Novene: side effects and real prospects

Today, timely contraception is the norm of modern society, which is why there is a huge assortment of hormonal drugs that can protect the female body from an extremely undesirable conception. However, it is important to understand that the choice of an effective contraceptive for every woman should be discussed in detail with her gynecologist. Very often, many patients choose their contraceptive pill "Novinet", the side effects of which are minimized. Unequivocally, this hormonal drug prevents pregnancy, but do not forget that this is a monophasic combination drug, which is dominated by estrogen and gestogen, which are synthetic hormonal components and are much more active than natural sex hormones.

So, how does the novel work in the female body? This contraceptive, rapidly suppressing the development of the follicle, prevents the process of ovulation directly. It provokes an increase in the viscosity of mucus in the cervix, which also makes the promotion of the spermatozoon into the uterus very difficult. As shown by the rich medical practice, novinet, whose side effects are often not noticeable in the female body, besides the protection from pregnancy, it also normalizes the menstrual cycle and regulates the volume of menstrual bleeding, therefore it is recommended for dysmenorrhea and premenstrual syndrome.

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Very many women, in principle, are afraid to take hormonal drugs( including novine), the side effects of which in their minds are often associated with a significant change in body weight and rapid hair growth( in undesirable areas).But now such fears should go to the past, since this drug has virtually no effect on weight gain, in addition, it is able to clear the skin of acne, skin inflammation and symptoms of acne. Also, an excellent intensive therapy is a novine for myoma, endometriosis, and he acts as an effective prevention of all pathogenic neoplasms of the female genital area.

These contraceptive pills can significantly reduce the risk of side effects associated with the presence of estrogen in its composition. A good susceptibility of the drug to the body is guaranteed only if it is properly administered and adheres to the rules detailed in the detailed annotation.

Contraindications to the use of this hormonal contraceptive is many, which already indicates the need to visit a knowledgeable specialist before using it. This includes individual intolerance to the body, pregnancy and breastfeeding, thromboembolism, liver pathology, diabetes mellitus, and various malignancies.

It should be noted that not all medications are compatible with the novel, the side effects of which can adversely affect the degree of protection from unnecessary conception. It must be used with caution in combination with antispasmodics, barbiturates, antibiotics and laxatives, as they can significantly reduce its effectiveness.

The presence of possible side effects is also not pleasing, as it may be acyclic spotting, migraine attacks, digestive disorders, depression, suppression of libido, but here it is worthwhile to clarify that several months of regular intake can eliminate almost all unwanted symptoms.

Many people are worried about the question whether the novelty and alcohol are compatible? There is little information about the effectiveness of the contraceptive in the use of alcohol. Definitely one thing is clear: do not abuse alcohol, as this can reduce the effectiveness of the drug.