How to remove a toothache at home quickly and accurately?

Perhaps someone will disagree, but teeth are the real "Achilles' heel" of a person. And if the headache can still be cured by pills or tea, then the toothache is quite another matter. If your teeth ache, then you do not want to have fun, work or eat, besides, you can not even fall asleep, and also talk. Not only that the tooth hurts, the head also hurts. In general, really a nightmare picture. What does the toothache say? She makes it clear that you have not been to the dentist for a long time, and the teeth are definitely not all right. But not always there is an opportunity to immediately turn to the medicine. In such cases, you need to know how to remove a toothache at home.

The reason for a strong, sharp, piercing pain

The reasons are really very many! From the usual ingestion of food in the tooth to problems with nerve tissue, inflammation of the bone tissue, damage to the jaw. The source of toothache can not be detected independently. Even a professional dentist will not diagnose the oral cavity without assistance and necessary equipment. Therefore, it is better not to risk your health and nerves, and immediately run to the doctor. Most often, the cause of such acute pain is caries, more precisely, its neglected stage, in which we can inflame the pulp and nerve. If tightened with treatment, prepare for swelling of the cheek, temperature, headache, swelling of the lips. Not only in cartoons is such a meet, but in real life.

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How to relieve toothache at home using pills? If you have a handful of painkillers at hand, for example, the drug "Spazmalgon", boldly accept it. Suit and means "Nurofen", "Analgin" and "No-shpa."This will help for a while if not removed, then at least dull the pain. If there are no such funds and there is no pharmacy nearby, look for drops of Valocordin. Wet a tampon in them, and then gently attach it to the tooth that hurts, or to the site of inflammation.

Traditional Medicine Help

How to relieve a sharp toothache at home? To calm down or tame it will help traditional medicine. If you have a propolis tincture at home, drip a few drops on the fleece and apply pain to the hearth. Within half an hour the pain can subside or pass. Before you remove the toothache at home, thoroughly rinse the mouth. It is best to make a decoction of chamomile, as it will slightly soothe the tooth. You can use a solution of soda - this is also an excellent disinfectant. For another good way, take a tablespoon of sage and pour a ten-gram glass of slightly warm water. Boil on low heat for about ten minutes, insist and rinse the mouth several times for twenty minutes. This is not a cure - this is first aid, remember! You will have several quiet hours in order to contact the doctor. Even if you have no pain, believe me, she will return. Do not neglect it and do not be afraid to go to a specialist. How to treat a toothache at home? To cure is impossible. Only the dentist can help. Do not try to fix everything yourself, because silence is deceptive. In fact, if you do not turn to a specialist in time, you can only worsen the condition of the oral cavity. Now you know how to remove a toothache at home. For a while it will help you. And in the rest, trust the doctors.