Leeches: treatment, reviews, effect

People have known for a long time that you can get treatment with a leech. Reviews of hirudotherapy refer this direction of medicine to one of the most effective. Even before our time, Chinese healers knew this method. Now also modern healers know how to exercise using leech treatments. Reviews and descriptions of methods can be found in the books of Avicenna. leeches treatment reviews

Today hirudotherapy is used to heal from dozens of ailments. These animals can be used for cardiological, hematological, urological, ophthalmic, gynecological, skin, neurological, gastroenterological, otolaryngological and many other diseases. In addition to the fact that the leech treatment is carried out, the testimonies indicate that they have a restorative effect, normalizing blood flow, metabolism, appetite and sleep. These animals are also used in cosmetology to improve the elasticity of the skin, fight wrinkles and cellulite.

The therapeutic effect of hirudotherapy is determined by three factors: mechanical, reflex and biological. For her, only certain medical animals are suitable, so treatment with leeches, the price of which depends on the length of the course and the number of worms, will not be expensive. However, the effect is worth it.

leech treatment price

The mechanical action is to unload the regional blood flow. The basis of the reflex effect lies in the fact that the animal bites the skin at the points of acupuncture. The biological effect is determined by the content of a wide range of active substances in the saliva of the leech.

This useful animal is considered a universal means of fighting many diseases. What can you achieve by deciding to get a treatment with a leech? Reviews of hirudotherapy say that it reduces blood coagulability, destroys blood clots, restores neuromuscular transmission of impulses. Also this method has antihypoxic, anti-ischemic, antihypertensive, draining and anti-edematous action. Hirudotherapy restores microcirculation, splits fat deposits, revitalizes the permeability of vascular walls, destroys microorganisms that cause inflammation, stimulates the immune system, removes a variety of pain.

Let us consider what contraindications have leeches. Experts say that this method of therapy is undesirable for anemia, hemophilia, exhaustion of the body, hypotension, pregnancy, individual intolerance of these animals. treatment with leeches contraindications reviews

The procedure itself at the beginning of the procedure is accompanied by a slight pain, when the leech bites the human skin with its sharp jaws. Then, thanks to special enzymes, it goes away. The process of saturation goes without pain. After dropping the leech, the wound can bleed long enough. The necessary number of animals and their size are determined by a doctor-girudoterapevtom. Leeches from the wound should fall off after saturation, it is not recommended to tear them off, since the jaws can remain in the human body. In one session, no more than ten animals are used.