rubles( 175 g).About 250 rubles should be paid for 30 pastilles of the "Medvezhuiki Kinder Biovital" complex. The price for 60 pieces of vitamins will, naturally, be more expensive - about 450 rubles.


This complex has many analogues. Popular substitutes are such drugs as "Alphabet", "Vitrum", "Pikovit", "Centrum", "Complivit."All these funds have a complex complex composition, in which there is a whole set of trace elements for the normal development of the child.

Positive assessments of people about the pastilles

These children's vitamins in the form of bright cubs were liked by many children, as well as their parents. Boys and girls chew these lozenges with pleasure, and then they start begging for moms again.

Parents also respond well about this additive to food. In this vitamin complex many mothers see the following positive points:

  1. Appearance. The pastilles are bright, beautiful, they have attracting form cubs. Mums do not have to force the kids to chew them. Boys and girls themselves gladly eat them.
  2. Great effect. Those parents who systematically give these lozenges to the children notice that the kids stop being sick often, they have an increased appetite. Schoolchildren are beginning to actively, and most importantly with pleasure to attend school. Little children go to kindergarten with pleasure.
  3. Convenient and safe jar. Many mothers note that the capacity in which the lozenges are placed is thought through by the manufacturers to the smallest detail. The jar is plastic, which means that it can be given to a child, because he will not break it. In addition, the lid on the container is protected from children. Therefore, even if the mother leaves the drug in a conspicuous place, she may not worry that her son or daughter will open and get the lozenges.
  4. Affordable price. Considering how many vitamins are contained in this complex, moms are sure that this is quite an acceptable cost. Therefore, they do not mind buying such an additive to food. children

Negative evaluation of

Unfortunately, the vitamins "Kinder Biovital" reviews are received and disapproving. So, some parents note that after the kids ate a couple of cubs, they had a rash on their body. This really can be if the child is prone to allergies. In this case, it is forbidden to use these vitamins. Other parents do not like that there are dyes in the composition. Also, some mothers doubt that there is any effect of these pastilles. What, they say, children as sick every month, and continue to be ill in the same spirit.

Given that these children's vitamins have both positive and negative feedback, we will not recommend or prohibit taking this complex. Consultation with the pediatrician about the use of these lozenges is the right decision on the way to ensuring the health of the baby.

Reviews about gel "Biovital Kinder"

Vitamins in this form of release also have both flattering and disapproving responses of people. Plus, the gel copes with its tasks: it helps the children to recover faster after the diseases, antibiotics drunk. Also, these vitamins contribute to the fact that boys and girls start eating better, do not go over in food. With stomatitis, this gel also helps.

But there are also negative aspects in this add-on:

  1. Some children did not like this remedy. Boys and girls simply refuse to accept it, but parents can not force to swallow the drug too.
  2. No child protection. If in the canines of the bank is thought out, the child can not open it on his own, in the case of gel, he will do it simply. The tube does not provide any protection, and this is the lack of a complex.
  3. Presence in chemical compounds. Many parents are fighting for the naturalness of drugs, and in the gel "Biovital Kinder" there are so-called E-shki. It is for this reason that some moms refuse to buy this vitamin complex. kinder biovital bear cubs

Opinions of pediatricians

Doctors differently relate to such an additive. Some doctors advise to buy the lozenges or gel "Kinder Biovital", others, on the contrary, do not offer the parents this drug. Those specialists who consider this complex unnecessary argue their point of view in this way: it is better to buy natural vitamins in the form of fresh vegetables, fruits and greens than chemical preparations. And the supporters of this complex think differently: it is better to take such an addition than nothing at all. After all, many parents are easier and, as it turns out, cheaper to buy pastilles "Biovital".And some babies do not like vegetables, fruits, berries. They'd better eat a candy or swallow a delicious gel.


A lot of interesting information you learned from this article. We realized that the Biovital Kinder complex in various forms of release can be used as an additional source of vitamins. Parents are ambivalent about this drug: there are both opponents and its supporters. To buy or not this vitamin complex, the doctor should advise.