"Mycostop" - a lotion for the nails. Antifungal drugs

When visiting public places it is very easy to catch a fungus."Mycostop" - nail lotion - perfectly suited for both prevention and treatment of this unpleasant disease.

Mycostop Lotion for Nails

What is an

fungus? People who encounter this problem know how hard it is to get rid of it forever. Most often, the fungus affects the feet and toenails. Signs of the disease primarily arise in the interdigital folds in the form of small cracks and peeling. Skin blushes and itches. Then, the back surface of the foot, the sole, the plantar part of the toes suffers.

With fungal nail damage, it can change color and become white, yellow, brown, black. Nail fungus leads to the appearance of unevenness on their surface, they become dull and opaque, deformed, thinned and delaminated, can crumble.

The deformed nail presses on the underlying tissues, which can cause painful sensations.

If the nail fungus is not treated, then over time the disease can spread to the hands. The color of the nail plate changes at the same time, the horn cover is thickened and thickened. If more than forty percent of the surface is affected, it must be removed promptly, in hardware or using drugs.

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Nail fungus

Many patients for the treatment of this ailment use widely advertised, but ineffective antifungal lacquers and ointments. These drugs help only at the initial stage of the disease and do not penetrate the entire thickness of the nail.

"Mycostop" - a lotion for nails - is such a means that, penetrating deeply into the plate, helps to remove painlessly the affected nail with a fungus.


The unique composition of the product ensures its high efficiency. Lactic acid in the lotion is able to penetrate the entire thickness of the nail plate and create an acidic environment that is fatal to the fungus. Thanks to nicotinic acid, blood circulation improves and the growth of a healthy nail is accelerated.

In addition to the lotion, there are other medicinal forms of the drug, such as spray and cream "Mikostop", the instructions for use which are given below.

The main active substance of the spray is tetranil U. It is a derivative of undecylenic acid, capable of destroying any kind of fungus. As auxiliaries in its composition use nicotinic acid, vitamin PP.In the composition there are no dyes and flavors.

The main component of the cream paste is urea, which helps to eliminate the coarse skin.

Mycostop for processing shoes

All these tools, having a similar composition, differ only in the way they are used.

Instructions for use

"Mycostop" - nail lotion - apply in the morning and evening 1-2 drops on the affected area, spreading over the surface using a bottle cap. After a few minutes, the drug will completely absorb. Treatment lasts at least four weeks. Until the healthy nail grows, you must use "Mikostop"( lotion).The instruction on the use of this drug suggests that it is good to use for the prevention of the disease, it sparing affects the skin and nails.

Mycostop, price It's important to protect yourself after visiting public places, such as swimming pool, beach or shower in the sports club."Mikostop" for processing shoes and feet in the form of a spray is perfectly suitable for this purpose.

To process the shoes, the spray is carefully sprayed onto its inner surface. The procedure takes three to five days. It is necessary to process all footwear which was worn after infection.

Mikostop Lotion Instruction If the nails are already infected, the cream or spray "Mikostop" is suitable. They can destroy the fungus, speed up the detachment of the damaged nail tissue and its growth.

Cream-paste "Mycostop" is applied in a thick layer on the affected nail plate, while you should make sure that the product does not get on the skin.

On the applied cream on top put a cotton pad, it must completely cover the processed nail. Then you need to take the patch and fix it with a cotton pad. After that, a cotton pad is attached to the nail platinum with a patch. Two days later, the nail is removed with a nail file or scraper. The procedure is repeated until the nail bed is completely cleared. Usually it is enough three times. For the time of water procedures, the bandage is removed, after which the ointment is applied again.

Treatment will be successful only if you use the drug every day.

How the preparation works

Under the influence of active components, the nail plate softens, after which the nail is removed using a nail file or scraper. The effect comes quickly enough, while there is no need to use additional tools. With the help of the preparation, the fungus is removed along with the affected nail, so the growing plate will be healthy.

Cream mycostop, instruction

Pros and cons of using

Removal of affected areas of the nail with this drug is painless."Mikostop", whose price is from 202 to 225 rubles, you can buy at any pharmacy. The drug is hypoallergenic, with its use of side effects is not observed."Mycostop" - a lotion for nails - can be combined with a spray and cream "Mikostop".Preparations are applied without contact with the skin of the hands."Mycostop" is a highly effective tool that allows to achieve a positive result in a short time and at minimal cost. The only drawback is the individual intolerance of the components of the remedy.


During use, it is important to avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. If irritation occurs on contact with the skin, it is necessary to stop the procedure for two to three days. In the event that after a break the situation does not change, it is necessary to change the drug.

Important points when using

Without the doctor's prescription, an agent for treating children should not be used.

The drug is not prescribed to people who have a high sensitivity of the body to the components of the drug, and there are diseases of allergic origin.

The drug should be stored according to the rules of the instruction. The drug should be in a place that is inaccessible to children.

You should not use the product without the recommendation of a doctor to treat pregnant or breast-feeding women.

During treatment of a fungal infection, everything that the patient touched, including underwear, shoes, skin care products and nails, should be disinfected.

To reduce the risk of re-infection, it is important to follow certain rules:

- use only an individual towel;
- each family member must have individual home shoes;
- after a visit to the pool you need to take a shower;
- while on a visit, it is better not to wear someone else's slippers;
- when buying shoes do not try it on bare feet.


In case of an overdose, numbness, rashes, itching, redness of the skin at the site of application can be observed.

Customer feedback on the use of the drug is mostly positive. Many note the positive effect after treatment with this drug, the nails become even, strengthen, improve their color. Of the deficiencies, only the duration of treatment is indicated.

But do not risk your own health and to avoid an unexpected reaction of the body to the components of this drug before using the drug in any form it is better to consult a doctor.