Lipa: useful properties and folk recipes

Lipa is a tall tree up to 30 meters, growing in the Caucasus, the Urals, Western Siberia, Central and European Russia.

The large leaves of this tree are like hearts, the young bark is reddish. When the tree grows up, its bark becomes darker in color, with longitudinal incisions. Blossomed linden in June. If, while walking along the alley, you have felt a tender honey-sweet smell, then there is a blooming linden nearby. Useful properties of it are so diverse, and the tree is so in demand, it is often called diminutive-caressing names: liponka, lime, lipstick.

For treatment, bark and fragrant tree flowers are collected. They are dried in the shade, in a draft, and then stored in opaque paper tissue bags, wooden boxes.

Essential oil, flavonoids, sugars, ascorbic acid, tannins are all linden. The use of lime flowers or decoctions of the bark helps get rid of many diseases. Here is a very incomplete list of diseases in which a lime color is shown:

• all kinds of colds

• cystitis

• pyelonephritis

• kidney stones, gallstones

• colic of different origin

• rheumatic, gouty pain

• wounds, scratches, cuts

•skin irritation, itching, insect bites

• hysteria

• headache

For the treatment of diseases of the throat, stomatitis or cold, a linden is used, the flowers of which are brewed with boiling water, and after one hour they are used for inhalation or rinsing.

Daily reception of decoction from a glass of lime color and a glass of water will accelerate the cure of cold, soothe, raise immunity.

To cure cholelithiasis, take 2 tablespoons of lime, pour half a liter of water, boil, drink 3-4 times a day.

When insomnia, stress, nervous breakdown applies all the same linden. Its useful properties can be used to prepare relaxing or soothing baths. For their preparation, 100 grams of flowers or shells( the second layer of bark) are poured with two liters of boiling water, let stand for 10 minutes, and then boil for half an hour. After cooling, filter, add to the bath. Reception of a warm bath should last no more than 20 minutes. It is important to remember that, despite all its usefulness, the lime color of contraindication has, like all preparations from plants.

Its experts do not advise to use all, prone to allergies, heart disease. A long and uncontrolled reception of broth can adversely affect vision.

Lipa, useful properties of which are due to the richness of its chemical composition, is used by cosmetologists for the preparation of essential oils, improving the facial skin, strengthening the hair.

If a handful of lime flowers pour half a cup of water and boil, get a slimy decoction. It is applied to the skin to reduce pores, smooth wrinkles, and then remove with a dry soft cloth. It is not necessary to wash after such a mask. If the skin is oily, you can take more flowers.

Sluggish, aging skin will also help the linden. Useful properties of her flowers, mixed in half with dill and infused in boiling water, are described in old "witch" recipes, as an effective tool for attracting men. After a week of using this homemade lotion, the skin tightens, begins to shine, becomes clean, attractive.

Squeezes from flowers, broths of bark or linden color can be added to ready creams to strengthen their action.

You can prepare the cream yourself. To do this, you need a tablespoon of lanolin( sold in a pharmacy), 4 tablespoons of lime-colored and almond oil. The mixture is boiled for half an hour, and then, after cooling, diluted with warm water until the desired consistency. Indian cosmeticians are sure that such a cream does not allow the skin to age and become wrinkled.

From the inflorescences of lime, excellent compotes and jams are obtained, and young leaves of the tree, added to salads, give them a piquant aroma.