Activated carbon: a recipe in Latin

In this article, consider the recipe for activated charcoal in Latin. The drug is a tablet of black color. Such a preparation is obtained from carbonaceous products having an organic origin. It can be a component obtained as a result of burning wood, peat, coal, oil. It absorbs toxins well because of the vast adsorption area.

Description of the drug

Used in medicine as an antidote. It is capable of adsorbing harmful substances from the digestive tract to itself before they are absorbed into the intestine. The recipe for Latin activated carbon is pretty simple. About this further.
charcoal activated recipe in Latin

Upon entering the human intestine, coal works in the following directions:

  1. Detoxification agent. The drug can be used for poisoning of any nature, for example, food poisoning, poisoning with salts of metals, alcohol, chemicals. After the adsorption process, harmful substances are eliminated naturally.
  2. Enterosorbent. Activated carbon is capable of absorbing toxins found in the digestive tract that have come from the external environment, for example, medicines in large doses.
  3. Means against diarrhea. In addition, the preparation has an enveloping effect, it forms aggregates that contain viruses and microbes. It is able to exert bactericidal action, to prevent the propagation of pathogenic bacteria.

All this can activated charcoal. The recipe in Latin will be given below.

Indications for use

Preparation for various examinations in the diagnosis, for example, to ultrasound, endoscopy, X-ray examination. The use of the drug can reduce gas formation. charcoal activated recipe in Latin

  • Allergic manifestations of any nature, including bronchial asthma.
  • Hepatic and renal failure, acute chronic viral hepatitis.
  • Disturbances in metabolism.
  • Functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, for example, increased acidity in the stomach, bloating, flatulence.
  • Intestinal infections of both established and unidentified origin.
  • Intoxication that occurs as a result of chemotherapy.
  • Intoxications of any nature, arising, for example, as a result of an overdose of drugs, alcoholic beverages, poor-quality food, poisoning with salts of metals.

Physicians note that the use of coal has a positive effect on the decrease in blood levels of cholesterol, on the cardiovascular system as a whole. A recipe for activated charcoal can be obtained from a doctor.

Scheme of taking

In order to achieve a positive effect, activated carbon must be taken in strict accordance with the established dosage.

It is important to remember that the drug should be stored only in the package. After all, it can absorb any active substances that can harm the body.

Also do not be afraid of a black chair, which is observed after taking activated charcoal. The recipe is not known in Latin. activated charcoal recipe in Latin

Application for adults

The drug manufacturers produce in the form of powder or tablets.

Take activated charcoal should be taken orally, immediately before meals, other medications or drinks, or two hours after, that is, on an empty stomach. It is important to remember that the tablets have a dosage of 250 milligrams. For an adult, the daily dose is 200-250 milligrams of the drug, that is, one tablet per 10 kg of weight. The use of a daily dose is recommended to be divided into three doses. This information contains a prescription in Latin for activated carbon.

  1. If functional abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract, bloating or diarrhea are observed, three tablets per day should be taken three times a day. The drug is washed down with water. The course of treatment lasts one week.
  2. If there is an increased secretion of gastric juice, poor digestibility of food, you should dilute in the water two grams of the drug and drink. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.
  3. If an allergic reaction is observed, the drug is taken for a total of 2 weeks.
  4. If a diagnostic examination is to be performed, the drug is taken one to two days.

The recipe for Latin activated charcoal is interesting to students of medical universities. activated charcoal recipe in Latin

Application for poisoning

First aid for any poisoning begins with the gastric lavage with water in which the drug is dissolved. If you do not have coal activated in powder at hand, it can be easily prepared by simply grinding the tablets.

When gastric lavage "restaurant way", conducted at home, you should dilute in half a glass of 30 g of powder, and then drink the solution. Next, you should induce a vomitive reflex. This is done by pressing the root of the tongue. Such actions must be performed until the vomit is clean. In a hospital, the rinsing is carried out by a specialist using a special probe.

After the washing is done, prescribe activated charcoal tablets( the recipe in Latin can be read below).The dosage is calculated based on one tablet per 5 kg. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the poisoning and ranges from 3 days to 2 weeks.

Contraindications to the use of

Activated charcoal is one of the few drugs that has no special contraindications. However, they do exist. Activated charcoal is strictly contraindicated if there are the following diseases: pancreatitis, ulcerative colitis, stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer. In this case, the drug does not have a negative effect in such diseases. However, they are often accompanied by bleeding. As a result, staining of feces in the color of tar occurs.

We mentioned above that as a result of the reception of charcoal, the activated feces also change color. As a result, there is difficulty in differential examination. And untimely diagnosed bleeding entails serious health consequences. activated carbon recipe in Latin

In the presence of these diseases, it is better to use other adsorbents, for example, "Polysorb", "Enterosgel", "Smecta".

In addition, this drug is contraindicated for individual sensitivity to the drug.

Taking the drug for a long time can provoke the emergence of vitamin deficiency, since activated carbon is able to adsorb not only toxic substances, but also useful ones. It is such a property of his recommended recommendation of taking tablets on an empty stomach.

For these reasons, simultaneous reception of activated charcoal with hypnotic, vascular, cardiac, and contraceptive preparations should not be used.

Another unpleasant side effect is the possibility of constipation. However, it can be avoided by using plums, kefir, beetroot.

Activated charcoal - prescription in Latin

If the specialist prescribes activated charcoal for poisoning to the patient, the recipe indicates the following information:

  • Rp.: Carbonis activati ​​30.0;
  • D.S.For one meal in half a glass of water. pills coal activated recipe in Latin

If the drug is prescribed for flatulence or dyspepsia, the prescription indicates:

  • Rp.: Tab. Carboleni 0.5 N. 20;
  • D.S.One tablet 2 or 3 times a day.

We examined the recipe for activated charcoal in Latin.