Treatment of ascariasis in children

Ascariasis is a serious disease caused by round worms called ascarids. Ascarids are vermiform parasites reaching a length of forty centimeters. They do not have any fastening organs, and they move along the intestine towards the food and can stay in it.

The carrier of these parasites and their source of distribution is a person. Female ascarids, being in the intestines, lays a large number of eggs. They fall into the ground with the feces of an infected person. If the soil is well moistened, then this serves as favorable conditions for the maturation of fertilized eggs. Eggs ascarids are very viable, resistant to fluctuations in the environment. But there are several factors that can destroy these eggs - hot water, alcohol, gasoline, essential oils and direct sunlight.

Children are attacked by ascarids more often, since they are most in contact with the earth, sand, and then easily can take fingers in the mouth. Therefore, treatment of ascaridosis in children is the most common phenomenon. Infection can also occur as a result of eating poorly washed fruits and vegetables. Creeping and flying insects also suffer this disease. The introduction of larvae occurs first in the intestinal mucosa, then in the blood vessels and then they enter the blood and then into the liver, lungs. From the lungs along the respiratory tract, they enter the oral cavity and from there again into the intestine for full maturation. That's the way the larvae travel through the body, so it is difficult to treat ascariasis in children.

In the human body, ascarids can live a year and a half.

If there are ascarids in children, the symptoms do not make you wait long. The child's organism immediately reacts with a rise in temperature, muscle pains, plentiful sweating, joint pain, swelling of the eyelids, rash and itching of the whole body. There may be an increase in the liver and spleen. The appearance of ascarids in the lungs causes a dry cough, there are pains in the chest.

But the signs of ascaridosis can be more pronounced: the child is disturbed by sleep, appetite, which indicates that the gastrointestinal tract is affected. Occurrence of nausea and vomiting, periodic diarrhea also indicates the presence of this disease. And, when ascarids get into the respiratory tract, choking may arise. If ascarids get into the bile ducts, their blockage may occur, and this is a sign of jaundice. Staying ascarids in the appendix can cause an attack of appendicitis.

Treatment of ascariasis in children is complicated by the fact that hemoglobin immediately decreases, there is an increase in the number of eosinophils, accelerated ESR.

If you carefully treat the child, properly monitor its development, you can immediately notice the changes that occur with it. However, some parents are not serious about any negative symptoms and child complaints.

Because ascariasis is a serious disease, it is the treatment of ascariasis in children that presents certain difficulties. One of the methods of treatment is the introduction of a thin elastic tube into the gastrointestinal tract to supply oxygen, and the presence of it immediately threatens the death of the ascarids. Also, special anthelmintic drugs are widely used, which the doctor prescribes based on the condition and age of the child.

Theoretically everyone knows about observance of rules of personal hygiene, however not all of them observe them. It is necessary as early as possible to teach the child to cleanliness, and especially to wash hands after coming from the street. And as for adults, their primary task is careful processing of fruits and vegetables and the timely destruction of insects in the apartment. After all, if there are ascarids in children, their treatment will bring a lot of trouble - both moral and material.