Smart cream for joints: properties, composition, reviews

Quite often, with high loads, injuries and systemic diseases in the joints, so-called hypodermic edema is formed. Only experienced specialists know how to relieve inflammation. Very often for these purposes they use the clever cream "Sumach".clever cream

General information

Clever cream "Sumakh" is a product that contains a whole range of natural components. Their action is aimed at removing edema, as well as improving microcirculation and reducing unpleasant symptoms in joint lesions.

A noticeable effect, a mild effect and no side effects - that's what distinguishes a clever cream from similar remedies.

Ingredient Properties

What is remarkable about the product we are considering? The instruction for use says that its effectiveness is due to the properties of the main components. Let's consider them in more detail:

  • Extract of leaves of sumac.

This substance is made from a tanning tree. It actively affects the vascular walls, which helps reduce the severity of edema. After the application of the cream, all stagnant venous blood leaves the injury site. Subsequently, rich in nutrients and oxygen enters the released capillaries.

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Tannin, which contains a clever cream, or rather sumaha, enhances its anti-inflammatory effect, which has a positive effect on the severity of pain symptoms. Moreover, this substance has a favorable effect on the cartilaginous tissue of the joint.

  • Oil extracts.

The clever cream, described in the next section, contains carefully selected natural elements that include the components of plants such as brisket, elecampane, martinium, and the goddess. They potentiate the action of each other and contribute to a pronounced therapeutic effect. Due to the low concentration of such substances do not cause side effects.

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  • Juniper oil.

Clever cream with juniper oil increases the elasticity of the vessels and eliminates edematous syndrome. Its additional effects are antirheumatic and antibacterial. Such properties of the drug favorably affect the mechanisms of development of rheumatoid and infectious arthritis.

  • Vitamins of group B.

These are original building materials, intended for damaged joint tissues. They have a positive effect on the immune activity of erythrocytes at the site of the pathological process. B vitamins are indispensable for degenerative diseases and inflammatory syndrome.

  • Beeswax.

This is an indispensable substance that acts on the joint and has a warming, as well as anti-inflammatory effect. It has antirheumatic activity and favorably affects humoral and cellular immunity.

  • Form-forming components.

Thanks to these waxy substances, the clever joint cream, the price of which is listed below, retains all its physical properties. The presence of these components allows even distribution of the drug at the joint, and also facilitates its penetration into deep layers of articulations.

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  • Purified water.

This ingredient creates the correct concentration of elements without the presence of additional substances that disrupt their balance.

Effect after taking

What effect does the clever cream have( the mummy can be used as an adjunct to this remedy)?Experts speak of the following properties of the drug:

  • is decongestant;
  • is an anti-inflammatory;
  • is warming;
  • antirheumatic;
  • antibacterial;
  • immunomodulatory;
  • normalization of blood circulation.

Due to such effects, the agent under consideration can be useful for various articular pathologies.

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Indications for the use of clever cream are:

  • articular syndrome with varying atmospheric pressure;
  • arthrosis is deforming;
  • is infectious, rheumatoid and allergic arthritis;
  • prophylaxis of traumatism of beings under active physical exertion;
  • osteochondrosis of the spine;
  • injury without open damage.

Contraindications and side effects

In which cases do not use a clever joint cream( the price of this remedy is not very high)?Due to the presence of only natural components in it, manufacturers managed to avoid the development of side effects.

Regarding contraindications, the drug in question can not be used only with increased sensitivity of its components. If you neglect this advice, then a clever cream can cause an allergic reaction at the site of application( redness of the skin, itching and rash).In this case, the preparation should be washed off with warm water and no longer used.

How to use

How should I use clever cream? It is applied over the joint to clean and dry skin, and then rubbed in circular motions for five minutes.

After absorbing the substance, the affected joint is wrapped in a woolen cloth and is not loaded.

The frequency of use of this drug is three times a day. The procedures are performed until the symptoms disappear completely. clever cream mummy

At meteorological sensitivity, as well as on the threshold of seasonal exacerbation, prophylactic application of the remedy is allowed 2 weeks before the expected appearance of signs of the disease.

Combination with other

agents For complex treatment of joint diseases, one should consult a specialist who is obliged to prescribe effective medications that enhance the effect of clever cream:

  • The expressed osteochondrosis should be treated not only with chondroprotective agents, but also with anti-inflammatory creams. This combination will protect the cartilage from damage and stop the disease.
  • In the development of rheumatic pathology, the drug in question must be combined with basic cytostatic therapies. Only in this way can you control the symptoms of the disease, and stop the progression of arthritis.
  • Cream "Sumach" is recommended to combine with mud, physiotherapy and massage. Such therapy will accelerate the effect and remove all symptoms of the disease.

Price and reviews

The cost of this product is about 200 rubles for 75 ml.

According to consumers' reviews, this cream effectively removes swelling and inflammation in the articulation of joints. Its main advantages are low cost and availability. It should also be noted that many patients are pleased with the fact that this remedy has no contraindications or side effects.