Fosamax tablets: instructions for use, description, composition and reviews

With age, all body systems begin to work at a slow pace. There are chronic diseases that bring a lot of discomfort. Rarely can you do without the help of a qualified specialist. In women, health problems often begin to appear during menopause. Osteoporosis is a disease that every other representative of the weaker sex encounters after 50 years. Fosamax tablets can be used as a prophylactic. Instructions for use describe how to use the drug correctly.

Form release formulation and packaging

The bone resorption inhibitor is available in the form of white tablets. The main active ingredient is alendronate sodium. As auxiliary substances are cellulose microcrystalline, anhydrous lactose, croscarmellose sodium, as well as magnesium stearate. The drug goes to the pharmacies in blisters, packed in cardboard boxes.

fosamax instructions for use Fosamax tablets should be used strictly for their intended purpose. The instructions for use indicate that the medicinal product refers to bisphosphonates, which can accumulate in areas of active bone resorption. Directly acting component does not affect the formation of bone tissue. Therefore, it is useless to use it to treat an existing fracture.

Bioavailability of the drug is 65% on condition of taking fasting tablets. It is not recommended to use the medication immediately after breakfast. About 50% of the active substance is excreted in urine for two days.


Women who have already entered the menopause period are significantly reduced in bone mass. As a consequence, the risk of fractures increases. Most often, the spine, wrist and thigh are affected. As in older women and men, the rate of bone resorption is an order of magnitude higher than the rate of its formation. Even a small bruise can cause a fracture. To avoid such situations, specialists prescribe the appropriate drug. Instructions for use, price should be studied before starting the application of the Fosamax product. Reviews about the drug show that it refers to a low price category. The drug can be found in almost every pharmacy.

fosamax application instructions price reviews The drug can also be used to treat Paget's disease. In this case, the drug is most often used in a hospital.


Without prior consultation with a doctor, do not use Fosamax tablets. Instructions for use describe diseases in which a medicine can only cause harm. The drug can not be used for hypercalcemia, as well as for the diseases of the esophagus, which slow its emptying. No tablets are prescribed for achalasia. With caution. Assign the drug for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such as gastritis, peptic ulcer, dysphagia.

fosamax user To be able to digest the active component, the patient must sit straight or stand for half an hour. If this is not possible, the drug is also not assigned. Some patients may develop hypersensitivity to one of the components of the drug. At occurrence of any allergic reactions it is necessary to suspend treatment and to address to the doctor on consultation.

Special instructions

Any bisphosphonate can cause serious irritation of the gastrointestinal mucosa. Fosamax tablets are not an exception. Instruction for use states that during the treatment period, patients may experience such unpleasant consequences as ulcers of the esophagus, erosion. Patients who already have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it is better to refuse treatment with bisphosphonates.

fosamax instructions for use review The risk of side effects increases in those patients who do not correctly take the drug "Fosamax".Instructions for use, price, feedback, dosage - all this must be studied before the start of treatment. Particular attention should be paid to contraindications. Use the drug without first consulting a doctor is highly discouraged. Immediately it is worthwhile to seek medical help, if during the treatment there were pains behind the breastbone or when swallowing, heartburn intensified. Such symptoms may indicate the development of peptic ulcer disease.

The drug is not used in pediatrics. Children who suffer frequent fractures are prescribed other drugs not belonging to the bisphosphonate group.

Dosage of

Tablets should be taken on an empty stomach, washed down with plenty of clean water. Do not consume food or any liquid for at least 30 minutes after using the medication. Any products can help reduce the bioavailability of the drug. To reduce the negative impact on the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract, the tablets should be taken according to special rules. The medication is used immediately after lifting from bed, washed down with plenty of water. To bite the tablets in any case impossible. This can contribute to the development of ulcers in the oral cavity. After taking the drug, you can not lie down for half an hour. It is recommended to start eating after two hours.

The dosage of the drug is determined according to the form of osteoporosis. Indicates that it is sufficient once a week to take Fosamax tablets instructions for use. The feedback from specialists shows that this dosage is optimal for most patients. In addition, patients should take drugs containing vitamin D and calcium.

Overdose and side effects

The use of the drug in an increased dosage can lead to the development of unpleasant side effects. It is urgent to seek medical help if symptoms such as hypophosphatemia, hypocalcemia, burning in the throat or stomach, abdominal pain, heartburn occur. All this may indicate the development of peptic ulcer. Before coming to the clinic you can take milk or antacids. This will help to bind alendronate and uncomplicated symptoms will temporarily go away.

fosamax instructions for use price analogues

To reduce side effects, specialists do not recommend inducing vomiting. It is necessary to keep the vertical position before the arrival of emergency care. Fosamax tablets can not be used uncontrolled. Instructions for use, price, analogs, the correct dosage - all this should be known in advance from the attending physician. The unpleasant consequences that can arise from improper administration of the medicine are often very difficult to eliminate.

Drug Interaction

Absorption of the main active ingredient may be impaired if the tablets are used in conjunction with calcium preparations and antacids. Therefore, the interval between taking certain medications should be at least an hour. During the treatment period, it is not necessary to use medications that adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract. We will also have to give up alcohol, sour and salty foods.

fosamax instructions for use price comparison reviews analogues The undesirable effects of the gastrointestinal tract are significantly increased in patients who take acetylsalicylic acid in parallel. Given that Fosamax tablets are taken once a week, adverse interactions can be minimized.

How to replace the medication?

Describes the exact composition of the drug "Fosamax" instruction. Feedback analogues also have good. The specialist will be able to recommend tablets with identical composition and similar characteristics. The "Alendronate" remedy, popularly named after the active ingredient, is popular. Additionally, substances such as povidone, magnesium stearate, lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose are used. The drug is most often prescribed to women during menopause as a prophylactic.

fosamax price reviews instruction fosamax description

Tablets "Ostalon" - another popular means by which you can replace the drug "Fosamaksk."Instructions for use, the price is practically the same. Medication is dispensed without a prescription. However, it is not recommended to use it without prior consultation with a doctor. Tablets have many contraindications. These include vitamin D deficiency, metabolic disturbances, hypocalcemia. Do not prescribe the drug to children, as well as women during pregnancy and lactation.

Reviews about the product "Fosamax"

If properly administered, help significantly strengthen the bone apparatus drug "Fosamax".Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogs - all this is worth exploring before the treatment. Experts note that in patients who strictly follow the instructions and the correct dosage, side effects do not develop.

The cost of tablets in the pharmacy is only 500 rubles. It is no coincidence that the price of reviews is positive for the "Fosamax" tool. The "Fosamax" instruction( a description of the medicine) shows that the correct use of tablets gives good results already in the first month of therapy. Patients note that the bone apparatus is significantly strengthened, pain and discomfort disappear. Tablets "Fosamsax" can be called one of the best preventive drugs in the treatment of osteoporosis.