White dots on the gums in babies: reasons, treatment

Newborn in the first month often sleeps and eats. If at that time the mother suddenly discovers white spots on his gums, then she begins to panic and sound an alarm. And does it knowingly. Any new growth in the mouth of a crumb can cause him discomfort, a baby's appetite spoils, he becomes capricious. White dots do not always indicate the presence of the disease, but it is best to find out the reason for this.

What are white dots on the gums?

When they are detected, the main thing is to calm down and check your baby's gums again. It should be known that most often at this time the baby feeds on mother's milk and white points on the gums in the baby can be milk residues that do not do him any harm.

white points on the gums in the baby

If this is not just a white coating from milk, then the following variants of this ailment in a newborn are possible:

  • nodules of Bona;
  • neonatal teeth;
  • catarrhal stomatitis;
  • candidal stomatitis;
  • deficiency of calcium in the baby's body.

In addition, white dots on the gums in the baby can occur due to cyst, HIV infection, diabetes, gum cancer and other diseases, but such variants are rare. Do not immediately think about the worst, but it's best to check everything thoroughly.

Bona nodules in newborns

If white spots are found on the baby's gums, they are likely to be the nodules of Bona, which are often found in newborns. Many mothers assume that this is the first teeth of a baby, since such nodules externally very much resemble them. The nodules of Bon on the gums are cysts of small size.

Several such nodules can form in the oral cavity. They do absolutely no harm and after a while they themselves are lost. But in any case, the baby should be shown to the pediatrician so that he can pinpoint the cause of these spots.

Do not confuse Bona's nodules with the pearls of Epstein. Although they look like their appearance, the latter appear on the palate. The pearls of Epstein are also completely harmless and disappear after a while.

Neonatal teeth

The cause of white spots on the gums of the newborn can be teeth that begin to erupt. Most often this occurs at 6 months of age, but teeth may appear earlier, sometimes in the first month of life crumbs. In this case, they are called neonatal. Also a newborn can already be born with teeth, which are called natal.

stomatitis in infants

Teeth that have appeared so early have a soft enamel, which leads to their severe destruction. If the bite of the baby does not suffer from neonatal teeth, they do not touch, but dentists often recommend removing them.

Stomatitis in a newborn

White dots on the gums in a baby can occur due to stomatitis. The phenomenon is quite frequent, although the child, with the exception of parents, relatives and his toys, has no contact with anyone else.

Catarrhal stomatitis affects the baby's body most often due to lack of hygiene. The penetration of viruses into the oral cavity occurs together with dirty toys, carelessly washed with bottles and pacifiers, if the mother's mammary glands are not treated too carefully, as a result of which many microbes accumulated there.

A child often becomes infected with stomatitis from adults. He can catch the infection even at the time of his birth, passing through the birth canal of the mother, who is the carrier of such a fungal disease as thrush. However, any other adult is able to infect a child with non-compliance with hygiene, for example, if lick the baby's dummy to give it to the baby.

Candida manifests itself with reduced immunity to the baby, for example, when he is sick or has teeth erupting.

In addition, stomatitis can occur due to taking antibiotics both by the child himself and his mother if she is breast-feeding.

White coating due to calcium deficiency

soda solution

White spots on the gums in the baby can be formed due to calcium deficiency. Its disadvantage is not very nutritious mother's milk, but it happens because of poor nutrition of a nursing woman or if she has bad habits.

Treatment of white dots in infants

If the baby is calm, not naughty, eats well, then white plaque occurs, most likely, due to a lack of calcium. A woman should just reconsider her diet or abandon bad habits.

treatment of infants

If the stomatitis is diagnosed in a baby, the treatment should be as follows:

  • After each feeding, the baby should be given a spoonful of boiled water - this will help to remove food residues from the mouth.
  • Before breast-feeding a woman must necessarily rinse the breast, which will help to avoid getting bacteria along with milk. After breast feeding, the breast should be treated. It is best to use a soda solution for this.
  • Treatment of babies can also be to remove plaque, which must be cleaned several times a day with baking soda. To do this, also prepare a soda solution, adding a glass of water 1 tsp.soda. After that, a bandage is wound on the finger, it is moistened in this solution and the baby's mouth is gently handled.
  • Many women use honey instead of soda, as the child likes it more. The solution is prepared in the same way as with soda, only in this case a teaspoon of honey is diluted with two tablespoons of water.
  • In addition, if a stomatitis in a baby is detected, the treatment can be carried out with such a drug as Candide. It is a proven and safe antimicrobial agent. Although it has an unpleasant taste, but quickly eliminates the child from stomatitis. Processing occurs in the same way as soda.

In any case, when a baby has white spots on the gums, it is essential to consult a pediatrician who will determine the true cause of the disease and prescribe an effective treatment.

Preventive measures

graft nodules on the gums

To ensure that the white points on the gums of the baby do not appear again, it is necessary to monitor the purity of toys and their breasts. You should not give your child a sweet drink, because Candida fungi very quickly multiply in a sweet environment. If a friend or relative is ill with herpes, you should protect the baby from close contact with them, since this disease can provoke the occurrence of stomatitis. Also, you should periodically visit a dentist who can notice the illness on time.


The appearance of white dots on the gums in the newborn should not be left without attention, as they can indicate various diseases. If at home you can not cope with this ailment, you should definitely visit a child's doctor.