Whether it is possible to lemon at thoracal feeding: advice and recommendations to young mums

Citrus fruits are enriched with vitamins. Tea with a lemon, perhaps, the first, as each of us recollects, having found out the first signs of a cold. Vitamin C strengthens the body's immunity, helps fight infection, gives a huge charge of energy and vitality. Many of us love lemon so much that they can consume it as an independent fruit without additional use of sugar or honey. But can you lemon when breastfeeding? What should modern mummies know about? The theme is rather thin, scrupulous, requiring lighting.

Whether it is possible a lemon at thoracal feeding?

About the benefits of lemon

Is the lemon permitted during breastfeeding? Yes or no? Before trying to answer this question, let's talk about the benefits of lemon, when it is simply necessary. This exotic fruit is a storehouse of useful vitamins and microelements. Of course, for residents of our country who drink lemon since childhood, having the opportunity to purchase this fruit in a store of walking distance, it is not exotic, but nevertheless. He is able:

  • due to vitamin C fortification to strengthen the body's immune system;
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  • remove toxins and toxins from the body, cleanse the liver;
  • replace salt in the preparation of many culinary masterpieces;
  • strengthen the walls of blood vessels;
  • fight the first signs of varicose veins.

Is it possible to drink lemon when breastfeeding?

It is important to understand that the use of lemon even in a small amount increases acidity in the stomach, which is why if a lactating woman has gastritis and much less an ulcer, you should not eat citrus fruits.

Lemon and lactation

Citrus fruits are known allergens, which is why some doctors strongly recommend that women, during breastfeeding, refuse to consume lemon. This is more a reinsurance than a rule. Many women who during pregnancy and lactation used lemons, did not notice any allergic reaction in toddlers.

Lemon during breastfeeding: yes or no

It is important to understand that the allergy is individual. During breastfeeding, unpleasant consequences in the form of a rash on the body, a loose stool can cause simple and safe at first glance food.

Is it possible to

Can I lemon when breastfeeding? If you approach the question in the broadest sense, any gynecologist and pediatrician will say that the lemon does not carry any threat to the baby when one condition is met - moderation of use. Restricting a few slices of lemon in tea or zest in a pie, you are unlikely to harm your crumb.

To introduce a lemon to a nursing mother should be very careful, watching the reaction of the body crumbs. For starters, you can limit yourself to a few drops of lemon juice, added to the tea.

Tea with lemon

Is it possible to tea with lemon when breastfeeding? This tasty, aromatic and healing toning drink is loved by many of us. During breastfeeding women are not ready to part with it. It is a tonic drink, an effective remedy for fighting colds.

Thinness of use of

We tried to answer the question of whether it is possible to lemon a nursing mother, it remains to understand how to properly use it, so that it was not only safe, but also useful. Many people think that it's enough to pour a slice of lemon with boiling water. But this is completely wrong. Boiling water - the main enemy of citrus, lemon in particular. Under its influence, the complete destruction of vitamin C occurs, which is why it is necessary to add lemon slices to the already cooled beverage. Can I tea with lemon when breastfeeding? Yes, but only with observance of technology of preparation of a drink - otherwise you will receive no benefit for your organism.

Is it possible to give a lemon to a nursing mother?

It is not necessary to be limited only to tea with the addition of citrus fruits. Quite often, young mothers are wondering whether it is possible to drink lemon when breastfeeding. And all because the water with the addition of lemon juice is no less popular - it is an excellent tonic that awakens in the morning. And you can use as boiled, slightly cooled water, and cool.

Available contraindications

We have tried to cover all aspects of the question of whether lemon can be breastfed. But the arguments will not be complete unless you mention the contraindications.

The lemon is not recommended for women suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, problems with the pancreas. Refuse it is in the case of an individual allergic reaction or intolerance. Nursing women should not use it as a product of their own - it is better to add a small amount to tea, water, baked goods. The point is the aggressiveness of lemon juice and its negative effect on tooth enamel that the young mother with a weakened organism certainly does not need. In other cases, there are no special obstacles.

Can I tea with lemon when breastfeeding?

A lactating woman should clearly understand that any product of her diet will penetrate into breast milk, respectively, will enter the baby's body. It is therefore necessary to be extremely cautious and accurate with the use of products that can cause an allergic reaction.

Summing up

Is it possible to lemon when breastfeeding? If you approach it more consciously, carefully, there are no contraindications. The main thing - do not get carried away, do not use a tonic and immunity-strengthening drink every day. In case of detection of even an insignificant allergic reaction in the baby, which manifests itself in the form of redness, rash and scaling on the body, it should immediately stop using it. Accuracy, caution and adherence to a number of recommendations will help to avoid complications, to spare crumbs from an allergic reaction.