Preparation "Tsitochrom C": instructions for use, release forms

"Cytochrome C" - a drug that is created to prevent oxygen starvation of organs and tissues of the body. It is available in the form of eye drops, solutions for intramuscular and intravenous administration. Widely used in the first 1-2 hours after delivery with fetal asphyxia.

Cases of overdose are not fixed, but allergic reactions may occur if the rules of breeding are not observed. Let's consider features of the given preparation.

General information

As the instruction indicates, "Cytochrome C" is a metabolic remedy. Produced in several forms:

  • Eye drops 0.24%( in ampoules of 2 milliliters, cap-dropper, cardboard pack with 1 bottle).
  • A solution for intravenous and intramuscular injection( 4 ml bottles, cardboard pack of 5 or 10 bottles, cardboard bundle with plastic consignments of 5 bottles, 1-2 pieces in a pack).
  • Liofilizate for medicinal solution for intravenous and intramuscular administration( 10 milligram bottles, cardboard pack with 5 bottles, plastic cell conkoleta with 5 bottles, cardboard bundle with 1-2 such packages).
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  • Also on sale you can find tablets "Cytochrome C".Instruction is available in each pack. cytochrome with instruction

The active substance of cytochrome is contained in the following quantities:

  • In 1 milliliter of eye drops, 2.5 milligrams.
  • In a 1 milliliter solution for intravenous and intramuscular injection - 2.5 milligrams.
  • In 1 vial of lyophilizate - 10 milligrams.

Pharmacological properties of

According to the instructions, "Cytochrome C" is a metabolic drug. It stimulates the processes of regeneration of cells and tissues, has a trophic and antihypoxic effect, is a catalyst for improving the perception of oxygen in the body of the body.

The active substance of this drug: cytochrome C - a small heme-containing protein, belongs to the class of cytochromes, iron molecules are present in the prosthetic group during chemical analysis and are able to transition from the oxidation state to the reduced state. As a result, metabolic and oxidation-reduction processes in cells are improved, the rate of utilization of oxygen increases, tissue hypoxia ceases, regardless of the severity of the pathological condition. This is the basis of the entire process of restorative action of the drug. cytochrome with instructions for use


The active substance is absorbed completely, freely penetrates into the cells of organs and tissues.

The tool "Cytochrome C" instruction manual is very detailed. Before using the drug, it is advisable to study it.

Indications for use

A solution prepared from lyophilizate is used for intravenous and intramuscular administration."Cytochrome-C" is used in the form of a medicament that improves the respiration of organs and tissues. Assign a complex treatment of health disorders, which are accompanied by oxidation-reduction processes in the human body:

  • Lack of oxygen in newborns.
  • Chronic lung diseases.
  • Asthma, accompanied by respiratory failure during recovery;heart failure.
  • Nootropic drug poisoning.
  • Hepatitis viral with complications in the form of hepatic coma;injury.
  • Before and postoperative periods( used to prevent shock).


In the form of eye drops are prescribed:

- with opacity of the cornea of ​​the eye;

- with corneal dystrophy in the primary and secondary stages;

-at the stage of epithelization of keratitis. cytochrome eye drops instructions

Contraindications to the use of drops

Do not use this drug in the following cases:

- pregnancy in the II and III trimester;

- the period of breastfeeding;

- sensitivity to the drug.

"Cytochrome C" in drops, due to the lack of sufficient data, is contraindicated in persons under the age of 18 years. cytochrome eye drops instructions for use

Instruction for eye drops "Cytochrome C"

Method and dosage are as follows. The lyophilizate is immediately dissolved in 4 milliliters of water for injection immediately before use. The resulting drug is slowly administered intravenously or intramuscularly. In the amount of 0.25 milligrams( 0.1 milliliters of solution), the drug is administered under the skin. Observe patient for 30 minutes. Absence of itching, redness of the face are indications for the prescription of this medication. Taking a biological sample is necessary every time before the repeated course of therapy.

It is well absorbed by the body 10-25 milligrams 1-2 times per day with a course duration of 10-14 days.

After surgery, such pathologies as congenital heart disease and acquired, "Cytochrome C" according to the instructions are prescribed intravenously 10 milligrams twice a day.

In states that threaten life( pain, severe trauma, poisoning with nootropic and hypnotic drugs, hepatic coma), the drug is injected from 50-900 milligrams dropwise intravenously. Newborn with asphyxia drug is injected into the umbilical vein as a solution in a dose of 10 milligrams in the first 1-2 minutes after birth. cytochrome for children

Twice a day, injections in / m patients with bronchial asthma for 5-10 milligrams. The course of treatment is 14-20 days and depends on the severity of hypoxia.

According to the instructions for use, eye drops "Cytochrome C" with conjunctivitis are instilled by 1-3 drops into the affected eye 4 times during the day.

Side effects of

The solution must be administered slowly, otherwise the patients have fever, chills, and allergies. Overdose may impair the function of blood clotting.

"Cytochrome C" in the form of eye drops can lead to short-term burning, redness of the conjunctiva, allergies.

There is no reliable data on overdose.

Contraindications to the use of the solution

This drug is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. cytochrome with tablets instruction

According to the instruction "Cytochrome" for children can be applied. There are no age restrictions in the use of the solution. But eye drops are forbidden to apply to patients who have not reached the age of 18.There is no information on drug interaction with other drugs.

Analogues of eye drops - "Catachrome", "Offtan".Keep the drug in a dark place, hard to reach for children, storage temperature from 4-18 ° C.Shelf life - 2 years for any form of release. Drops for the eyes after opening the bottle can be stored only 3 days in a cold room in a sealed state. Eye drops are dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription, all other forms - only by prescription.

Reviews of "Cytochrome C"

Usually, the drug is prescribed by doctors with insufficient oxygen supply to organs and tissues, as well as to prevent hypoxic conditions. They are used mainly in complex therapy, therefore it is not possible to evaluate the effectiveness of Cytochrome C separately. At medical forums there are quite a lot of positive reviews about this drug. In most cases, they are written by women whose newborn babies were injected with this drug during asphyxia.

There are also clinical studies confirming the effectiveness of Cytochrome C injections. Instructions for use are important to adhere to.

In complex therapy, the drug is included in the overall picture of treatment during the postoperative period to patients who underwent an operation to establish prosthetic devices on the heart valves. The dose is taken in the calculation of 500 milligrams per kilogram of the patient's weight. The drug solution is administered intravenously with a dropper immediately before the complex operation and immediately after it. During such use of the drug, antihypoxic and anti-ischemic properties of the drug were once again confirmed. Coronary blood flow is stable at the same time, the heart muscle is reduced in normal mode, despite ischemia.

cytochrome with instruction on the use of injection

During the acute period of myocardial infarction, "Cytochrome C" also proved to be an excellent antihypoxic drug. Almost without side effects, the drug was effective in the administration of carbon monoxide. In this case, it was administered once per 50-90 milligrams intravenously.

"Cytochrome C" has both antioxidant properties, it delivers oxygen to all organs and tissues. This property is actively used in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy, as well as for the normalization of gas exchange processes during pregnancy with the inability of the placenta to deliver oxygen in sufficient quantities to the fetus.

Prices for the drug "Cytochrome C" in pharmacies depend on the form in which it is sold. If it is a lyophilizate, the cost in pharmacies varies from 1200-1600 rubles.for a cardboard pack consisting of 5 bottles. The price of a pack consisting of 2 plastic boxes( only 10 bottles), varies between 2100-2700 rubles.

The cheapest version of the drug is eye drops. The price is very acceptable: from 200 rubles per 1 bottle of the drug. But they are contraindicated for persons under the age of 18 years. This is confirmed by the instruction to "Cytochrome C", which must be read before using the medication.